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Leather Jackets For Women

You can't go wrong with a nice leather jacket. I'd like to share with you this awesome collection of leather jackets for women. You are going to find awesome designs, ideal to wear from casual to formal events. It's one of those fashion outerwear pieces that works in any ladies wardrobe. Indeed, the following collection includes structured and effortless creations. It will look perfect with your fancy frock, as well as with one of your casual basics, like T-shirt and blue jeans combo. In other words saying, this cover-up literally go with everything.

2015-2016 Leather Jackets For Women (1)

Keep it edgy and punk inspired thanks to this cool Diesel Black Gold shortened jacket embellished with spikes. Try it on atop your favorite high-neck long-sleeve top and cool pleated mini-skirt updated with skinny belt.

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Leather Coats For Women

This collection features awesome leather coats for women to wear from fall to winter months. Here are shown great options, starting from edgy designs to classic, belted, bomber jacket inspired, double-breasted and glamour, evening appropriate ones. This cover up will for sure add an instant edgy touch to any style. You can wear a frilly ruffle dress underneath, or you can be ready for special business meetings by sporting a stunning pantsuit underneath your leather outerwear.

2015-2016 Leather Coats For Women (1)

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Best Leather Clothing to Wear This Spring

Let's talk about skin. In today's post we want to share with you best leather clothing to wear next spring season. No matter if it gets warmer- leather will remain in your daily wardrobe rotation, as it's the functional fabric for transitional time of year. We have gathered some bright looks from various resort lookbooks, that's why we advice you to take a closer view at these perfect offerings, starting from tops, leggings, skirts, shorts to dresses, vests and jackets. No matter what's in style right now, you will always look trendy. We have a great compilation for you, as we tried to collect various styles, like rock chic, smart-casuals and elegant essentials. We think it's the right time to have a look at our favorites for your smart outfit idea.

Best Leather Clothing to Wear This Spring 2015 (1)

Let the top be simple, like the one we see in this image, with a butterfly print, while the pants have to be statement, like these wide-leg trousers embellished with statement buttons.

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Baggy and Loose Fit Leather Pants For Women

There are a number of stylish ways to wear baggy and loose fit leather pants this year. This style has been gaining popularity for some time and this fall it is going to hit the streets. The trend is usually associates with more urban, relaxed and day-wear appropriate outfits. They look great for working sporty and smart casual outfits. That's an attractive look which is not only urban cool but also stylish and fits major events. We see lots women combining these trousers with tee shirts making kind of classic look. Today we bring you a great compilation of ready to wear runway images which feature numerous styles, colors and layers. Let's start our trip into the world of how to wear and style leather pants this Autumn and Winter time.

2014-2015 Baggy and Loose Fit Leather Pants For Women (1)

How about a total burgundy suit which is embellished with a classic hat, fingerless gloves and an evening clutch bag.

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Leather Dresses For Fall-Winter

It looks like you are searching for a nice leather dress, right? In today's compilation we want to share with you our best looks from the runway shows and lookbooks. This outfit is easy to dress up for formal occasions, as well as for casual weekend home parties and open air events. If you are attending an evening event, then look for a maxi length, which features a long and flowing skirt. These outfits will for sure look amazing with peep toed shoes and statement clutches. Some designs features eye-catching embellishments, like sequins, lace, glitters and other bright details. This season many brands offer colorful dresses in red, deep green, blue, etc. The daytime styles feature various silhouettes including sheaths, minis, sweat and shirt designs. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at these pretty creations:

Leather Dresses For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Long sleeve cinched at the waist ensemble in colorful rhombus print.

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How to Wear Leopard Print Clothing

Today's topic is all about leopard print and how to wear it this spring-summer season. It's no secret, that fashion world offers us plenty of this animal print clothing and accessories, which are not only eye-catching but practical and stylish. Thanks God, this print is no more a shocking one, which makes everyone looking at like on some kind of freak or pervert. Today this is a already a classic print, which can be spotted on suits, jackets, coats, dresses and accessories. Our mission for today is to bring you some fresh ideas...okay, they are not fresh, but they for sure will help you to know how and what is better to pull on these warm days of summer.

Leopard Print Clothing
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Baggy Leather Trousers For Women

We'd like to draw your attention on oversized, baggy leather trousers that is a new trend which is worn by many girls and women. This trend is effortless and sophisticated. We think that everyone has noticed that women prefer wearing up a few sizes clothing, so we see them sporting oversized coats, boyfriend jeans, relaxed sweaters and other loose fit items. Well, we do not have anything against this style, but keep it balanced and try to match everything so that you look perfect. Leather trousers are considered to be fitted and look like leggings, right? Well it was some years ago, but in today's fashion world many girls and women appear in baggy leather trousers. Well, we say, that baggy style with leather fabric looks absolutely fantastic, quite glamor combo we might say.

Baggy Leather Trousers For Women (1)
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