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Boyfriend Jeans Style Tips For Spring-Summer

What you think about boyfriend jeans? Do you like it? If yes, then we've got great news for you, as this trend comes back next spring-summer season. We would like to share with you some style tips of wearing boyfriend jeans that will help you to make trendy looks for the next warm season. Of course, there are plenty of different ways to wear these denim bottoms, as you can try dress them down for a streetwear-inspired look or try them on with more polished separates. We love the way they look mixed up with office essentials or sporty style garments. The following collection features bleached designs, as well as dark blue, faded and washed numbers. We bet you will love each of the presented updates. Take a look at these ways to wear boyfriend jeans, as seen in spring collections:

Boyfriend Jeans Style Tips For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

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Amazing Street Style Combinations & Looks For Summer

Today we want to share with you an amazing street style combination looks that are perfect for this summer season. You are about to see girls wearing botanical prints, denim skirts, amazing halter dresses, short shorts, ripped jeans and moto looks. We love these pretty tailored looks, that make a kind of preppy French style looking. Let's observe all these looks in a detailed review, as we want to share only the best ones that are not only preppy, but grunge, edgy and Tomboy inspired. Let this warm season be casual, sportswear inspired and consist only of practical and comfortable staples. We have gathered together all impressive and vibrant styles that will make you standout the crowd at special occasions, work or cocktail party. All in all, it's time to watch this summer trends.

Amazing Street Style Combinations & Looks For Summer 2014 (1)

That's a nice combination for your city walk: a light suit jacket styled with mannish shirt tucked in jacquard print short belted with a skinny strap.

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Trendy Looks: Women’s Leopard Print Clothing

How about wearing leopard print clothing this year? Today we want to share with you amazing and trendy looks that include awesome leopard print which makes you look elegant, modern and feminine. It's no doubt that this wild print continues to be spotted in the street style images, on the runways and many fashion retailers stores. We would like to share with you amazing looks that come with beautiful fits and lengths. You are about to see here cool skirts, jackets, skirts and outerwear which features all those wild spots. Jungle never ends and we have so many options for you this year, that you will for sure would like to try on. Nowadays, it's quite easy to choose the appropriate styles and fits, that's why keep your eyes wide open and like the one which is your favorite. We think every fashionista has at least one piece with this wild animal print in her closet.

Women's Leopard Print Clothing - Trendy Looks (1)

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1960’s Beauty Inspiration – Retro Hairstyles & Make Up Looks

Let's have a time travel, back to the 1960's, as we want to show you this decade's beauty and hairstyles inspiration that will make you look original and individual. In this post we want to share with you pretty images where we see many retro inspired looks, including gorgeous lips, bouffant hairstyles, beehives, heavy eyes, etc. Here are presented models who appear in dark gray eye-shadows, side parted and teased hair. All in all, you are about to see dramatic, classic, soft and retro looks.

Polina Kuklina looks like a real retro girl with those impressive eye lines, natural lips and long style embellished with a black headband.

1960's Beauty Inspiration For Women (1)

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Grunge Street Style: Plaid & Tartan

Let's speak about plaid and tartan fashion trend. Grunge street fashion comes with tartan looks very often and it seems like this year is going to be all about this pattern looks. We think all ladies and girls having fun with this pattern, as we love wearing 1990's inspired looks, like plaid skirts and cool tartan jackets. For some ladies the tartan look will be just too granny style, but we'd like to underline your attention on this fashion, as if you will manage to balance the patterns on your look, then you won't look like an old one, conversely, this will make you to stand out the crowd. It's true, that tartan is a quite complex fabric and to style it right can take you much time, but if you will do it right, then believe me, you will look cool and so eye-catching.

Plaid & Tartan Prints - Grunge Street Style (1)

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How To Wear: Sweatpants & Heels

Let's mix sporty with smart style. Today we will speak about how to wear sweatpants with heels. For some of you this sounds quite mad, well, in today's world nothing stops, everything goes wild and evolutionizes. One thing comes in our mind: we live in the world of true fashion anarchy, as all the rules are broken. This style looks laid back and uber voguish. But there are few style tips of how to get the right look: sweatpants color has to be classic, like black, white or grey and with NO SIDE STRIPES, NO prints, or patterns, while the heels must be feminine, no masculine inspired ones, it's better to wear strap sandlas or classic pumps.

Sweatpants & Heels (5)

Keep everthing simple and do not over do with jewellery. This look is strange but not ugly, we would sau it's very, very, very ...interesting one.

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Hats for Women: Beanies

Today's topic is Winter Accessories item which is so in trend now, yes, we are talking about women's beanies. This is pretty popular accessory which is worn by so many celebrities, stars as well as fashion bloggers around the world. But what we love about beanies, is not only style, but its practicality, warmth and comfort. Thanks God, fashion industry takes care about our health. This season beanies are the coolest thing which can be imagined so far and many designers give us this trend in their collections. We have gathered many street style pictures of girls and women wearing this trendy hat. As you can see there is no rules regarding how you can wear beanies, no matter what's the style of your outfit, cool beanie will make your day.

Beanies For Women (1)

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How to wear fur coats?

Have you ever asked yourself how to wear fur coats? Well, let me tell you about this outerwear practical side. In today's fashion world girls or women can wear fur coats absolutely with everything they want, starting from skinny jeans and ankle boots to leather leggings and sweaters. Yes, coats aren't semi formal in today's fashion, conversely coats can be used as addition to grunge motorcycle style. Indeed, many girls are spotted wearing moto inspired boots or wedges or even sneakers teamed with elegant fur coats. Well, everything depends on you and how will you style everything, but today's women style everything in quite unique ways, mixing formal with casual. As for us, coat is something glamorous and emphasizes you as an elegant woman, that's why give an edgy style to your coat but do not overdo it. As coats are timeless classic look which will stay in fashion for a long time.

fur coats - street style (1)

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How To Style: Riding The Bike In Heels & Skirt

Let's go for a bicycle ride this season, as it's the best trend of the recent years: bike trend fashion. We do not remember when exactly the bike trend became popular, but one thing we know for sure, as lots of fashionistas and bloggers use bikes for their movement around the city. Well, the bicycle is healthy, no harm to nature and it's cool, as you can color the bike in any color you want. These years lots of girls wearing tom-boy or It-girl style garments use bikes as their transport. We think you wonder, why so many rich people, hipsters and other style icons use bikes, is it really because the bike can get you to your destination much faster, or is it a great workout in the mornings or is it just a lifestyle.

Riding The Bike In Heels & Skirt (1)

All these statements are right, but, nowadays it's something more, something like a bikes fashion or bike style, which comes with its special fashion of clothing. So, if you want to ride the bike you need a particular style which will underline your uniqueness and make you look differently.
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How To Get The Perfect Smoky Eye Look

Today we are going to talk about the perfect smoky eyes make-up. As you already noticed many celebrities, singers and actresses look hot with smoky eye make-up. It happens time after time that we need to get this kind of make-up style for special occasions, that’s why it’s our mission step by step tell you how to achieve this hot celebrity look.

First of all, start with clean and well primed lid, then take a medium sized eyeshadow brush and apply brown shade all over the lid, starting in an arch shape from the crease, then in short strokes take the same brown color down the lid and blend it well. When you are done with the lid form a soft wing take a soft black eye pencil and trace the upper lash line and after gently smudge with your finger, then use a blending brush to blend the smudged kohl over the eyelid. After this, line the lower lash line with the same kohl pencil and smudge the lower lash line as well. Apply dark matte shade all over the lid with large blending brush and to finish generously apply mascara.

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