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Shearling Coats and Sheepskin Jackets‎ For Men

Today we want to share with you men's shearling coats and sheepskin jacket, which are timeless and never go out of style. It's the mid of summer, but we want to draw your attention to men's outerwear essentials for this season wear. If you want to feel cozy and look masculine, then this outerwear design is the one which you need. What we do like about this particular design, then it's the unique style, which gives its wearer and extra luxe and rich look. We have gathered various styles, starting from full-length to short versions, as well as mid lengths. As you can see from the images below, this year many designers and brands advice us to choose a slightly oversize version, which will make you look More spunky and fearless. Anyway, I think it's the right time to take a closer view at the most popular versions of men's outerwear designs:

2014-2015 Shearling Coats and Sheepskin Jackets‎ For Men (1)

That's a statement below-the knee design which will cover your business look.

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Puffer & Down Jackets For Men

Let's take a tour into the men's puffer and down jackets world and see which designs are going to be in trend this season. Each piece looks functional, masculine and modern. As you can see from the images below, every design has that powerful look, which makes it not only practical, but also stylish. Here are shown urban jackets which can be used during mild cold weather. Each piece provides the right amount of insulation. The puffers and down outerwear can be perfect during the spring and fall seasons, adding edgy and sophisticated update. If you thinking about possibility of wearing it at work, then this style is great for various occasions, starting from semi-formal, to semi and casual events. How about wearing a long sleeve sweater, turtleneck and sporty separates under this jacket. There are cool designs which feature detachable fur hoods. Choose the one which comes in button, snap or zip front. Make your fall and winter comfortable.

2014-2015 Puffer & Down Jackets For Men (1)

The dark blue version suits semi-formal attire.

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Men Parkas For Autumn-Winter

Today we want to observe the best men parkas from the latest Fall-Winter collections which were showcased during New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. Every brand and designer offered plenty of comfortable, classic, timeless and creative designs. Just take a closer look at these beautiful and great outerwear items with oversize, fitted and straight silhouettes. Before buying any of these coats you have to be clear why you need this garment. This outerwear is meant for cold days wear, as it saves from wild frosts and storms. As you can see from the images below this season is all about dark colors like khaki, black, gray, dark blue, while there are touches of beige, salmon and bright blue. Here are presented waterproof designs, hooded styles, mountain jackets and bomber parkas. All in all, if you do not know which style to wear this winter, then we advice you to go for parka.

Men's Parkas For Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

A shearling linen military green coat worn with chambray button-down, fitted jeans and desert boots.

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Cool Men’s Leather Jackets For Autumn-Winter

If you are looking for a jacket which provides both warmth, protection and stylish appearance, then we highly recommend you to look for leather jacket. Today we bring you this compilation of statement outerwear staples for the next Fall-Winter season. You are about to see only qualitative numbers with handsome look and made of durable materials. The best thing about this timeless fabric is that it can be worn, styled and fitted with a wide variety of clothes. We love the ones which come in motorcycle, bomber and aviator designs. Here are shown versions which come in fine details, metal zippers, qualitative craftsmanship, snap and button closures. Before you buy yourself your favorite style we recommend you to look at these functional products which feature interior and exterior pockets. And the last but not least thing, choose the one which features pre-washed or antiqued look.

2014-2015 Leather Jackets For Men (1)

This crocodile leather outing is teamed with sweater, chinos and classic black boots.

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Street Style: Leather Jackets For Men

Leather jackets are so essential for men, as they add masculinity, edgy and strong appearance. Today, we are going to speak about those strong wardrobe pieces. There is no doubt about its massive popularity around the world, as it's already a true style icon, which adds instant edge appearance. There are known different kind of seasonal styles which range from biker jackets to classic bomber ones. Here below you will see street style images of iconic styles. We will tell you about eight different kind of men's leather jackets which are so must have this season. Let's start from classic leather jacket. It has classic silhouette in rich leather fabric and it usually comes with slim fitting. The favorite classic leather jacket colors are brown, black and camel. As you can see from the images you can pair it with jeans, shirt and tie or casual tees.

Leather Jackets For Men

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Layering jackets for men

Let's layer up the things. Today we are going to speak about layering jackets for men. For some men it's quite hard to understand why jackets should be layered, well, it's nothing new, it only requires some skills of mastering the combining your clothing outerwear, which will give you extra protection during cold or windy day. The most important thing in layering jackets for men is to make everything comfortable and easy-to-wear. The functionality is very important thing which allows you to feel comfy and warm. Actually layering is quite essential thing, as we all know when it comes to fall or spring time the temperatures can rise and low in a second, that's why we all need that layering jackets which will make our walkings more comfortable, as if it starts to heat up, you can simply take off the top layer and stay in your beloved baseball jacket.

Layering jackets for men
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