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“Wall Street” Men’s Style: Gordon Gekko

If it happened so, that you are a stockbroker working in a huge or a small company, who's in charge of arranging transactions between buyers and sellers, then you better look and dress professionally. Well, we think every firm has a dress-code, which is usually quite a formal look, but we recommend you to wear only those outfits, which really make you feel comfortable, as it's very important to concentrate on work while you are trading online. Anyway, we want to show you the best looks inspired by “Wall Street” movie and Gordon Gekko - ruthless and greedy corporate raider. Gekko's style is very masculine, elegant and classy. We really love his outfits, which make him look rich and powerful. Indeed, wearing these awesome clothing sets he made a young and impatient stockbroker to respect and fear him. Here are shown Polyvore combinations which for sure will inspire you:

Wall Street Men's Style - Gordon Gekko (1)

Here we see wool, black pleated trousers styled with classic brogues and blue, contrast white collar shirt worn with elasticated suspenders. Love the following zig-zag print tie.

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Men’s Suits For Fall-Winter Season

Today we want to draw your attention on these men suits for any occasion. You are about to see formal wear designs which are perfect for Autumn-Winter season. If you are looking for a special occasion outfit, which should be formal, comfortable and perfect for a glamor look, then you are in the right place. Here are presented various color formal clothing sets with beautiful shirts, tie combinations and dressy shoes. Each piece comes with timeless tailored details, traditional craft techniques and standards. Here are shown designer and brands suits from the catwalks, lookbooks and campaigns. Believe us, you’ll look in trend and on point if you select one of these timeless pieces.
All the showcased looks are well known for their elegant and authentic look. It's time to observe men's suits which are ideal for formal and evening wear.

Men's Suits For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Season

A three-piece suit with cuffed pants. That's an ideal businessman attire.

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Casual Men’s Suits For Fall-Winter

Please welcome into the world of smart casual men's style clothing which features suits. Today we are going to observe this Autumn-Winter season's masculine dress code which makes you look semi-formal. As you can see from the images below, there are various interpretations of the dress code. That's an ideal style for working hours at the office. You are about to view basic looks which will make you own the office. Think of slim cut suits, blazers, Oxfords, trousers or chinos. The casual men's suits have become popular to wear at work or dinners, dates, while everything depends on the type of event you are attending. This look is comfortable, it's sophisticated and inspirational.

Casual Men’s Suits For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Here we see model appears in a black outfit where patent leather details make it look more casual.

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Formal Men’s Suits

Here is everything you need to know about formal men's suits for this year- they have to be perfectly tailored and styled with gorgeous formal shirts and ties. I'd like to share with you this amazing compilation of men's formal wear designs that are made by Swedish fashion retailer H&M. Before buying any piece, you have to make sure that it suits you right and compliments your overall look. Here are showcased two-piece suits in timeless colors, including navy blue, gray, black. Each design looks contrasting with white shirt and ties in green, navy and striped. Someone will for sure judge us for these words, but we say: every man should own a suit. This piece holds first position in men's hierarchy of style. It embodies success and sophistication, that's why businessmen wear it everyday. This wardrobe piece looks perfect for wearing in restaurants, dinner parties, formal events, business meetings or while traveling.

Formal Men's Suits 2014 (1)
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Men’s Tailored Suits – Formal Looks

If it happened so that you work in the place which has a more conservative dress code, then it looks like you need a classic cut tailoring wear. Today we want to share with you men's tailored pieces that are must haves of this year. You are about to view a smart tailoring collection of suit jacket and trouser sets that underline man's shape and individual style. The presented collection includes the range of perfectly fitted slim fit, skinny, simple two-pieces, as well as three-piece suits which can be easily mixed and matched. Every design looks masculine, comfortable and stylish. All the showcased models are made by German fashion brand Digel and are perfect for weddings, offices and many other formal and semi-formal occasions.

Men's Tailored Suits 2014  (1)
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Transparent Eyeglass Frames For Men

Today's topic will be men's transparent frames that fit all face shapes. We are about to share with you latest runway images which feature male models wearing in statement clear eyeglass frames. Before reviewing all the presented images below, I would like to share with you couple of ideas that might be in help for you, before you buy these modern and statement frames. The first thing is to select the specs that will suit your personality, try to think over your everyday wardrobe looks, as it's very important to make your new frames suit the clothes you are wearing in your daily life. The transparent specs can be done in various shapes and designs, as they may be squared that will lengthen your face, retro style that for sure will add some vintage-style cool to your desired look, or it can be modern look. Here below are presented this season most purchased models.

Clear Eyeglass Frames & Transparent Eyeglass Frames For Men (1)

Circular transparent specs.

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The Correct Size Of Pant Suits For Men

Let’s talk about correct size of men’s suits. In general men’s formal look should create a sleek, streamlined silhouette that perfectly fits the figure. So, let’s take a look at the following tips which will help you to find perfect fit. There are known lots of areas that make your look perfect either baggy. First area is shoulders. The shoulders should hug your own and appear neat. After goes chest and suit’s length. Your suit jacket should button easily without forcing your breathe, but do not wear slouchy ones. If you want to know about the perfect length of your suit, then hang your arms straight and cup the jacket hem in your hands, if you can’t reach, it’s too long.

Pant Suits For Men (2)
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How to choose perfect men’s suits

Sometimes finding perfect suit for men can be quite difficult task, as there are lots of different options how to dress formal, as you can appear in timeless two-piece suit, or go for tailored separates, wearing tailored trousers teamed with crispy white shirt, jumper and waistcoat. Perfect suit is an investment, as you all know; well tailored suit always makes that special feeling of a real businessman, that’s why qualitative and timeless pantsuits cost much. That’s why the right style will fit you like a glove and will serve you several decades, so please take a closer look at some of these notes below. Before buying a pantsuit try to understand and ask yourself why you need that suit, for which reasons.

men’s suits  (1)

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