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Mid Heel Sandals For Spring-Summer Which Can Inspire You

After showing you the major trends for spring-summer wear we think it's time to share with you some amazing and creative shoes that will add the right dose of elegance and glamor to your daily outfit. It's no secret that every shoe design and color can set the mood and make you look either sophisticated and professional, either fun, playful or glamor. Today we are going to focus on mid heel sandals. Some you might think that mid-heels are not in trend, well, may be they are not the same statement as high heels, but believe us, they are practical and great option for everyday wear and evenings, when you want feel comfortable while sporting them. We have chosen a lot of fun for you, as we are sharing with you funky sandals that come in pretty colors, prints and patterns that are best for casual summer outfits. As you have already noticed, some of the models feature beading, rhinestones and many other various embellishments to choose from.

Mid Heel Sandals For Spring-Summer 2014 (1)
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Women’s Shoes: Mid Heel Mules

Today we want to share with all of you this great compilation of women's mid heel mules that will make you look trendy and statement. It's no secret, that mules are this season's must-have shoes, that's why we decided to share with you some bright designs that will stay in fashion for a very long time. Before we give you a look at these amazing designs, we want to make it clear and share with you a definition, which says, what are the mules, so they are shoes with no back, where the frond of the shoe is usually close-toed, while the heel may be in any height: from high-heel to flat. We personally love pointed-toe or razor-sharp toe designs. They are usually styled with various outfits, starting from tailoring outfits to jeans and skirts.

Mid Heel Mules (1)

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Voguish Mid Heel Pumps

We all love ultra high heels, but sometimes it's enough for elongating your height, making yourself too much sophisticated and glamor, as the heels have gotten crazy and it looks like there is no stopping of this insane fashion trend which offers so many dangerous high heels. Well, we say: "Why don't you choose something beautiful but not so extreme, like mid heel pumps?!" The most of these shoes have a heel that measures approximately 85mm/ 3.5 inches, that's why these shoes will definitely work most women's wardrobes.

These designs will complete any workwear attire, as they won't look festively and be sure, that these shoes will make you look elegant and classic, while do not forget that these pumps are essential for any wardrobe look, so think posh, sophisticated, vintage and polished before choosing your daily outfit that will be worn with these designs.

Mid Heel Pumps (1)

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