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Long Ginger Hairstyles with Bangs

This time we want to show you beautiful long ginger hairstyles which feature timeless bangs. If you have natural red hair, then you are a real lucky one, as it's more than a color- that's an attitude. That's fierce, power and brightness. This post includes sleek and wavy locks which are spiced with impressive bangs. This season many stylists offer us blunt-cut fringe and loose waves. As you can see from the images below, red is a statement, vibrant color and it's a real bang-on-trend which suits self-confident women. This look will for sure make any wardrobe look differently. Of course, everything depends on your personality, if you are a rebel girl, then you can dress in grunge, mannish and punk way, if you are an intelligent person, then you can try an elegant wardrobe. Go for one of these trendy long styles with bangs. Just remember to ask for a fringe which suits your face shape.

2014-2015 Long Ginger Hairstyles with Bangs (1)

Ginger hair and red lips go perfect with printed separates.

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Sleek Wet Hairstyles & Gold Eyebrows – Beauty Looks

This time we want to draw your attention to this season's beauty looks. This spring-summer comes with short sleek and wet hairstyles and eye-catching make-up, like gold eyebrows. These beauty tips were seen in Christian Dior ready to wear show. This side slicked up-dos to the right features a deep side parting which starts at the left temple and sweeps across to the right ear. Those of you who do not want a super slick wet look might try to leave some strands for a loose and softer look. This look is highly wearable, so you can do some slight modifications, like making a left parting. The medium hold gel will definitely ensure to hold your hair in the right position. This side-swept up-do can be updated with golden brows and the same color gorgeous eye shadows.

Sleek Wet Hairstyles & Gold Eyebrows - 2014 Beauty Looks (1)
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Glam Long Sleek Hairstyles For Women

In today's compilation we want to show you Cédric Charlier Spring-Summer collection runway show which features gorgeous glam long sleek hairstyles. This look will for sure make you look bold, outstanding and sophisticated. The comb slick side hair looks elegant and adds your persona a powerful touch. The styling is quite simple and requires a flat iron and gel. That's a polished and preppy style which will always finish your office work look. The smoothed hair will definitely update any outfit, but remember to use a comb to make the right parting and only when you have finished to style your hair you may use your hands to make it steady.

Glam Long Sleek Hairstyles 2014 For Women (1)

The blond hair looks angelic.

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Red Hair Color

In today's post we want to show you beautiful red hair color shades which are going to be popular this season. You are going to find latest color ideas from light to dark shades, as well as vibrant looking tones. We think you have noticed the popularity of this color, as we see so many women wearing it these days. It's a very beautiful shade which looks perfect on all hair lengths and types, starting from straight to wavy and curly. Another great thing about this color is the wide variety of clothing sets which for sure will complement your new look. Start from corals, navys, browns, blacks, pinks, golds and nudes. Check out these gorgeous color styles which are going to make you stand out from the crowd this year.

Red Hair Color For 2014-2015  (1)

Keep your locks a bit messy.

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Men’s and Male Models Street Style

Today we are about to see male models and businessmen street style looks that appear to be dapper, off-duty, grunge, hipster and smart inspired. That's an impressive compilation which features creative outfit combinations that are adoptive and practical. We think every guy will find here something interesting, which will for sure update his everyday wardrobe. All the presented outfit ideas were snapped in New York, Paris, Milan and London streets during fashion weeks. Here are showcased well-dressed dudes who appear in trendy clothing. You are about to see our favorite looks from hard-working guys outside the shows. Let's see exciting fashion trends that are going to be in style for dudes this year.

Men's and Male Models Street Style 2014 (1)

Become suit-addicted!

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It Girl Street Style

Most of you know that It Girl refers to a young woman who possesses the indefinable quality "It" (Wikipedia) and who's original concept is focused on personality. Today we want to bring you outstanding looks which are inspired by street fashion It-girls. You are about to see beautiful models, celebrities who appear in fresh, effortless and incredibly chic wardrobe outfits. Some of the showcased looks are very It French inspired, as we see classic suits, tweeds, tighter tops, girly, full skirts, navy stripes and retro details. Some elements come in bohemian effortless touches of the 1960's. We hope this compilation will be a great style inspiration for all of you.

It-Girl Street Style 2014 (1)

A classic black dress belted at the waist styled with a chanel quilted clutch-bag.

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Gap-Toothed Models & Celebrities

You have the gap in your teeth! Today we want to share with you this great compilation of models and celebrities who have a common thing which sets them apart from the rest, yes, that's a gap in the teeth. The diastema made these people popular and individual. Today, this gap is a real beauty trend which gives kind of creative appearance and timeless look. This signature trait gives a unique update, where imperfection makes you perfect. You are about to see our favorite gap-toothed models who pose in various magazines and red carpet shows. Fashion has no rules at all, that's why the best way to underline your beauty is to be who you are in real life, not making an idol in your mind. Think twice before "fixing" your teeth, will it change you in a better way, or you will loose your originality and charm that was given you from birth.

Gap-Toothed Models & Celebrities (1)

Georgia May Jagger

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Center Part Hairstyles For Women

This season's runway shows featured collections with hair part in the middle and side. Today we to share with you some eye-catching looks that feature exactly middle parting which either can look sleek and combed, slightly disheveled. Of course, there are lots women who think that this middle hair parting will look quite ridiculous on them, but listen, you can look through this great compilation of celebrities, models etc. who rocked the red carpets and catwalks in a middle part, that's why it's better to risk once and fell in love with it for all your life. This style is a versatile, as you can keep it casual, as well as going for a concert.

Center Part Hairstyles 2014 For Women (1)

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Soft Curls – Best Women’s Hairstyles

Today we want to share with you this amazing hairstyle which was presented during Mary Katrantzou fashion show. That's a romantic look, which features slightly curled hair and a beautiful nude style makeup. While the Vivienne Westwood show presented models wearing locks hidden under voluminous hats. We personally like Giorgio Armani's show that featured models wearing hair curled close to the roots. All the presented styles look playful, youthful and effective. We love those soft curls for their romantic Juliette-like image. To make such look you will have to use some modern beauty-gadgets. All in all, it's a feminine hairstyle which will suit for dates, parties and will add some chic appearance to your everyday looks.

Soft Curls - Best Women's Hairstyles (1)
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Beauty Trends: Eye Lines

We think every lady no matter of her age wants to look beautiful and self-confident, that's why they love make-ups. Back in the 1950's many girls tend to accentuate their eyes, that's why they used bold and natural effects, by drawing arrows. It looks like this spring season is a comeback of the 50's, as we saw many fashion shows where models walked down the catwalk wearing this beauty trend. Remember Rag&Bone, Thakoon collections, where the stylists draw only the lower eyelid, while Dolce&Gabbana, Saint Laurent, Kenzo and Jean Paul Gaultier went bold and showcased the total beauty look. It's no doubt, these lines make the woman look sophisticated and confident.

Eye Lines - Make Up & Beauty Trends (1)

Some say that this style looks like Egyptian. These arrows is a timeless classic of every make-up. Of course drawing arrows isn't quite a simple task, but believe us- all you need is just a bit of practice. In this post, you are going to see some amazing samples of the possible eye lines.
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