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Plaid Shirts for Grunge Style

Go plaid with shirts, as this 2014 is all about plaid shirts and grunge style. Yes, we know, we've talked so much about modern grunge recently, well We can tell you for sure, that you will see here lots of posts about this style, as this is a trend of the year, so please welcome it. We love it for effortless, chic and rock and roll appearance. Today we will share with you all possible plaid shirt styles, variations, how to style them and look perfect as the modernized 1990's grunge chics. Let's get inspired by these 1990's rock roots, as we are sharing plaid shirt looks that come with a new sense of luxe and feminine touches that give us totally light and easy to wear urban appearance. We like those black minis, tailored blazers and skinnies that appear with plaid tops and shirts.

Plaid Shirts for Grunge Style 1
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Grunge Inspired Outerwear

We say: go for grunge inspired cover-ups this year and wear amazing shearling coats. There are so many amazing designs nowadays, that you can easily team with your favorite jeans and tops. Anyway, this year is a grunge year, so note please, that looking grunge will make you look statement and very in-trend. Today, I'd like to share with you fuzzy, effortlessly cool coats that will make a bold and luxurious appearance in the streets. You are about to see cool offerings and styles that were taken from the streets, that's why it's a great time to get inspired by the city streets images! Here are shown our three beloved coats that will make everyone go crazy if you clad on these creations.

Grunge Inspired Outerwear for 2014 1
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How to Style: Modern Grunge

We are going to speak about this year's possible modern grunge styling and today our style icon is Courtney Love, so if you want to look like Courtney in her 20-ties, then keep eyes wide open and make notes, as we are going to share with you the possible clothing style variations that you can wear this year. As you all know, Courtney is the outspoken front-woman of 1990s rock band Hole, wife and muse of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain. She is a well known person, but if we take a look at her personal style, then there is no doubt in her individuality and that special way of dressing. Here below are presented street-style Courtney Love inspired looks, so let's get inspired by them now:

Modern Grunge Style 2014 For Women 3
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Modern Grunge Style Boots

Let's go bold this year, as the modern grunge is back in town and it comes with so many amazing designs and updated looks, that you can not imagine! Today we are going to speak about this year's grunge boots that will make everyone envy about you, as each of these boots are tremendously cool and stylish. Of course there’s no doubt that ’90s fashion is already hit the streets with it's statement looks making a huge comeback, and this year is going to be voguish, tough and a bit masculine. So, we have already confirmed the comeback of the grunge style and it's time for us to take a closer look at the updated style which comes with a glamor touch and delicate fabrics and tough appearance.

Modern Grunge Style Boots 2014 1
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New Trend: Modern Grunge

Today we are going to speak about this year's news trend which is called modern grunge. This style becomes very popular and we think it's all about update which features in it's tough luxe appearance. Indeed, when you see girls wearing oversize knits, ripped skinnies, shredded tops, embellished military boots, then you think about the individuality, amazing styling and the 1990's back. Well, the 1990's comeback is a very popular time nowadays in the fashion world, that's why many recent collections feature exactly the silhouettes of that time period. We personally love grunge 1990's that come with luxe plaid shirts, whimsical chiffon dresses, vibrant red shearling coats and those rock star inspired tops.

Modern Grunge Style 6
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