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Platform Sandals – Best Street Style & Catwalk Looks

Today we are going to speak about platform sandals and the street style fashion which includes many interesting ideas that are perfect for your spring-summer wardrobe.

So, if you are ready to update your look, then here are fresh ideas and looks of how to wear these creations this season. These shoes will suit those girls and ladies who are a bit on the short side, yes, they give some extra height but they are really comfortable and easy to walk in.

The bold ones are the simplest ones, we mean, if you will wear the basic platform style then believe us it will be enough to shine like a star.

Platform Sandals - Street Style (1)

Try to choose essential color, including brown and black with minimum accents and embellishments. They are must haves for summer wear and will match absolutely any outfit. Here are fresh ideas of how you can wear them now.

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Date Night Outfit Ideas For Women

Today we are going to speak about date night outfit ideas for women. The process for choosing the appropriate outfit is quite difficult, as you really don't know which piece is his favorite, it might be a glamor or rock chic style ensemble. Everything is about right balance. If he wants to take you on a surprise night out, then you have chance to make the right impression. We recommend you to wear something fun, statement and modern. Do not afraid to show off your shape. We advice you to wear comfortable and relaxed outfits. We have gathered some outstanding outfit ideas for you.

This tight-fitted abstract print mini dress looks awesome with this light gray suitcase miniature bag and pointed toe pumps.

Date Night Outfit Ideas For Women (1)

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Modern Women’s Spring-Summer Vests

We have already spoken with you about winter vests and it looks like we have to move further and see some of the brightest spring-summer gilets that will underline your femininity and make you stand out the crowd. As we have already mentioned the styles, then you should know: everything depends on you and it's up to you which style you will choose. Many brands and designers offer us different layers that might make you look like a rock star, grunge girl, Bohemian, hippie, glamor lady or urban denim lover. Anyway, let's see some bright looks that were snapped on the catwalk, streets of big cities and photo shoots.

Women's Vests (1)
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Modern Women’s Autumn-Winter Vests

Today's topic are women's vests. We would like to discuss with you some of the brightest models that are in fashion now, as it's winter outside, that's why it's essential to know all the basics and characteristics of today's fashion vests. Everything depends on you, as no one else can say, which style suits you the best, as it can be a laid-back Bohemian vibe, that makes you look more feminine and a bit casual, or it can be modern style outfit, where the gilet underlines your contemporary spirit, or you can go grunge, sporty, retro etc. We hope you already understood, what are we trying to tell you, right? Anyway, it's our mission for today to give you some tips, advices what sleeveless jackets are in fashion these days and which ones you can already wear.

Modern Women's Autumn-Winter Vests (1)
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How to Wear Timeless Retro Looks

No matter what fashion dictates, you should know, that retro looks will always be in style. Today's topic is timeless vintage looks, that will make you stand out the crowd and add kind of glamorous touch to your overall appearance. These outfits are easy to wear, as most of them come in comfortable shapes, that allows you to make moves with no worrying that something will look too tight on you. Nowadays many brands and designers offer us high quality vintage clothing, starting from coats to suits and dresses that have kind of 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s appearance. There is also a great plus regarding retro clothing is the fact, that you might not meet a person in exactly the same vintage look. And the second plus is that most of times these garments are handmade.

Timeless Retro Looks - Chic Style (1)
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How to Mix Vintage with Modern Women’s Clothing

Let's speak about mixing vintage clothing with modern looks. You outfit is your's business card, which gives people first impression of you. That's why if you want to become a good business woman, then you should know how to look timeless and contemporary at the same time. Our mission for today is to show you the great options of mixing modern with retro. It's no doubt, when people see gorgeous retro looks mixed with classic contemporary street wear garments, they loose their minds, as it really makes a great impression on people. Wearing retro clothing during the every day life makes a huge impact and adds serious skill to your overall appearance.

How to Mix Vintage with Modern Women's Clothing (1)
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