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Best 1980s Fashion Trends For Women To Follow This Year

We have a huge comeback in the 80s this year. In today's blog post I am going to show you stunning fashion ideas and tips on how to use the best tricks from the 1980s fashion that can make you look fabulous. We have seen many cool details during runway shows, including fabulous glam rock style, sporty workout chic looks, stunning denim pieces, including denim jackets, overalls and high-waist jeans, leopard and polka dots print, etc. That's why it's time to implement them in real life to wear on the streets.

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How To Style: Overall Shorts For Women

How about overall shorts for women? This style remind us of 1990's when they really were popular and everyone dreamed to have one of these goodies. That's truly casual style, which looks awesome worn with various shirts, tees, cute sweatshirts and even teamed with blazers. These styles are number one must have for this season, as many stylists and brands offer us different shapes and fits that look gorgeous styled with awesome shoes, starting from high heels to sandals and flip flops. If you what to know which shirt will suit best, then everything depends on the model of this piece. You may ask us: "So how to wear this short overalls this year?" The answer is: "Wear it either dressy" styled with blazer or "casual" teamed with a cool Tee." Anyway, keep in mind one thing- this clothing piece is casual, that's why do not wear it at work or formal events, while you can make a great street style look and keep some ideas of various combinations that will make you standout the crowd. Anyway, let's have a detailed review on the presented looks.

Overall Shorts For Women - Street Style] (1)

Here we see cute model posing in short version styled with billowy floral blouse.

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How to Wear: Overalls For Women

Today we are going to speak about Overalls and the way you can wear them this spring-summer season. It's no doubt, that the rise of popularity grows every year, that's why fashion world offers many ways of styling. That's a cool throwback in 1990's and tomboy fashion, you can try out many other ways of how you can pull off this look. We suggest you to take a closer look at these images, as you are about to get priceless inspiration. First of all, let's take a look at the dressed up looks, which are quite festive and can be worn at work and even at formal events. That's what we call polished elegance. One of the possible ways of how you can wear it, is to: style denim jumpsuits with statement shirt and beautiful tailored coat with a luxe looking headwear.

Overalls For Women (1)
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