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Oversized Coats For Women

Bigger doesn't always mean better, but when we speak about investing in a new fall coat, then I suggest you to try on an oversized coat. Today, my mission is to share with you this adorable collection of women's oversized coats to wear from Fall to Winter season. This statement cover-up has number of styles: oversized collars, fur collars, ruffle designs, various prints, etc.

2015-2016 Oversized Coats For Women (1)

Here we see No.21 wrap and belted creation printed in grey and blue stripes.

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The Best Women’s Baggy And Oversized Coats

Today's post is about best women's baggy and oversized coats for wearing this year. When it comes to investing in a new outfit topper we try to see inspiration in every corner, we mean, watching the movies, scrolling the pages of various fashion blogs, etc. But sometimes it's easier to get inspiration from you boyfriend's closet. The oversized fit will definitively suit you. We promise, this baggy look will look better on you. The following images show us spring collections with streamlined silhouettes and cleaner lines. As you can see, the length varies from mid-thigh to below the knee. Next thing that will definitely make you happy is the fit, that suits thin, mid and curvy ladies. No matter what is your shape or size, this type of outerwear looks good on everyone. We are here to help you balancing the right proportions making you look fabtastic.

Women's Baggy Coats 2015 (1)

The brand WORLD advices us to play with proportions. You can pair your stylish pale pink cover-up with shorts or mini dress.A shorter hemline under a longer coat looks chic and fabulous. Add a wide-brim sunhat to finish the look.

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Women’s Coat Colors

Let me tell you about coat colors for the next autumn-winter season. New season comes with combinations different types and colors. Modern fashion brings huge variety of colors that are sophisticated, rich, neon and classic. It looks like fashion gives us a big spam, which has to be filtered only by yourself. No, really, look how many beautiful clothing are in stores, the only thing is to choose the one which really suits you, is comfortable and with a good price. Many designers offer rich color coats, and it’s really a big trend nowadays, as you can see pink, red, purple, orange, red colors. Some brands offer neon color coats that for sure are eye-catchy and for sure you will be noticed in such bright outerwear. Do not be afraid of those colors, as they will underline your personality and make you look stylish.

Women's Coat Colors 2013-2014 (1)
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Oversized Coats For Women

This Autumn-Winter season lots of brands and designers offer us wild and free designs of coats and jackets. Well, as for me, the only thing while choosing an appropriate coat for wearing it during winter cold days is to style up everything. Just imagine an average coat styled with a pair of hot boots and a cool bag, this look will make every lady follow you. Today, I am going to share with you some bright ideas and designs of oversize coats. No matter if these coats are made of fur, knits or other fabrics, the fashion offers lots of beautiful style variations. Indeed, the upcoming season is going to be a cold one, that’s why the oversize coat with large shoulders, right above the knee length is a big thing.

Oversize Coats for 2013-2014 For Women (1)
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