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Glam Rock Clothing Ideas For Women

We are here today to help you with awesome glam rock clothing ideas. We want to show you the brightest apparel which will help you to achieve that special glam rock look. You all know that this style has both punk and goth details, that's why we have some great tips which for sure will inspire you for making a fabulous wardrobe staple. The following Polyvore sets combine glam metal, gothic rock and many other fashion influences, which will make you look bold in the streets of big city. As you can see, these creations are ideal both for young and older generation. You are about to see great biker jackets, flared skirts, casual rock band tees, shiny, shimmering accessories, fringes, and other statement details. All in all, I hope you are prepared and ready to be rocked:

Glam Rock Clothing Ideas For Women (1)

Hello Dear Bowie. Here we see a stylish greyish biker jacket styled with high-waisted, glossy flared, pleated skirt, Bowie tank top, high sole chunky sandals in white color and a perfect clutch-bag.

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Top 15 Mother of the Bride Dresses

It's no secret, that weddings are very special days for not only brides and grooms, but also for their mothers. If you are the mother of the bride, then we must warn you about a lot of attention which will be on you and your family during that special day. Today we bring you top 15 dresses styles, which will underline your beauty and make you look stunning at your daughter's wedding. We have got a great Polyvore compilation of stunning designs, which will make any gown up woman stand out from the crowd. The following pieces not only look, but also feel and fit fabulously. As you have already noticed, the designs are available in a wide style, color and size selection, including plus size and petite versions. We hope this great collection will suit every mother's tastes. Check out our fashion advices and get the best one for your very special event.

Mother of the Bride Dresses (1)

The yellow jacquard print on the white ensemble looks marvelous and somehow even retro inspired. We advice you to try on this chic essential teamed with blue colored must-haves, like peep-toe shoes, clutch and earrings.

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Top 15 Bridesmaids Dresses

In today's post we want to share with you top 15 bridesmaid dresses, which are going to be in trend this year. We recommend you to start the process of finding your style no later than 5 – 6 months before the wedding. But, do not start too early, as there might be some great discounts in July and/or December. The bridesmaids are very important at every wedding, as they will always be close to the brides. It's essential to have a perfect dress (but not better than brides's). The today's weddings can be done is pastel color decorations, that's why we wanted to share with you the most eye-catching and stunning designs to choose from. The following compilation features strapless styles, one shoulder, classic ones, as well as long and mini versions. Every look is ideal for various shaped girls, that's why we might say, this is a practical collection for all kind of girls with very different complexion and body types. We have included various ensembles, which can be worn at formal, as well as at more carefree weddings.

Bridesmaids Dresses (1)

How about keeping it very sweet and choosing a pale blue strapless dress which can be teamed with white quilted clutch, pointy shoes, silvery jewelry and amazing Wayfarer shaped sunnies with mirrored blue lenses.

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20 Years Old Woman Style – Polyvore Combinations

What should know a 20 years old girl about her look? Today we bring you amazing polyvore combinations which will teach you to wear the right clothes in your daily lives. Keep in mind one thing- to always be your true self. If you like what you see, then grab it and combine it with your essentials. When shopping for clothes try to enter shops which you wouldn't normally shop in, you never know what's inside of them. The twenty something girls can try on plenty of looks, starting from the sleeveless ruffle styles with minis, you can try on various embellishments, even shapeless style look refreshing and modern. In this compilation, you are going to see some must-have fashion items, which are stylish, basic, festive and cozy. All in all, let's see all those pieces which every 20 year old should have in her closet:

20 Years Old Woman Style (1)

The simple white shirt is ideal for everyday wear. Try them on with cool blue jeans and patent black heels or style them with leather black trousers and white shoes for a monochrome look.

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How To Dress Like Audrey Hepburn – Clothing Combinations

When we imagine Audrey Hepburn, we start to think of grace, elegant style and timeless looks, which are perfect for day and evening wear. If you want to look like her, then you simply have to know what looks good on you and wear it in your daily life. No wonder why Audrey Hepburn was one of the world's most stylish women, as she created many trends, including little black dress. As we have already mentioned, she loved wearing everything comfortable and functional without making things to be complicated, that's why she sticked to neutral colors, like beige, white, black, as well as pink for rare occasions. She tried to wear things which emphasize her long skinny figure. So, keep it minimal and elegant by sticking to simple looks, keep away from loud prints.

Audrey Hepburn Style & Polyvore Clothing Combinations (1)

As we have already mentioned black ensemble, which can be paired with red, double-breasted coat, black heels, floppy hat, evening clutch with shoulder strap and red cat-eye sunglasses.

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Formal Style For Bald Man with Beard

In today's post we are going to share with you formal style attire for bald men with beard. When a man becomes bald, the majority of them start to grow a beard. Well, you might think it's because they want somewhere to have a hair grown, but in real life, men start to grow a beard only because it fits their new look, by making people to concentrate on their chin instead of their heads.

So, we have searched for stylish bald men with beard who wear formal style clothing in their daily lives and here is result. You can either look business-like, retro, draper-inspired or smart-casual. Everything depends on your personal taste.

Formal Style For Bald Man with Beard (1)

The man appears in a slim fit formal suit, printed shirt, bow-tie, black brogues and optical rounded frame glasses.

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Casual Black & White Clothing Combinations For Women

In today's post we want to share with you casual black and white clothing combinations which are ideal for women at any age. We have gathered all these awesome looks to show you the best options of b&w styles. As you have already seen, there are thousands of chic possibilities how to look great and combine your white and black attire. We want to give you some valuable tips which will make you noticed. You can try on black outfit with white elements or accessories, so that you look fabulous. In other words, you can try on almost anything you want, starting from sweats with leather shorts to leather outerwear with jeans or chinos. Don't forget to experiment with colors concentrations, as you can make it all in one color and then add some shades of the opposite color. other one. Here are shown possible apparel combinations, which will complete your casual look.

Casual Black & White Clothing Combinations (1)

Keep it urban by wearing a leather biker jacket with simple white tee, distressed boyfriends, high top sneakers, leather backpack, and a cool snapback.

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Women’s Military Polyvore Combinations

There is nothing new about military fashion trend these days. The only thing is the correct balance and pretty details, which are meant for making you noticed. It's okay to say, that military is already a timeless style, which can update wearer's look by only adding a few details, like Georgian or Victorian eras uniform, footwear, or any other accessories. The key elements of the army inspired wardrobe is the army green or sailor naval colors, then goes a great, heavy coat, or field jacket, after you can try on shearling details and shoes, like the aviator boots. Keep in mind one thing- keep your overall look sophisticated and sharp, so that you look fitted and sleek. All in all, keep it chic and somehow menswear inspired. Anyway, we have made several Polyvore combinations which will definitely make you noticed:

Women's Military Polyvore Combinations (1)

Don't forget about the overall functionality, which plays one of the major roles. We advice to go for a quilted outerwear, super skinnies, khaki bag, classic belt, army wedge boots, army style watches and Wayfarers.

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Emmy Inspired Dresses

When awards season end, all the girls and ladies go online or at the stores and start look for red carpet inspired ensemble designs. For some reasons it's quite hard to find the appropriate gown, as there are so many different styles, lengths, color choices, that we simply loose our minds choosing the one which really fits us. That's why we decided to show you the best Emmy Awards inspired dresses and possible styling variations. We have seen many gorgeous ensembles which are simply stunning. The following styles are ideal not only for red carpets, but also for your prom, pageant, party, ball, etc. There was a time when these gowns cost thousands of dollars, but nowadays, thanks to the huge offer, we can afford spending some money on this kind of dress. Anyway, it's tome for some brilliant ideas, don't you think so?

Emmy Inspired Dresses (1)

We see a coral glamour bow dress styled with fun, glitter, night out, open-toe sandals with adjustable ankle strap, evening clutch, optical lenses red frame glasses. Plus you can update your new look with textured and rhinestone bangle set and daisy stud earrings.

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What To Wear With High Heel Sandals

This time we want to show you what to wear with high heel sandals this year. High heel sandals are a casual take on a classic heel, that's why wearing this footwear at the daytime you are making more sophisticated look. The shoe varies in thickness of the heel, its height, number of straps and the overall style and design, that's why every shoe should be carefully considered by the wearer. Do not forget about the overall look, as it's essential to find the perfect combination which will make you look stunning and elegant. Today, we want to help you to find the right look for you. The first rule which is really important- experiment. It's very common for girls and ladies to experiment with various styles, colors and fits, that's why we recommend you to take a risk and make combinations till you find the best look. This footwear is ideal for formal and special events, wearing with glitzy, frilly, lbd's, or lace dresses. Style them with any outfit to make it look more feminine. As you can see, they look great even with black pants and conservative ensembles. Let's see the best polyvore combinations to make some notes:

What To Wear With High Heel Sandals (1)

How about black high low silk dress which can be styled with strappy caged heels. Update your glamor look with golden bracelet, coin necklace, moon leather clutch.

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