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Formal Wardrobe Essentials for Women Over 50

We think there is no difficulty for women at any age to dress stylishly and classy. We are going to show you best Polyvore combinations of formal wardrobe essentials for women over 50. In today's fashion world there are so many gorgeous outfits which can make older women look fabulous and elegant. Firstly, which is important to know, then is to take a look at your peers and see what they are wearing, but keep in mind one thing, there are lots of women who continue wearing their old clothes, believe us, it looks ridiculous. Next thing is wearing your kids outfits, which is also not a good idea, just because it looks good on your kids, this doesn't mean it will look good on you (of course you can wear these pieces at home, but it's better not to go out in the streets). Let the past to be the past and try on something classy. Just remember one thing, the comfort is the key. Women over 50 wear more professional attire, which has a relaxed touch, but looks slim-fit and stylish.

Formal Wardrobe Essentials for Women Over 50 (1)

How about some florals in your daily look? Try on this short sleeved flower print dress styled with ruched sleeved open front blazer in blue color, low heel pumps, flower gem necklace and feather beret.

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How Should A 30 Year Old Modern Women Dress

If you are 30 year old woman, then this post is related to you. Today we bring you best fashion tips of how should a 30 year old modern women dress in their daily lives. Here are presented some basic ideas for those who are heading to their 30, so if you are from 27 to 30, then we advice you to take a closer look at these interesting and timelessly trendy looks. Never, we say never think about your age, otherwise you will look like you have resigned yourself to the fact that you are over thirty now and ca not wear anything trendy. But, there are some things you should know about the wardrobe rules for women of your age. Start taking caring of yourself: better food, more exercises, run, fruits, vegetables, manicure, yoga, etc. Nest thing is the worth of clothing, it's okay to spend more money on the clothes, you just have to be a little more classy, but keep on experimenting with layers and prints.

How Should A 30 Year Old Modern Women Dress (1)

That's a perfect combination for those ladies who want to feel comfy and look trendy. Here we see a chambray shirt styled with cuffed skinnies, white silk crepe blazer, straw fedora and leatherette tote in patent blue. Love the following rock studded ballerinas.

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How To Dress If You Are 35 Year Old Woman

Today we are going to show you how to dress if you are 35 year old woman. You are going to see awesome and unique looks which are ideal for business, casual and workdays wear. These outfits are perfect for those ladies who want to wear individual style clothes. All the presented styles can't be copied, as every look is an extension of your personality. As we arrive at our thirty fives, it's time to check classic outfits, where the key looks are those in which you look good. For example, if you are curvy woman, then it's better not to wear skinny pieces, or if you have stretch marks on your stomach from your kids, then do not wear string bikinis, but if you have a pretty body, which you want to show off, then we see no problem why you can't wear those skinnies. For instance the same sheath dress looks differently on 20 year olds as well as on 70's and 35's old women. All depends on the way how will you accessorize your look. The thing is that every woman wants to look fresh and modern. Our advice is to invest in a higher quality pieces that are ideal for various occasions.

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Women can rock in menswear style clothes. As you can see, lady appears in a pinstripe white 3-piece suit, which is styled with the same color fedora, pointed toe monochrome flat shoes and golden watches.

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The Wolf of Wall Street Men’s Style

My name is Jordan Belfort...Today we want to share with you fashion tips of how to achieve the look of Jordan Ross Belfort, who is an American motivational speaker and former stockbroker. We have been inspired by the biographical movie The Wolf of Wall Street, which was based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stock-broker, that's why you are going to see lots of screen shots where Leonardo DiCaprio who plays Jordan Belfort, appears in classic outfits, including business pantsuits, relaxed everyday separates, tuxedos for special events, and everyday suit outfits. If you are looking for stock market appropriate outfits for your working days at big companies, then here are collected the most functional and easy-to-wear looks. That's why we advice you to take a closer look at these awesome Polyvore combinations:

The Wolf of Wall Street Men's Style (1)

Here we see some essential basics for your ideal workday, which include wool black pantsuit, slim fit white button-down, striped tie, black pointed lace up shoes and elegant gold watch.

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Women’s Formal Black & White Clothing Combinations

This time we are going to share with you beautiful women's formal black and white clothing combinations which are going to make you look stunning, elegant and timelessly chic. This formal attire is perfect for meetings, evening events, as well as special occasions, like operas and glamour soirees, masquerade balls, etc. When we think of monochrome looks, it might seem to be very easy to style and simple, but in real life it appears to be very hard to find the right balance and fit. We want to show you the most easiest looks of the possible B&W clothing combinations, which for sure will create that ultimate glamorous look. No matter, if you want yourself a night out ready outfit on the town or the workday stylish look, you need to know the following rule: keep it simple. The fitted silhouette will for sure make you look more modern and sophisticated. Anyway, let's see the following Polyvore styles below:

Formal Black & White Clothing Combinations  (1)

How about black and white sequined dress worn with woven heels, monochrome tote, feminine sunglasses, smart-casual watch and a trilby hat.

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10 Ways to Wear White Pants – Women’s Clothing Combinations

This time we are going to show you ten ways to wear white pants. This apparel can make almost any outfit look light and classy, that's why it's very important to show you the best clothing combinations, which are ideal for various occasions. It's a well known fact, that this color looks more dressier, that's why it makes your everyday outfit look sophisticated and more formal. Another best thing about this color is that you can be any shape or size to rock it. Wearing this color bottom automatically makes you look modern, fresher and easy to pull off. There are several styles, which can be easily combined. The first one is classic, office or business look, which is appropriate for lunch, dinners and working hours.

10 Ways to Wear White Pants (1)

How about the ripped version which has a skinny fit. Try them on with a slouchy, loose-fit cable-knit sweater, awesome biker jacket, statement heels, floral necklace and red clutch.

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Casual Cashmere Coats For Women

Inject the spirit of adventure into your outerwear, by choosing awesome casual cashmere coat. Today we are going to show you great combinations of women cashmere coats, which are versatile and can be used as multi-task outerwear. You can wear the following styles at work, parties and even open-air events, like weddings, garden parties, etc. This piece is a real investment, which for sure will update your everyday looks. We have selected different designs, lengths and color choices. The best thing about this staple is there is large selection and huge discounts and sales now, so you can find the desirable design for a reasonable price. Keep in mind several things: the coat should have a perfect fit (everything depends on its design and silhouette: is it slim-fit, oversized, regular fit, boyish, etc., to find the right fit, you have to simply go up one size over your suit jacket size), the color has to harmonize with your separates or your dress and the fabric has to be high qualitative and warm, so you can wear something lighter underneath your outerwear. Anyway, we think it's the right time to see our favorite Polyvore combinations:

Casual Cashmere Coats For Women (1)

The mauve pink piece can be worn with super skinny jeans, leather Siberia boots with fur cuffs, duffle bag, stone stud earrings, dusty pink watches and statement sunglasses.

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Office Clothing Combinations For Women

We want to share with you office clothing combinations for women, which for sure will inspire you. So, it's your first day at new work? Well, we can imagine what it feels like to you! As, thinking about what to dress to work can feel like a job itself. We have looked through the best sites and made up these Polyvore sets to help you find the right style combinations which are ideal from lawyer to office secretaries. Sometimes it is so hard to find the right clothes for your busy working week, as your schedule has no free moments, so you have to think about your outfit at the las minute. Keep in mind one thing, your look has to be polished and professional. We do understand, when you have an important meeting ahead, the last thing you want to worry about it what to wear. The best thing is to learn for quick and easy combinations that will never fail. Just have two-three go-to outfits in your closet, which can be styled with various tops, shirts and blouses. Anyway, let's check out our favorite easy office looks below:

Office Clothing Combinations For Women (1)

How about keeping it simple and trying on pinstripe shirt tucked in a black pencil skirt and styled with white peep toe sandals, white spacious bag, feminine leather strap watches and stunning necklace.

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Polyvore Clothing Combinations For 25 Year Old Woman

When you are turning 25, then you really should think about your look. Today we bring you best polyvore clothing combinations for 25 year old women. When you reach that age, then, darling, you really need to ask yourself, if this mini skirt fits your office look or not. You just have to weigh up and rethink your wardrobe and find there elegant and sophisticated pieces. Keep your eyes on colors, they still are your best friends, but keep the length more classic, try to avoid minis and cropped tops. When you are in your 25, you have to start considering whether or not an outfit is age appropriate. If you ask us, what type of clothes are considered to be your age appropriate, then the answer is: as soon as you don't feel natural wearing something, then you should avoid this.

Clothing Combinations For 25 Year Old Woman (1)

The checked shirts should be always in your closet, no matter what's your age. This piece has that special masculine touch, which gives you more sophisticated look. There is kind of western touch in this piece.

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Tomboy Style For Women – Polyvore Clothing Combinations

The tomboy style is in trend this year, as we see lots of women appearing in the streets wearing masculine inspired clothes, while looking stylish but still boyish. The menswear trend in women's wardrobe works perfectly for all ladies in all ages. We are going to show you this season's best polyvore clothing combinations, which feature brightest and unique tomboy style outfits. It's no secret, that most of girls want to be more brutal, stronger, as it's quite boring to always look feminine and girlish. We have gathered boyish and tomboy style outfit ideas that work perfect for work, casual parties, rock conceerts and dates. You are about to see stunning blazers, chunky derby shoes, crossbody bags, untucked tops, block heel oxfords, military accents, luxe totes, chic sunglasses, etc. Keep in mind one important thing: choose only those clothes, which are comfortable and elegant. Think about freedom of choice, experiments and self expression.

Women's Tomboy Style (1)

How about casual retro touches, which will underline your individuality and uniqueness. Try on low-slung boyfriend corduroys, white asymmetric tee, V-neck buttoned black cardigan, Oxfords, circle sunglasses, black bowler hat, mustache necklace, and various wrap bracelets.

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