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With What To Wear Open Back Pumps

How about slingback pumps? This chic footwear makes any woman not only look chic and stylish, but also makes her feel comfort and improves her moves. These shoes are great for any day of the week, that's why it's up to you which heel height you will choose. That's a very comfortable type of shoes, so that it's very important and essential to find the ones that are comfortable and make your moves smooth and confident. These designs will fit any occasion, starting from work to different festivals and special events. There are known many styles that feature pointed or rounded toes, that's why you can style them with anything you want: skirts, dresses, shorts, pants, etc. Here are presented the most favorite shoes that were chosen by many stylists around the world:

Open Back Pumps - Polyvore Combination Ideas (1)

Try them on with your favorite A-line leather skirt, checked monochrome cardigan, black tee and classic bag.

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Red Pumps and High Heel Shoes – Amazing Polyvore Combinations

Hey there ladies and girls, today we are about to view this gorgeous Polyvore combination which features red pumps and high heel shoes styled with different and amazing outfits. You are about to see here urban styles that will make you look like a rock chic, glamor Tomboy, bad school girl, etc. For some of you wearing these bright heels means hard hours of thinking through your wardrobe, as it's quite hard to find appropriate pieces that will combine each other. We want to share with you these pretty styling looks that will for sure underline your personality and make you standout the crowd immediately. Here are presented attention grabbing clothing sets that are still in trend and will for sure draw a lot of attention. Let's see the possible styling tips:

Red Pumps and High Heel Shoes -  Amazing Polyvore Combinations (2)

Red pointed toe pumps can be worn with classic slim white jeans, black lace top, creative hat with ears, black circle sunglasses with metal lace details around the frames, evening black blazer and gold clutch.

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Evening and Wedding Pumps Which Can Inspire You

Every woman wants to feel special during her wedding day and one thing has to be really comfortable and statement, yes, we are talking about shoes. Every girl or lady wants to find footwear which will match the event, that's why shoes play one of the major roles after the bridal dress, that's why we want to share with you these ultimate and stunning choices that will make you look outstanding and statement.

Here are presented eye-catching selections that can be worn during the ceremony, as well as at the evening of fine dining and entertainment. You are about to see very special choices that will match your gorgeous look.

Evening and Wedding Pumps (1)

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Women’s Footwear: Wedge Pumps

The wedge pumps will always be in fashion, as it's one of those footwear designs that are both stylish and comfortable. We want to draw your attention on this fantastic collection of wedge pumps that are not only impressive and timeless, but also classy, cool and versatile. We really hope that you will find the one and only design that will compliment your daily and special occasion look, as well as complete your web searches and you will finally take a freely breathe. So, here are presented various styles, shapes and designs that fit different style of clothes, you are about to experience strappy sandals, wedge espadrilles, as well as wedge mules shoes. Anyway, let's take a closer look at this season's must haves.

Wedge Pumps (1)

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Women’s Designer Shoes: Platform Pumps

How about buying shoes that are unique as you? Yes, we are talking about platform pumps that make any woman look impressive, statement and self-confident. The platform makes women look more visible to everyone, as they make you look higher than you are in real life.

The other great plus of these shoes is that they fit almost any style outfit, starting from glamor, dressy ones to casual and urban-chic looks. As we have already told you about the extra height, then it's worth to mention their amazing style looks, that vary from opened toed, slingbacks to clogs, strappy, wedge espadrilles and wedge pumps.

Platform Pumps - Women's Designer Shoes (1)

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Women’s Formal Shoes: Peep Toe Pumps

The peep toe pumps are meant for warm and sunny weather wear, as their design is not meant for rainy, gray and wet days. Today we want to share with all of you this great compliation of women's pumps that are ideal for different vacation trips, walkings down the streets, glamor parties and special occasions, like celebrities cocktail parties, etc. So, if you really want to add some special style to your daily outfit, then these stylish shoes will for sure make you look special and versatile.

While, there are different interesting options that will suit your office day wear, thanks to these shoes you will add an impressive element of powerful confidence. We advice you to look for patent leather styles that come in black color, as they will suit various suits and business appropriate ensembles, we hope you will choose the right ones that will for sure update your closet.

Peep Toe Pumps  - Women's Formal Shoes (1)

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Voguish Mid Heel Pumps

We all love ultra high heels, but sometimes it's enough for elongating your height, making yourself too much sophisticated and glamor, as the heels have gotten crazy and it looks like there is no stopping of this insane fashion trend which offers so many dangerous high heels. Well, we say: "Why don't you choose something beautiful but not so extreme, like mid heel pumps?!" The most of these shoes have a heel that measures approximately 85mm/ 3.5 inches, that's why these shoes will definitely work most women's wardrobes.

These designs will complete any workwear attire, as they won't look festively and be sure, that these shoes will make you look elegant and classic, while do not forget that these pumps are essential for any wardrobe look, so think posh, sophisticated, vintage and polished before choosing your daily outfit that will be worn with these designs.

Mid Heel Pumps (1)

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Women’s Shoes: High Heel Pumps

When you have to complete your head to toe workweek or study week look, then the first thing which comes in your mind it's a pair of cool and fashionable pumps. Today's fashion offers a really great variety of these shoes, starting from thick to thin heels, as well as tall and short ones, color blocked to printed ones, from classic to fashion forward designs, etc. Anyway, we want to share with you some really impressive, embellished and eye-catchy designs that will perfectly suit your daily skirts, dresses and trousers sets.

The pumps look great during warm seasons, like summer and spring, that's why if you want to be fashionable, then we offer you some really comfortable and statement looks that will not only excel you, but will give you the right dose of effect and uniqueness. We want to give you some special designs that feature various detailing which makes you both casual and professional.

High Heel Pumps (1)
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Business Attire: Women’s Shoes

Today's topic will be women's best office shoes for this spring-summer season. As you all know, women seek for practicality, as they spend the most time wearing these designs, that's why our mission for today is to show you all this magnificent compilation of ready to wear footwear designs that will make you feel and look awesome! All this footwear are made of qualitative materials, that's why you do not have to worry that your feet might be in danger. Of course, you are about to see a great variety of shoes, but listen, you don't have to be an expert to know, which one is your best, that's why keep calm and see everything by yourself.

Women's Shoes 2014

Sergio Rossi offers the ones which can be styled with formal attire.
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Women’s Office Shoes

This Spring-Summer season will be possible to look professional while showing off your signature style. We are going to share with you office fashion shoes, which are eye-catching and come in classic, bold color/print and modern shapes. Of course, most of them are timeless, while some are real trends nowadays. It's no secret, that these styles will make any outfit look chic and perfect. You are about to see various heel heights, that's why it's up to you which ones to select and which of them will suit your workplace. As you already noticed the quality construction and details are very qualitative and statement. Anyway, let's start our trip into the world of work shoes:

classic pumps by Pierre Hardy

These classic pumps by Pierre Hardy will compliment your beige office pantsuit or beige separate look.
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