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Red Dresses For Spring

And then I saw Lady in Red...Today we want to share with you awesome red dresses for the next spring season. If you ask us which color mostly attracts men, then we'd definitely answer black or red. It's a piece which should be in every woman's wardrobe. Every man has that animal instinct, when he sees this bright color- he attacks. We have chosen twelve dresses from resort collections to wear them in the streets, special occasions, like Valentine’s Day or your long awaited dating. Do not forget about accessorizing your ensemble, as you have to look feminine, elegant and sweet. Here are presented many styles which for sure will make you stand out from the crowd. If we speak about shades, then brands and designers offer us rich and luxe hues, starting from burnt to burgundy and bright orange shades. Anyway, we advice you to take inspiration from the following compilation:

Red Dresses For Spring 2015 (1)

The burnt-red shade in shimmering effect with beautiful white florals looks individual, thanks to the design, as it's a two-piece dress.

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Red Hair Color Ideas For Women

Today's topic is this year's red hair color ideas for women, which will make you look vibrant and sophisticated. This color is fun, bright and comes in various shades. We have gathered the most popular hues which are real must-have for you to try. The red color will for sure underline your individuality and refresh your everyday life.

As we have already mentioned, there are known many shades starting from rich coppery tones to red cherry, burgundy and lusciously deep ruby. Our favorites are basic classic, as well as auburn and ginger hues. Here below are presented flame-haired, vibrant vixen color images, which are going to inspire you.

2014 Red Hair Color Ideas For Women (1)
A preppy Gothic update

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Red Pumps and High Heel Shoes – Amazing Polyvore Combinations

Hey there ladies and girls, today we are about to view this gorgeous Polyvore combination which features red pumps and high heel shoes styled with different and amazing outfits. You are about to see here urban styles that will make you look like a rock chic, glamor Tomboy, bad school girl, etc. For some of you wearing these bright heels means hard hours of thinking through your wardrobe, as it's quite hard to find appropriate pieces that will combine each other. We want to share with you these pretty styling looks that will for sure underline your personality and make you standout the crowd immediately. Here are presented attention grabbing clothing sets that are still in trend and will for sure draw a lot of attention. Let's see the possible styling tips:

Red Pumps and High Heel Shoes -  Amazing Polyvore Combinations (2)

Red pointed toe pumps can be worn with classic slim white jeans, black lace top, creative hat with ears, black circle sunglasses with metal lace details around the frames, evening black blazer and gold clutch.

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How to Wear Red Clothes This Year?

As we have already spoken about red accessories, then we think it's time to move forward and this time let's speak about women's red clothing, which can be worn this year. For many of you this color means power, vibrancy, sophistication, brightness etc. while for us this color is just another variation of possible ways of dressing. That's why have a look at these pretty options, which can make you look differently in everyday life. Let's tart from red blazers. That's a very versatile piece, which is best for working days and after-parties, as well as cocktail parties after work. Just imagine yourself wearing bold blazer teamed with cool LBD or black pencil skirt and white blouse, looks amazing, right?

red coats for women (1)
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How to Wear Red Accessories This Year?

Today we would like to speak about red clothing and accessories which are going to rock this year, so let's begin our little trip into the world of red fashion. It's no secret, that red is the color of passion and sophistication and believe us, it's isn't just for Christmas and New Year's eve celebration, it's perfect for bold and self-confident women, who want to underline their uniqueness and originality.

First of all, if you want to accentuate your persona, then the best way is to choose some cool and fashionable red stilettos, which will underline your individuality, that's why we have gathered some great looks which feature these lovely shoes.

Red Accessories
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Red Nails are Must Have This Year

Today we are going to share with you red nails examples that will blow your mind, as this beauty really makes everyone look voguish and gorgeous. Its the same as French nails, they are timeless and beautiful and believe us, they never go out of style. Indeed, they are classic way to show off your style and elegance. This fashionable color makes you look modern and feminine. Before painting them, make sure the edges are smoothed out, everything is cut at the same length and only after that use a quality nail polish which will stay at least 4 days. It's no woner why out of all of the colors red ones are considered to be the most popular. Many women wear the same color lipstick, and it's now wonder why, as this color symbolizes strong femininity.

Red Nails  (1)

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Red Lips Are Must Have This Year

This year is going to be full of new styles, new trends, new color shades and beauty tips, while, today we are going to speak about one timeless beauty tip which is a real woman's power: red lips. This year is all about classics, that's why if you love this color, then go for it. We love it, that's why you are going to see many examples of possible shades. We prefer deeper shades of red lipstick, that's why you can try some deeper shades of cranberry colors, as this shade makes your lips look classic, elegant and versatile. Keep in mind, if you are planning to be outdoors, then the best choice will be to pick a softer shade, while for an evening event it's better to choose bolder one.

Red Lips  (1)
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Celebrity Sunglasses: Red Frames

Our next topic is Red frames sunglasses. We have already found out that celebrities like to wear eye-catching wardrobe looks, that's why we want to share with you red frames trend which becomes so popular among superstars and actors. Red color frames is the same as red lipstick, as they look eye-catchy and suit everyone. That's why all those celebrities who want to shine and be spotted wear red sunglasses, no matter from which material they are made of: metallic or acetate, they will grab everyone's attention at once. Red framed glasses seem to be a trend for this year, thanks to bright color they will rule the catwalks, street style and even movies.

Red Frames Celebrity Sunglasses
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