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Vintage & Retro Coats Styles

Put some spin on retro musts. Today I want to share with you this fabulous collection of women's vintage and retro style coats to wear this season. When weather gets colder, we need somewhat cozy to cover ourselves in. But we all want to make it with style, by wearing something preppy, voguish and original. And here are some really cute retro coats to try on this season. You are going to find absolutely cute, vintage styles in vibrant colors, fabtastic details and timeless silhouettes. The following vintage inspired looks are real must haves for the upcoming colds, because each style comes with special shapes and individual details. Hope these designs will inspire you to buy yourself new coat.

Vintage & Retro Coats Styles 2015-2016 (1)

Giulietta offers a blue slim-fit design with front zip closure and white collar.

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Retro Inspired Winter Coats

It looks like weather is getting colder during these days and it's the right time to get ourselves warm coats. We'd like to speak about this season's retro inspired winter coats that are so in trend this year. Lots of brands and designers offer us really cute retro inspired coats that are vintage and come in so vibrant colors. Here are showcased fabulous designs that will make you look elegantly vintage. If you like Zooey Deschanel inspired coats, then you will definitely like these styles in bright colors, we love those sky blue wool-blend styles with rounded collars and cute buttons. We tell you for sure, if you will appear in these kind of style coats, then you will not only look glamor, but also in-trend and elegant.

Retro Inspired Winter Coats (1)
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