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How To Dress Like Audrey Hepburn – Clothing Combinations

When we imagine Audrey Hepburn, we start to think of grace, elegant style and timeless looks, which are perfect for day and evening wear. If you want to look like her, then you simply have to know what looks good on you and wear it in your daily life. No wonder why Audrey Hepburn was one of the world's most stylish women, as she created many trends, including little black dress. As we have already mentioned, she loved wearing everything comfortable and functional without making things to be complicated, that's why she sticked to neutral colors, like beige, white, black, as well as pink for rare occasions. She tried to wear things which emphasize her long skinny figure. So, keep it minimal and elegant by sticking to simple looks, keep away from loud prints.

Audrey Hepburn Style & Polyvore Clothing Combinations (1)

As we have already mentioned black ensemble, which can be paired with red, double-breasted coat, black heels, floppy hat, evening clutch with shoulder strap and red cat-eye sunglasses.

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Trendy Women’s Hats For Fall-Winter

Autumn-Winter hats trends are already known and today we want to share with you our favorite designs, which are going to be popular all season long during cold months. Knitted hats are known from the childhood, that's why each model looks adorable and easy to wear. This season many brands offer traditional retro updates, pom poms and grunge styles. Wearing one of these designs, you automatically become an urban style chic. We love ladylike caps, which look like men's ones, but with feminine shapes. Each design looks creative and chic. As you can see, options are endless, so you’ll definitely find your favorite one. Masculine update is quite popular these days, that's why we see fedoras, trilby, homburg hats around. The women's headwear makes a huge comeback in the fashion scene, that's why we highly recommend you to take a closer view at these awesome new styles.

Trendy Women's Hats For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Blue kinitted beanie worn with dark green sporty jacket and navy short pleated trousers.

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How to Wear Timeless Retro Looks

No matter what fashion dictates, you should know, that retro looks will always be in style. Today's topic is timeless vintage looks, that will make you stand out the crowd and add kind of glamorous touch to your overall appearance. These outfits are easy to wear, as most of them come in comfortable shapes, that allows you to make moves with no worrying that something will look too tight on you. Nowadays many brands and designers offer us high quality vintage clothing, starting from coats to suits and dresses that have kind of 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s appearance. There is also a great plus regarding retro clothing is the fact, that you might not meet a person in exactly the same vintage look. And the second plus is that most of times these garments are handmade.

Timeless Retro Looks - Chic Style (1)
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How to Mix Vintage with Modern Women’s Clothing

Let's speak about mixing vintage clothing with modern looks. You outfit is your's business card, which gives people first impression of you. That's why if you want to become a good business woman, then you should know how to look timeless and contemporary at the same time. Our mission for today is to show you the great options of mixing modern with retro. It's no doubt, when people see gorgeous retro looks mixed with classic contemporary street wear garments, they loose their minds, as it really makes a great impression on people. Wearing retro clothing during the every day life makes a huge impact and adds serious skill to your overall appearance.

How to Mix Vintage with Modern Women's Clothing (1)
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Beautiful Retro Dresses

Have you ever dreamed of a nice retro dress? Well, we think that most of girls and women search for beautiful vintage gowns that would underline their uniqueness, as most of us dislike appearing in the streets with the same outfit, that is donned by another girl or lady, right? That's why finding the beautiful retro dress will give you chic and iconic look. Today, we are going to observe some of the greatest samples and vintage-inspired designs that will look bold, unique and gorgeous. So, let's begin out trip into the world of retro. Let's have a look at these classic swing dresses that are covered with retro patterns, can you feel the vibes of those 1960's and 50's? Well, we do feel that touch, which makes these designs look special.

Retro Dresses (1)
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How to Style: Retro Dresses

Let's face the fact, that retro and vintage clothing remains popular in nowadays fashion. Today we are going to speak about how to wear retro dresses and look perfect as retro actress of the 1950's. Well, when we speak about retro clothing, then we think of Mad Men style, isn't it? Well, those who saw these serials will totally agree with us, as this movie series show us truly amazing elegant retro style clothing. It's no secret, that wearing retro dresses allow women to feel graceful, unique and experience the classic feminine styles. If you want to stand out the crowd then you will try on these amazing retro style dresses, which are shown here below.

Retro Dresses (1)

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Plus Size Retro Dresses

Let's talk about plus size clothing, namely about unique plus size retro dresses that are so must have these years. Some of you know how tricky it can be to find plus-size dress, well, one thing is known for sure: finding retro dress is even harder, than finding simply plus-size dress. That's why today we will share with you the best possible retro dress styles that can be worn this season. Here you will find voguish plus-size retro dresses that are produced on the latest trends and are inspired by classic, flattering shapes. As you already understood, you will find here the cutest designs of vintage dresses including sequined ones, one shoulder dresses and even strapless designs.

Plus Size Retro Dresses (1)
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Retro Inspired Winter Coats

It looks like weather is getting colder during these days and it's the right time to get ourselves warm coats. We'd like to speak about this season's retro inspired winter coats that are so in trend this year. Lots of brands and designers offer us really cute retro inspired coats that are vintage and come in so vibrant colors. Here are showcased fabulous designs that will make you look elegantly vintage. If you like Zooey Deschanel inspired coats, then you will definitely like these styles in bright colors, we love those sky blue wool-blend styles with rounded collars and cute buttons. We tell you for sure, if you will appear in these kind of style coats, then you will not only look glamor, but also in-trend and elegant.

Retro Inspired Winter Coats (1)
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