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Women’s Urban Clothing for Winter

What do women wear in the streets during cold weather? When the temperature starts to drop at a considerable rate we see them wearing urban clothing. Today we want to show you the best wardrobe staples that will be popular this cold season. All the showcased looks are warm and stylish, so you don't have to sacrifice with comfort. It seems like retro and 1990's fashion are revived and we see a perfect update which includes elegance and casual edginess. You are about to see urban classics which come in easy and timeless silhouettes. Here are presented statement tailored suits, leather jackets, autumn printed sweaters, stylish jeans, simple tees, etc. Each look is ready to wear and perfectly suits various occasions. Overall, this compilation is a mix between modern and classic style.

Women's Urban Clothing for Winter 2014-2015 (1)

That's an awesome look: a biker jacket worn over short double-breasted blazer, gray turtleneck, slim fit jeans and pointed toe booties with zip closures.

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Women’s Blazers and Jackets For Fall-Winter

There are so many ways of wearing blazers and jackets this Fall-Winter season. Today we want to show you amazing ideas and combinations that feature this street-chic piece. It can be a ideal update for any occasion. Just imagine how perfect it looks on simple outfit. This wardrobe staple upgrades your daywear basics and makes is easy for wearing at work, dating or shopping. We would like to show you plenty different ways how to dress down this perfect layer. You are about to see traditional ways of wearing it, as well as smart, classic and sophisticated methods. There is no doubt about the ease of teaming it with various styles, from urban, glamor to boho chic and grunge. Read on for a few different ways to dress down a jacket this Autumn season.

Women's Blazers and Jackets For 2014-2015 - Best Catwalk Looks (1)

How about pinstripe version which can be worn with a simple black tee and tartan trousers with zip pockets.

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