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What To Wear With High Heel Sandals

This time we want to show you what to wear with high heel sandals this year. High heel sandals are a casual take on a classic heel, that's why wearing this footwear at the daytime you are making more sophisticated look. The shoe varies in thickness of the heel, its height, number of straps and the overall style and design, that's why every shoe should be carefully considered by the wearer. Do not forget about the overall look, as it's essential to find the perfect combination which will make you look stunning and elegant. Today, we want to help you to find the right look for you. The first rule which is really important- experiment. It's very common for girls and ladies to experiment with various styles, colors and fits, that's why we recommend you to take a risk and make combinations till you find the best look. This footwear is ideal for formal and special events, wearing with glitzy, frilly, lbd's, or lace dresses. Style them with any outfit to make it look more feminine. As you can see, they look great even with black pants and conservative ensembles. Let's see the best polyvore combinations to make some notes:

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How about black high low silk dress which can be styled with strappy caged heels. Update your glamor look with golden bracelet, coin necklace, moon leather clutch.

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Top Men’s Sandals For Spring-Summer

Today we want to bring you top favorite men's sandals for this spring-summer season. The showcased designs are quite feminine, while the comfort and overall appearance is timeless. The presented collection features designers practical footwear styles that look more like ancient Greek inspired shoes. Some designs remind us orthopedic shoes by Birkenstock.
You are about to see here amazing pieces that are embellished with stones, fur insoles, some designs feature leather fringes, gold hued wires, etc. We have chosen only the best ones, which is your favorite, please comment.

Top Men’s Sandals For Spring-Summer 2014 (1)
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Most Trendy Women’s Sandals

The major recommendation which was given by many designers this year is not to restrain yourself and wear what you want. This conviction concerns on your footwear choice. Today's topic is women's sandals, which come in bright designs, outstanding, contrasting colors and intricate patterns. Let all people's attention be focused on your beautiful legs. That's why it's the right time to make a review of the main trends of women's sandals. The first thing which comes in mind is the heel. The main accent of the showcased shoe models were focused on the heel height. We have noticed, that it can be done in most bizarre and unpredictable shapes, starting from concave to spiral and beveled form. The heel's material should be done from plastic, metal, wood or rubber. Don't forget about various embellishments like bright stones, florals, bugle beads, sequins, studs and spikes. There is no restriction for your imagination.

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If we speak about fashionable color and print of your sandals, then try to choose the ones which come in bright floral accents, as the brightness is number one must have this year. Make it red with blue, beige and neon shades, green with yellow, bright pink and white. Those ladies who admire more restrained colors, then we advice to buy powder and beige color models.

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Mid Heel Sandals For Spring-Summer Which Can Inspire You

After showing you the major trends for spring-summer wear we think it's time to share with you some amazing and creative shoes that will add the right dose of elegance and glamor to your daily outfit. It's no secret that every shoe design and color can set the mood and make you look either sophisticated and professional, either fun, playful or glamor. Today we are going to focus on mid heel sandals. Some you might think that mid-heels are not in trend, well, may be they are not the same statement as high heels, but believe us, they are practical and great option for everyday wear and evenings, when you want feel comfortable while sporting them. We have chosen a lot of fun for you, as we are sharing with you funky sandals that come in pretty colors, prints and patterns that are best for casual summer outfits. As you have already noticed, some of the models feature beading, rhinestones and many other various embellishments to choose from.

Mid Heel Sandals For Spring-Summer 2014 (1)
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This Summer Best Mules Combinations Which Can Inspire You

As far as every woman wants to look dressy, the brands will offer us numerous clothing and accessories pieces that will make us stand out the crowd. We have noticed, that during couple of years, many brands have offered so many styles, designs and variations of outfits that we can not event count. Today's topic is women's mules. Once these shoes were regarded as clunky footwear worn in the garden, but in recent years designers have offered us backless shoes that were redesigned in a youthful way.

Many brands added spiky stiletto heels, architectural shapes and countless embellishments. That's number one summer must-haves.

Mule Sandals 2014 For Women (1)

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Women’s Footwear: Block Heel Sandals Which Can Inspire You

We are really grateful to designers who offer us chunky block heel sandals, that make us stable and statement. These shoes are great because of their appeal, comfort and functionality. No doubt, block heels are your best shoes for this season. They are really easy to walk in, they are comfortable and chic. We personally think, that these designs have a bit of Parisian flair, which makes any girl or lady to pair them with everything from skinnies to mini skirts. We want you to check out the gallery below and pick your favorite one. It's no secret for today, that fashion and function can be teamed together, thanks to these beautiful sandals.

Block Heel Sandals  (1)

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Women’s Slide Sandals For Summer Wear

If you want something practical, easy to wear, which makes you feel that you are at home, then we advice you to take a closer look at these women's slide sandals for summer wear. There is something easy and chic about these flat sandals, as they look sweet, elegant and practical. There are various models that come in so many different styles, while the appearance is the most easiest, so that you can wear them with dress, jeans, shorts etc. Many fashionsitas wear them as a pool-side trend that is statement and lounge-inspired.

As we have already told you, these shoes are supremely comfortable and you can make the right effect by wearing them with luxe white shirt-dresses or jumpsuits. Some women love to wear flip flops that can be used as beach shoes, as well as for casual weekends by teaming them with street style clothes. All in all, the presented collection of slides can be teamed with everything from shorts to dresses.

Women's Slide Sandals  (1)
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Platform Sandals – Best Street Style & Catwalk Looks

Today we are going to speak about platform sandals and the street style fashion which includes many interesting ideas that are perfect for your spring-summer wardrobe.

So, if you are ready to update your look, then here are fresh ideas and looks of how to wear these creations this season. These shoes will suit those girls and ladies who are a bit on the short side, yes, they give some extra height but they are really comfortable and easy to walk in.

The bold ones are the simplest ones, we mean, if you will wear the basic platform style then believe us it will be enough to shine like a star.

Platform Sandals - Street Style (1)

Try to choose essential color, including brown and black with minimum accents and embellishments. They are must haves for summer wear and will match absolutely any outfit. Here are fresh ideas of how you can wear them now.

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Flat Sandals For Women

It's almost summer outside and you still wondering which shoes to wear now. We want to help you with this hards decision, as today's topic is flat women's sandals. We are about to share with you perfect shoes that will underline your uniqueness and individuality. If you are beach babe and you like wearing comfy and cool shoes, then we advice you to look at these poolside essentials, like retro slide sandals, sugar sweet flatforms and two-part flats, as well as gladiator styles. This warm season is all about back to the basics and cool comfy designs that are best for vacations and laidback evenings. Stick to these eye-catching flats to wear them on the beach or by the pool.

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Trendy Designer Platform Sandals For Women

Here are fresh and modern variations of platform sandals that will update your daily outfits and make your look fresh and eye-catching. These shoes are great alternatives to the traditional pumps. Thanks to our collection you can discover new designs for the very first time. You will face one problem, as your friends will become envy of you when you will wear a pair of platforms during the night out, as you will standout of them all. As you all know, this footwear design gives you extra height, so when you are out, you become men's aim. If we speak about possible style variations, then you can wear them absolutely with anything you want.

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