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4 Must Have Winter Accessories For Women

Let's talk about Winter accessories for women. It's no secret, in the wintertime we tend to think more about our clothes, layering techniques rather than about accessories and getting accessorized. Well, trust me, accessories can be both practical and stylish, that's why I am going to tell you more about this year's winter must-have accessories, including winter scarves 2019, over the knee socks, elbow length gloves, and cheeky knit beanies. Are you ready to find out more?

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How To Wear Scarves This Fall-Winter

Today we'd like to share with you amazing designs and ways how you can wear scarves this Autumn-Winter season. When it comes to layer up the look before going out in winter cold days, then it seems like we can pull on everything on. But the thing is, you should not prepare for a kind of post-apocalyptic weather, as you can wear simply a cozy coat or jacket and style it with a statement scarf. Today's fashion offers so many different styles to choose from, as you can go nuts wondering which of the scarves to buy for this cold winter season. That's why we've decided to make this post and give you some clues and styles of the best styles so far. Keep in mind one thing, this accessory should not be only fashionable, but also cozy, as it has to protect your neck from the cold winds. So here are a some of our favorite and adorable this winter must haves:

How To Wear Scarves This Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Try on a multi colored style which looks statement and oversized. That's a real attention grabbing piece, which makes you look great worn with a plain sweater or and neutral hue top teamed with boyfriend jeans or simple blue skinnies. Just wrap it around your neck and make it look bold.

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Women’s Knitted Scarves For Fall-Winter

This time we want to draw your attention to women's knitted scarves which are in fashion this season. That's a perfect accessory for Autumn-Winter wear. This great compilation consists of individual assortment items which for sure will keep you both warm and stylish. In today's world a beautiful scarf is not something which keeps you warm when it gets cold, it's also a great complement to your outfit. Thanks to this item you can show off your style and make your look creative, individual and original. Here are shown heavy-duty, light, thick, solid colors and great variety of lengths. The great thing about these pieces is the great fit both for casual and formal outfits. Thanks to this compilation you will find your perfect accessory, which will enhance your outfit and wardrobe.

Women's Knitted Scarves For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Style it with a dark blue knitted beanie for an urban look. We love the way it's paired with parka.

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Women’s Scarves and Shawls

Today we want to share with you women's scarves and shawls for this season wear. We advice you ladies to take a closer look at these beautiful creations which add spice to your overall look and make you look sophisticated and opulent. In recent years this accessory comes back in the world of fashion, that's why each of the presented styles will for sure complete and complement your overall appearance. You are about to see how to wear this gorgeous style combined with your clothing. It's no secret, scarves are practical, warm and statement pieces, which come in various textures, colors and fabrics. This year comes with silk (as an accessory), wool and other cozy fabrics. This time we would like to share with you different muffler, neck-wrap designs which are going to be in trend these years. We can always divide this accessory into two groups, where the one is meant for work and other for special occasions. If we speak about colors, then it's the year of neutral colors, while you can always find bright versions, which are made for bright statement.

Women's Scarves and Shawls 2014-2015 (1)

Bright tribal print is paired with polka dot red flared dress.

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Fur Shawls And Wraps For Women

If you ask us how to remain stylish and fashion forward no matter what, then we advice you to update your looks with beautiful accessories and layers, like fur shawls and wraps. Today we bring you this sweet and sophisticated collection of women's warm accessories, which are going to be popular this season. There are various precious styles and designs, which come in different shapes, lengths and sizes. Each piece will for sure transform your outfit and make you look sophisticated and timeless. Here are shown scarf-like, shawl to full-body wraps, which cover wearer's head. We want to show you all possible styling tips and how to wear this brilliant accessory nowadays. As you see, this layer is a versatile addition to any wardrobe. It can be used as an extra layer at your office, as well as at home for cozy night wear and during your street wear. That's not a typical scarf, yet it's functional and great alternative which is best for heavy cold nights. It can update any casual outfit, so it looks more elegant.

2014-2015 Fur Shawls And Wraps For Women

A white version which is long enough to show off your overall evening wear.

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Bright Women’s Scarves

Which accessory can be worn around your neck, used as a headband, can totally hide your hair from the sun rays, yes, we are talking about scarves. That's a perfect accessory for spring and summer wear. We would like to show you this marvelous collection of bright, youthful and colorful designs which can be worn in various ways. There are known many tutorials that teach you multiple style techniques how you can tie your scarf, including loop-n-through, loop-n-through with knot, back drape, double knot, etc. There are many secrets wearing this accessory that most most women will never know. Anyway, we would like to share with you this bright compilation of women's colorful styles, including classic Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Versace and Raical Chic modern ones, which can be worn with eye-catching sunglasses for a more sophisticated look.

Bright Women's Scarves 2014 (1)
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Women’s Work Scarves & Wraps

If there is one accessory which gives you elegance, charm and versatile look, then it's a scarf, which makes you look sophisticated, glamor and chic at the same time. Today we are going to speak about this gorgeous accessory, which gives a really impressive update to your overall appearance. So, make a statement at work and cocktail parties, by wearing silk scarf. We want to share with you some of the brightest ideas of how you can tie this item on your neck. As you all know, this pretty piece comes in various sizes and fabrics, as many labels offer us silk, cotton, wool designs, where some scarves are square while others are rectangular in short or long lengths.

Women's Work Scarves & Wraps (1)
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How To Style Russian Scarves

Yes, we are talking about those things that come from Russia with Love and today we are going to speak about a nice accessory, like scarves. We felt in love with those silk ones from the first sight and it's no wonder why, as they are coming back in fashion for the past years.

We love that Dolce & Gabbana collection, which featured many culture inspired motives, as you remember the runway show featured many Italy versus Russia inspirations. But what really drove us crazy, was Keira Knightely’s Anna Karenina movie, that gave many fashionistas to appear in the streets wearing Russian motives.

How To Wear Russian Scarves (1)
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How to Style Scarf As a Shawl

Hello our Dear fashion readers, we are going to observe the possible ways of scarf styling as a shawl. If you want to use your scarf as a shawl, then you have to know, that it's a larger item (usually rectangular) and it wraps your body around. Usually the shawls are worn by women, but men can also use them, and we saw men wearing shawls, it looks original and impressive, well, when it's winter and men appear on the streets wearing pantsuits, they use shawls to cover themselves from the snow or rain drops to safe their suits. The shawl is an accessory, which finishes the look, it's like a finishing touch which makes your look bold and keeps warmth, but they are usually used as decorative item. Keep in mind, that shawls are made to accent your outfit and to cover bare shoulders, but the shawl is used to make an impressive appearance to the look.

How to Style Scarf As a Shawl (1)

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Striped Accessories to Wear Now

In our previous post we have discussed striped garments and how to wear them, so today's mission is to share with all of you these gorgeous accessories that are striped. Here you will find a compilation of beautiful items, which will for sure underline your persona and make your outfit stand out the other ones. So, what are we waiting for, let's get inspired by these pretty accessories. One bold accessory which can make you stand out the crowd are the striped heels, that will look gorgeous teamed with muted clothes. We love striped pumps that come in multi-tonal hues (starting from classic white and black to gold and brown). It's time to choose something luxe and statement, so why don't you try on these striped shoes, which are so must have this year.

striped heels (6)
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