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Best Ways To Style Sequins & Glitter Clothing For Women

What really catches everyone's eyes? Yes, sequins and glitters! This embellishment practically defines women's style, which makes her look sophisticated, sparkling and glamor disco. Today we want to share with you women's best ways of stying sequined and glittering clothing that will look amazing during the day and night. The trick is to rock casual-glamor style which looks chic and practical. So, if you girls and ladies want to know how to pull this look off, then let us share with you some brilliant variations that will for sure make you crazy about them. Mix sequins with more casual attire, like wearing a cool cardigan with a simple top, jeans and some cool accessories, while the shoes for a day wear should be also done in a casual style, while if you are going out, then try to switch them for something more glamor. As you have already noticed, the combination might be tricky, that's why it's very important to harmonize all clothes, so that you look perfect for wearing it in the streets.

Sequins & Glitter Clothing Combinations For Women (1)

The first way is to style your shiny coat with a cool hat and casual cardigan, while you can always wear a casual style bomber worn with simple basic tee and shorts for a summer vibe. Those ladies who want to look more elegant, then can try on a gold asymmetric V-neck dress styled with simple black wide-leg pants or long sheer black skirt for a sophisticated touch. But you can make it more business-alike, by wearing a gold jacket with cool Wayfarer sunglasses and sweet white blouse.

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How to Wear Sequin Blazers and Jackets

Sequin blazers make us look timeless elegant and glamour at the same time. These layers are so versatile, as you can wear it at almost every party and even at Christmas celebration as well as in your daily life, like a casual jacket: it can be classic and edgy at the same time. Well, most of girls and women tend to wear shiny jackets and blazers for the evening. How to not look like a weird man or a magician in a glamor outerwear, well you have to pair your jacket with basics, like simple white tee, black pumps and cool skinnies or leather pants. As you can see from the images below, many girls and women wear shiny blazers with soft leather moto cross leggings and blouses, or cool baggy shorts with leather boots. Some girls appear in fitted tees teamed with jeans and high heels, some sport baggy tuxedo trousers teamed with lace tops, others combine embellished jackets with skinnies or pencil skirts and silk camisole.

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