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How To Style: Pointed Toe Stiletto Ankle Boots

Today's topic will be pointed toe stiletto ankle boots fashion in our's modern world and how to style this gorgeous trend. We all know, that these shoes evoke sophistication, self-confidence and statement appearance, that's why wearing these amazing designs means that you are edgy person, whi knows and gets what she wants. This style is something between combat Tomboy and motorcycle boots style, so this footwear style is meant for those who are fashion oriented and love glam goth chic appearance. First of all, let's have a look at these beautiful street styles that give us a huge inspiration. We know that at least one of the showcased images will give you that special feeling that will make you want to buy these shoes. For some of you high heels are not practical, but if you really want everyone stare at you in a good way (of course), then it's time to say "no" to flat shoes and get yourself feminine and sophisticated heels, right?

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Modern Grunge Style Boots

Let's go bold this year, as the modern grunge is back in town and it comes with so many amazing designs and updated looks, that you can not imagine! Today we are going to speak about this year's grunge boots that will make everyone envy about you, as each of these boots are tremendously cool and stylish. Of course there’s no doubt that ’90s fashion is already hit the streets with it's statement looks making a huge comeback, and this year is going to be voguish, tough and a bit masculine. So, we have already confirmed the comeback of the grunge style and it's time for us to take a closer look at the updated style which comes with a glamor touch and delicate fabrics and tough appearance.

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How To Wear: Sweatpants & Heels

Let's mix sporty with smart style. Today we will speak about how to wear sweatpants with heels. For some of you this sounds quite mad, well, in today's world nothing stops, everything goes wild and evolutionizes. One thing comes in our mind: we live in the world of true fashion anarchy, as all the rules are broken. This style looks laid back and uber voguish. But there are few style tips of how to get the right look: sweatpants color has to be classic, like black, white or grey and with NO SIDE STRIPES, NO prints, or patterns, while the heels must be feminine, no masculine inspired ones, it's better to wear strap sandlas or classic pumps.

Sweatpants & Heels (5)

Keep everthing simple and do not over do with jewellery. This look is strange but not ugly, we would sau it's very, very, very ...interesting one.

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Style: Women’s Motorcycle Boots

Hello fashion readers, we are back with interesting rock and roll style inspired accessory, which is so must have in the street style nowadays, yes, we are talking about women's motorcycle boots. It's kind of punk rock vibration which is reinvented and modernized with cool pieces. As it gets cold outside and it's time to layer up things. These winter boots are fantastic, who doesn't want cool rock and roll boots, that are comfy, edgy and practical. Sometimes girls and women are too sick of wearing glamor and effortless outfits, that's why they start to think of Tomboyish looks. It's very essential of wearing winter boots with right wardrobe looks, like leather pants, punk dresses, skirts or grunge style inspired garments.

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