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New Short Haircuts For Women

There are so many ways to rock short hair this season and today we bring you a great collection of possible new haircuts which were spotted in the latest lookbooks from various designers and brands. For most long haired women cutting their locks is something like mission impossible, while those who have overcome themselves have only gone shorter. We love these cuts for quick and easy manage, but we always looking for more interesting ways how you can update your short looks. Here are shown edgy and cool new styles which for sure will draw everyone's attention to you. As you can see here are shown awesome bob cuts, asymmetric and messy updates, elegant pixies, mannish looks and other lush and eye-catching designs. Let's begin our tour into the world of short haircuts.

2014-2015 New Short Haircuts For Women (1)

How about wearing this awesome bob cut with your elegant coats.

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Beauty Trends: Short Haircuts For Women

We want to share with you this season's short haircuts for women. Every look is trendy and wearable. You are about to see upcoming season's beautiful looks that were shoot during runway catwalks, campaigns and red carpet events. Every design is bold, modern, relaxed and boyish. There are many variations of styles that feature straight, side-swept bangs and some of them have no bangs at all. The great thing about this look is the versatility, which allows you to try different styles, by making it more feminine, romantic, or contrary, edgy, grunge and punk inspired. All in all, someday you will need a drastic change in your overall appearance, which will make you look different.

Short Haircuts 2014-2015 For Women  (1)
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Short Hairstyles for Women

Those who are looking for a short haircut or maybe just new ways of styling it will definitely find here trendy and popular variations, which for sure will update their looks. Every woman or a girl thinks how would she look if she tried on short update. She wonders would it fit her, would she still look fashionable. Today we would like to share with you a stunning collection of the best styles that will suit various face shapes. You are about to see quiffs, undercuts, straight, sided, spiked, smooth, preppy, as well as cool styling of short bob and pixie cuts. If we speak about bob style then you may try on various options, starting from symmetrical, shaggy, asymmetrical, blunt and any other. If we speak about pixie, then there are beautiful cropped versions, as well as feminine and more mannish. To sum up things we want to say that short hair is extremely versatile, when it comes to styling combinations.

Short Hairstyles 2014-2015 for Women (1)

Asymmetric bangs and mohawk.

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