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How To Wear Women’s Shorts With Jacket This Spring

If you ask yourself how to wear women’s shorts with jacket this spring season, then let us make it clear and share with you this great compilation of possible combinations of how you can create an eye-catching and statement look. We have observed many resort collections and today we bring you the best looks to be inspired from. You can either pair bright tops with shimmering styles, you can go totally in one color, keep it sporty, elegant, make a perfect suit for work or casual parties. If you go for patterned shorts then you can go either for plain either for the matching top to balance the look. The outerwear features statement blazers, anoraks and casual updates. Since warm season is all about bright colors, then we advice you to go for cheerful hues, but do not forget about the well known classics, like black and white. The entire collection includes bottoms with various lengths, starting from short to long ones. If we speak about shoes then here are presented dressy and smart-casual low heel pumps and timeless flats. Anyway, everything depends on you, which of the showcased looks is a perfect outfit for you?

How To Wear Women's Shorts With Jacket This Spring 2019

Keep it modern and try on yellow jacket styled with leather shorts.

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20 Ways How to Wear Women’s Shorts This Spring

In today’s post we are going to show you twenty ways how you can wear various styles of shorts this spring season. This piece is the most versatile and comfortable wardrobe staple, which is best for all ages and shapes for spring and summer wear, which is a real must-have. We have taken the best styles from various resort collections, so you are going to find here awesome tailored designs, casual and relaxed, long and mini, printed and colorblocked, matching and mismatched, etc. Indeed, there are numerous versions and each of them is a real stand out. What we love about the showcased items, then it’s a great versatility and comfort, which makes them so special and wanted. What you need to know about the right balancing, then if the shorts are mini, then we suggest you to wear them with long sleeves tops for a classy appearance, while if they are long and elongated, like Bermudas, then keep the top cool and choose embellished styles, or light tees. Anyway, it’s a great compilation, which shows you really awesome combinations, so, what are we waiting for, let’s have a look:

20 Ways How to Wear Women's Shorts This Spring 2019

For a more formal look, such as for office wear we advice you to add blazer, or a statement outerwear, like this coat and update it with eye-catching accessories, like the darken circled sunglasses, flat shoes in patent silver color and classic handbag.

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How to Style Women’s Shorts

For the next year many brands offer us creative shorts in various shapes, lengths and styles. As you all know, they are perfect for just about any summer activity, from lounging by the beach to working days, night outs and summer parties. We are sure, that most of you are looking for a great pair of shorts, which will update your summer wardrobe once and for all. We are excited by the wide variety of styles, which are offered for the next season. As you can see from the images below, there are interesting fabric choices, which can make you look contemporary and differently in your daily life. Lots of designers made colorful and printed versions so that you look unique and creative. We would like to share with you couple of thoughts how you can style them next year:

How to Style Women's Shorts 2019

Try on some hippie vibes, by wearing the matching colors and fabrics, like we see in this picture, where model appears wearing a sun hat, top with cropped sleeves and mini shorts in salmon red colors.

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Women’s Striped Shorts Suits For Summer

This summer we advice you to choose striped shorts suits. This outfit can be worn for a night out with metallic accessories, chunky high heel sandals, shimmering tops, as well as for casual BBQ and beach days styled with slip-on sneakers, casual handbags and simple tees. This look is smart, chic and statement, that’s why if you are one of those ladies who want to stand out from the crowd, then we highly recommend you to try this outstanding and sharp clothing set. You have already noticed celebrities and actresses who appear on the runways and red carpets wearing effortless designs. Try to mix and match your wardrobe clothes and make it look original and unique. We have gathered together various lookbooks and runways which feature striped sets combinations including blazers, tops and shorts. Hope you will find your favorite style.

Women's Striped Shorts Suits For Summer 2019

This one is a real versatile look, which features straw hat and modern shorts suit in naval stripes. We love these white heels.

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How To Wear: Women’s Shorts For Summer

Stay in shape this summer, as we are about to share with you women’s shorts which are in trend this year. You are about to view possible trend ideas and combinations how to wear and style them. This year comes with lightweight and breathable fabrics which are ideal for workouts, gym and jogging. Our favorites are active Bermudas, sporty cargo shorts with utility pockets. This style can be teamed with cotton shirts, simple tanks, athletic shoes, etc. Each of the presented pair makes your look comfortable and easy to wear. There are known lots of lengths, ranging from short to knee-length, straight leg, slim fit, cuffed and layered. As you all know, this wardrobe staple is considered to be day wear, while there are lots of styles for night-time. Get inspired now!

How To Wear: Women's Shorts For Summer 2019

These ones are styled with bomber, printed black tee and cuffed sandals.

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Smart Casual: Women’s Shorts Suits

Let’s talk about smart casual style for women and how to wear shorts suits. In today’s compilation you will find out ow to show off your legs in a pair of amazing shorts. These versatile summertime bottoms are perfect for wearing during warm weather. You are about to find a great collection of awesome shorts combinations which will make you look great at any occasion. The fabrics choice is numerous, starting from lightweight fabrics to wool, leather and nylon. Each of these styles are comfortable and will for sure suit casual and formal occasions. Here are presented tailored designs, sweat-shorts, Bermudas, wide, long, etc. If we speak about colors and prints, then this year is all about classics and natural hues. Discover classic silhouettes, trendy styles, day and night-out options.

Smart Casual: Women's Shorts Suits 2019

That’s a terrific school girl look.

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How To Style: Overall Shorts For Women

How about overall shorts for women? This style remind us of 1990’s when they really were popular and everyone dreamed to have one of these goodies. That’s truly casual style, which looks awesome worn with various shirts, tees, cute sweatshirts and even teamed with blazers. These styles are number one must have for this season, as many stylists and brands offer us different shapes and fits that look gorgeous styled with awesome shoes, starting from high heels to sandals and flip flops. If you what to know which shirt will suit best, then everything depends on the model of this piece. You may ask us: “So how to wear this short overalls this year?” The answer is: “Wear it either dressy” styled with blazer or “casual” teamed with a cool Tee.” Anyway, keep in mind one thing- this clothing piece is casual, that’s why do not wear it at work or formal events, while you can make a great street style look and keep some ideas of various combinations that will make you standout the crowd. Anyway, let’s have a detailed review on the presented looks.

How To Style: Overall Shorts For Women 2019

Here we see cute model posing in short version styled with billowy floral blouse.

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How to Wear Denim Shorts

Let us share with you the various ways of how you can wear your beloved denim shorts and some really interesting styling tips that will help you look amazing. In this post you will see the most trendy ways of how you can wear your jean shorts. Indeed, there are plenty of ways how you can wear them, but we have gathered the most striking and chic ways of how you can look astonishing and eye-catchy. So, why don’t you pair your your favorite denims with your lovely and preppy style clothing, it can be a relaxed tailored look, like cut-offs paired with vintage classic shirt and fitted blazer, believe us this style looks classic. Or you can try on other different looks for a relaxed tailored look, here are some of the possible ways of teaming the clothes:

How to Wear Denim Shorts 2019

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Studded Denim For Women

Today we are going to speak about the studded jean-swear and how it’s possible to wear it- to look glamor and contemporary. So, let’s begin our trip into the world of studded denim. Many brands and designers offer different kind of studded clothing, yet the most wearable pieces so far are jean shirts, jackets, shorts and vests embellished with studs, that’s why I’d like to underline your attention on these wardrobe looks.

The first piece which we are going to observe is studded shirt. These shirts come in so many shades and colors, that you have to choose it by yourself, just make sure that the color shade fits perfectly your other clothes, so that everything looks harmonized. Usually flat studs cover jacket’s pockets, well, in real fashion world, which is so fast we can find studs that cover our shoulders, collars and sleeves, that’s why we advice you to choose only those models which really fits you and make your moves comfortable. You can wear these shirts absolutely with everything you want.

Studded Denim For Women 2019
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Men’s Summer Style: Shorts Looks

The most common men’s style for summer is shorts. Men wearing shorts look kinda tricky, it’s so versatile look, as you can go more or less. Just have a look at these images and you will understand what I mean. In these images you will find some really essential and easy tips which will help you to get that unique look of the day. You can simply steal each of the presented styles and it is nothing wrong about it, as you can rock with different color clothes. Try to remember about details of the men’s summer style shorts, I mean edgy details and classic leather jacket will do the work. We love one perfect look: nice cut blazer, fitted shirt and cool sunglasses will make your day.

Men's Summer Style: Shorts Looks 2019
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