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How To Style Leather Jackets With Skirts This Spring

Hello, dear! In today's post we are going to show you how to style leather jacket with skirts this spring. Every girl knows what's every woman's must have and everybody knows, that it's leather outerwear, which is perfect for city living, as it's the most versatile outer garment in the wardrobe. It's perfect for work, night outs, special events and casual street walk. There are special rock inspired designs, as well as Parisienne updates. As you can see, there are black, red, blue, brown, green, white and many other colors, which for sure will update any outfit, no matter if it's sophisticated business look or an evening dress. We want to show you cool options, which include different style skirts, starting from full, loose-fitted, mini, flared and pencil versions. We find this combination to be very functional and practical, that's why we suggest you to take a closer view at this collection:

Leather Jackets With Skirts For 2015 (1)

Biker style looks perfect with leopard print.

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How To Wear Shirts With Skirts This Spring

In today's compilation we are going to show you the best ways to wear shirts with skirts this spring season. As you already know, the presented images were taken from various resort lookbooks, that's why we know for sure, that many stylists will advice you to have the same styles in your wardrobe next year. It appears like spring season will be focused on these kind of separates, that's why we advice you to explore every look by detail. Almost every outfit is worth wearing during daytime and evening. As you have already noticed, everything depends on your personal choice and tastes, as you can try glamorous full design, or go minimal and stick to clean and sleek lines, or try something bright and printed. Whatever your choice is, we suggest you to pay attention to the overall look and its cut, as it will emphasize your silhouette and waistline.


Keep your overall look professional and try on pencil style, which is really versatile piece, as it can be both adapted for business work and cocktail parties. Try it belted and paired with a mannish shirt. As you can see it can be easily transformed from a preppy librarian look into chic and modern outfit.

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Leather Skirts In Style

Thanks to resort collections we have chance to see what leather skirts are going to be in style next year. It looks like next season skirt is going to be popular wardrobe staple. We see easy to wear designs in bright and darken colors, as well as in awesome prints. It seems like designers and fashion brands decided to offer women easy to wear styles in classic silhouettes and playful details. You can team them with cozy knits, statement outerwear and elegant tops to keep your self ladylike and stylish at the same time. The spring is the best season when you can wear leather skirt, as it's still a bit freezy, while you can little by little start to show off your legs. One thing is important- you have to think over the combination to wear it correctly. There is no doubt that this must-have piece will get you noticed in the streets or at work. We have picked up nine pieces which fit all body shapes for your inspiration.

Leather Skirts In Style For 2015 (1)

Those of you who love original looks will definitely like this outfit, which features A-line cropped safari style shirt paired with high-waisted pencil style in light brown embellished with metallic insets. Update your style with a chic bag and heeled sandals.

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What Skirts Are In Style For Spring

Let's talk about what skirts are in style for the next spring season. We have studied numerous resort collections and today we want you to show of your bare legs (if you are not ready to get legs out, then try on a maxi one) and make with a style. We have gathered ultra-chic designs which fit for office working, classic and elegant meetings, trips and street walks. So, the next transitional time of year comes with paneled, pleated, flared, pencil, high-waisted, A-line, asymmetric and many more styles, which can be paired with awesome tops and outerwear. We advice you to take a look at the latest fashion trends with great details and eye-catching colors. As you can see new silhouettes are perfect for making statement look, that's why we highly recommend you to take a closer view at these combinations:

What Skirts Are In Style For Spring 2015 (1)

The full midi comes in psychedelic abstract black and white print and it looks ladylike paired with bulky brownish sweatshirt. Style it with a modern clutch bag and perforated pointed-toe pumps.

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How To Style Skirt With Jacket This Spring

We'd like to draw your attention to the next spring season, as it's time to show you various options how you can style skirt with jacket. As you know, fashion never stops and moves forward offering us new trends, while stylists observe each collection and mark everything what is wearable and can be worn in daily life. You are going to see maxis, minis, midis, asymmetric, pleated, regular fit, wrap, A-line and airy skirts which are teamed with sporty, modern, elegant, cropped, short, belted, regular, casual and formal outerwear. Actually, this kind of combination is very feminine and it's perfect for those women, who are confident and love wearing ladylike separates. So, we think it's the right time to get started observing next year's easy-to-wear looks:

2015 Skirts with Jackets (1)

Here we see incredibly practical and comfortable high-waisted style in polka dots paired with a short down jacket.

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How To Style Sweaters With Skirts This Spring

In today's post we are going to show you how to style sweaters with skirts this spring season. If you really want to look fashionable and layer your knitwear like a real blogger or fashion addicted fashionista, then we have plenty of interesting ideas for you. We have gathered 15 different looks from resort collections from various brands and designers, which are easy to wear and perfect for windy&sunshine days. You are about to see awesome formal, smart casual and weekends brunch styles for real ladies. Some of them look preppy, grungy, retro, monochromatic and funny youthful. This combination is a popular option for all year round, as there are many variations on different style. As you can see, here are presented oversized, turtleneck, cropped, elongated, fitted and plain knits, while the bottoms can be short, pencil-like and midi. All the images will for sure give an inspiration how to wear a well known outfit next season. We advice to launch the gallery and see some awesome styles.

2015 Sweaters With Skirts (1)

How about elongated sky blue knitted top paired with a black and white checked flared skirt.

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Trendy Women’s Denim For Spring

Today we are going to show you trendy women's denim looks which are ideal for spring season wear. Let's talk about practical, comfortable and anywhere-anytime appropriate apparel made of denim. Here are gathered eye-catching denim separates, dresses, jackets, shirts and skirts which were noticed by our team in various resort collections, that's why we can assure you to see the same styles in the spring season. This time of year is more transitional, that's why it's very important to wear something cozy, which will fit cooler and warmer temperatures. The jean fabric makes you feel comfort and keeps you warm, that's why so many ladies and women try to update their looks by adding some denim layers. Anyway, let's have a closer view at these smart casual essentials:

Women's Denim For Spring 2015 (1)

A sleeveless below the knee jean dress with python collar looks marvelous and trendy.

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How to Style Skirts

We know many interesting ways of styling skirts this season. You can either go professional, classic, timeless or bold and modern, everything depends on your mood and style. There are so many different ways pairing it with awesome tops, jackets and blouses. Today we bring you best styling tips that you should get your hands on. When it comes to choosing appropriate top and bottom for matching your shape and style, you are pretty much scared, as you are afraid of overdoing it, either making it looking too much simple. We have chosen glamorous, as well as clean and sleek updates to simplify your choice. Pay attention to the cut of your bottom, as most ladies want to accentuate and emphasize it in the most flattering way.

How to Style Skirts In 2015 (1)

How about contemporary update by sporting a relaxed top with leather sleeves and wrapped, asymmetric cut skirt.

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Ladies Skirts Suits For The Office

There are so many awesome ladies skirts suits, that you can wear at work these days. Today we bring you resort season's fascinating outfits in fun patterns, modern colors, timeless cuts and various silhouettes. We have chosen the pretties ones, which for sure will makes you look unique and original. If you are a little bit fussy about colors and styles, then we advice you either making matching hues and prints, either mix-matching. As you can see, there are various ways of combining your separates. You can go for a glamorous look, sticking to clean and sleek lines, either go for bright and modern updates. Check out some of the favorite styles, which are great ideas for your next special event.

2015 Ladies Skirts Suits For The Office (1)

Try on professional and timeless looks in black colors. Here we see a fitted blazer styled with a white blouse, polka dot tie and below the knee pencil skirt with a side cut.

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Leather Skirts For Autumn-Winter

It seems like this Fall-Winter season we are going to see an updated trend which looks awesome on the runways, as well as celebrities and style bloggers, yes, we are talking about leather skirts which are real favorites for us. No matter what, but this style really rocks and makes us look tough, sophisticated and elegant at the same time. We have gathered wearable leather designs
which can balance your style and give you a perfect look for the office, cocktail party and casual wear. These pretty and colorful pieces can be worn with classic turtlenecks, chic heels, printed silk blouses, slouchy sweaters, as well as cable knit cardigans at the office and date nights. Those of you who prefer more casual looks can try team them with skinny jeans and leggings. Some stylists say that the winter time is a perfect season to show off your legs. We love the pencil skirts which are updated with higher rise and straight column silhouettes. Do not be afraid of mixing things up with vibrant colors, as we see black, orange, blue, burgundy, brown, khaki and many other interesting shades.

Leather Skirts For Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

How about wearing a bomber-like zip sweatshirt tucked in A-line design.

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