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Fashion Trends: Wedge Sneakers Which Can Inspire You

It's official: wedge sneakers are still in trend for this Spring-Summer season. It's obvious that sneakers are comfortable wardrobe staple and wedge design adds a little more height. There are loads of affordable options that you can choose from. Some models look like regular sneakers, some designs come in colorful patterns, colors. Of course, the main thing about these shoes is they really elongate wearer's legs, that's why if you are a petite girl, then it's pretty sure, if you will get the regular sneakers, you will still look short. There are so many affordable options now on sale in different shops, that you can buy on-line. Lots of girls wearing this design because of the comfort. Of course some of them are not in trend, but they are still stylish.

Wedge Sneakers 2014 (1)
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Cool Women’s Flat Sneakers

No matter waht, the comfort is winning any trend or fashion, that's why we want to share with you this amazing review of the most stylish shoes that all women love. All the flat sneakers and running shoes are girls best things that keep them look happy and active. We can say without any doubt- all the presented shoes are functional and easy womenswear. Today's brands and many designers offer us amazing wide choice, that includes many interesting designs. In each model, which are offered by many shops nowadays we see something really refreshing, glamorous and nostalgic. It's obvious, these athletic shoes are coming back alive. What we love about these flats is the same dimensions, traditional and classic shapes and proportions.

Women's Flat Sneakers

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Women’s Designer Sneakers by Opening Ceremony X Vans

We think every lady dreams of nice, statement and practical sneakers, which would complement her overall appearance and style. Today, we have great news for all of you, as we want to share this awesome Opening Ceremony collection of sneakers in a collaboration with Vans. The entire collection is dedicated to Belgian surrealist Rene Magritta. The limited edition features five different classic models in Authentic silhouette. Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have recreated famous paintings including Shéhérazade, A Beautiful Relationship, The Blow to the Heart, The Ladder of Fire and The King's Museum into bluish color prints. Nowadays, when fashion and art are tightly connected with each other than never before, it's a great opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge in art, by showcasing some impressive paintings in your overall look.

Women's Designer Sneakers by Opening Ceremony X Vans (1)

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Women’s Sneakers: Riccardo Tisci For Nike

Please welcome so awaited collaboration between Riccardo Tisci and Nike: statement women's sneakers. We are about to share with all of you this impressive and statement collection, which is all about glamor and sports. Here we see four pairs of Air Force, which come in low, mid, high heel and classic flats. You are about to see detailed images, which feature white color styles, black-brown palette. We think you are asking yourselves, why Tisci has chosen exactly Air Force design as the basis, well it's obvious, he wears them by himself already for 15 years. Every time when he poses for fashion photographers, Tisci wears black T-shirt, black pants and white Nike sneakers.

Women's Sneakers - Riccardo Tisci For Nike (1)
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Fashion Trends: White Sneakers For Women

Women may feel differently, as one day they feel like wearing all 1990's inspired grunge clothing, next day they want to wear glamor outfits styled with high heels, and the other day they feel Tomboy or moderl-off-duty like. It's normal, as everything changes in this crazy world, trends are modernizing, fashion offers creative updates, etc. Today's topic is women's white sneakers, which are this 2014 season's must haves fashion trend. We see so many light, puffy minimal colors that appear in apparel as well as in accessories. It's no secret, that kicks, chucks and high tops go minimal this year, that's why this color makes them look trendy.

White Sneakers 2014 For Women (1)

The white sneakers are this year trend, which makes every outfit look unique and awesome. We have gathered various style images which show us models wearing low tops, chucks, thick soled, high tops and other designs in white color as well as styled with different ensembles, starting from semi-casual to sporty outfits.
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Wedge Sneakers

Wedge sneakers are all around this year, as we see them in the runways, streets, movies, etc. These shoes are inspired by the 1990's fashion, as we see many celebrities, actresses wearing simple and casual sneakers making kind of grunge cool appearance. This sporty look was invented for those girls and women who like experiments and do not follow the rules and mainstream. That's really refreshing fashion trend which is all about grunge meets sports. Many brands and designers start offering us edgy punk meets sport styles that can be worn with washed out jeans, denim jackets and poppy color tops. We must admit, this is a real invasion, which is taken over cities and countries all over the world and we mean it.

Wedge Sneakers 2014 (1)

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Best Hipster Accessories for Men

Here are some accessories tips for men who want to look like a real hipsters, that's why keep your eyes wide open and make some notes. Hipsters look very trendy and it's no secret that many stylists follow their fashion dictations, that's why we see so many iconic choices that were first seen in hipster fashion. The accessories are really practical and ready to be worn. In this compilation you are going to see statement eyewear, headwear, footwear and cool bags that are real must haves for men and boys. So, we think it's the right time to get started and see everything by yourself. Why don't you try wide/medium framed nerd glasses with thick rims, or you can try on Ray-Ban Wayfarer, if you want something simple, then try on dark sunglasses.

Best Hipster Accessories for Men
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