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Ladies Sports & Urban Style

Let's talk about ladies sports and urban style clothing to wear from this year to another. In this compilation you are going to find absolutely stunning sporty apparel ideal for street walks around the town. The sportswear as a fashion trend has been evolving for many years. This year it continues to be in vogue.

Ladies Sports & Urban Style 2015-2016 (1)

Here we see an awesome khaki green hoodie made by Nili Lotan.

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Sport Style Urban Dresses For Summer

Let's talk about sports fashion trends. In today's post we want to draw your attention to athletic and urban inspired dresses that you can try on this summer season. The sports is coming back on its high peak these days. The next year urban style continue to rise up by offering us numerous luxe, minimal and sleek creations. We have looked through many amazing lookbooks, runways shows and we think it's the right time to share with you some of the best designs. If you want to stand out in the streets, then we highly recommend to try on bright and colorful assortment for making a modern look. Browse down this fabulous collection and choose your favorites. Anyway, we think it's the right time to take a look at these sporty numbers that are perfect for working the athletic trend.

Sport Style Urban Dresses For Summer 2015 (1)

Standard Issue offers a Polo shirtdress in navy color. This ensemble is ideal for wearing during your casual days and weekends.

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How to find the right skiing pants

Sometimes choosing the right skiing trousers might be the same hard task as choosing an appropriate ski jacket. That’s why before buying yourself ski pants make sure you have got through all the issues. So, let’s see what you have to look for in skiing trousers. First thing: ski pants have to protect you and keep your legs warm. It’s very important to buy name brand ski pants which are well known and trusted. And one very important thing: make sure that you have the proper fit. In nowadays world skiing trousers incorporate two or even three layers, that’s why it’s better to ask consultant about your chosen pants layers. We hope this compilation of skiing pants will for sure inspire you to buy the appropriate ones.

How to find the right skiing pants

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Women’s snow pants for skiing and snowboarding

Sometimes finding the appropriate skiing pants is far more difficult than choosing ski jacket, that’s why it’s our mission for today to help you in buying the right skiing trousers. Ski pants have to be always warm and dry while you are using them, that’s why, try to search for qualitative brands and shops where you can buy breathable and waterproof fabric pants. Nowadays there are plenty of fun and modern colors and styles, yet you have to keep in mind that the first priority is to buy jacket and only then to style pants. So, as you can see there are black, gray and white colors, but it looks classic and too old, that’s why we are not stopping at basics and traditional colors, we go for trendy ones, like baby blue, fancy pink, red, dark blue etc.

Women’s snow pants for skiing and snowboarding

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How To Style Ski Jackets For Women

When it comes to women’s ski apparel, then we face a tough mission, as we speak about full style equipment which has to be a) stylish, b) practical, wearable and comfy and c) trendy. Sometimes it’s quite hard to match all these options, that’s why I will share with you some basic things about modern ski apparel and how to style and fit everything with your favorite ski jacket.

If your one and only ski jacket comes in soft and feminine colors, then we advise you to buy bold color pants, as you are on the mountain with your family, friends or husband you have always to be in eye-distance in order not loosing each other on the peak.

How To Style Ski Jackets For Women (8)
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How to buy the right and the best ski jacket

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to find an appropriate ski jacket. Why? It’s very hard to find comfortable, durable and practical outerwear, which will be waterproof. That’s why today we are going to share with you some guidelines which will help you to find the one and only ski-jacket.

Sometimes it’s better to buy shell jacket, as traditional ski jacket is insulated (which is great if it’s cold), yet if you are somewhere where it’s warm, then your time in mountains will be ruined. Shell jackets are breathable and waterproof. If you are buying qualitative shell jacket, then be sure it will protect you from the winds.

ski jacket (1)
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Women’s Ski Jackets

Today’s topic will be women’s ski jackets for skiing and snowboarding. WardrobeLooks.com will share with you the best ski outerwear designs which will be in trend this winter season. This year many brands and designers offer really interesting ski gear, for instance let’s take a quick look at this chic and glamor Adidas by Stella McCartney leopard-print ski jacket, which is perfect for cold weather wear and it comes with mid-weight style, lots of pockets which are so must have for modern women. Okay now, let’s speak about real things, I mean: durability, functionality, practicality and modern look. Well, I think every girl or a woman seeks for designs which are made of high quality materials and are perfect for riding skis.

Women’s Ski Jackets
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Women’s Fashion Tips: How to Style Sweatpants

Sometimes it’s kind hard to style sweatpants, as the only look which comes in every’s girl mind is: sweatpants teamed with sweater, windbreaker and cool cap. Well, it’s not a bad style, yet Wardrobe Looks will share with you some other quite interesting and eye-catching styles, which will attract everyone’s attention nearby you.

Before we start our compilation we would like to underline that sweatpants are casual wear pants, so it’s not recommended to wear them at work or evening events. The first look is Jessica Alba wearing baggy sweatpants with loose white vest top, big scarf and sunglasses, quite edgy and urban.


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Men’s Activewear: Sweatpants

If you are one of the guys who want to look at both sports inspired and stylish then Wardrobe Looks has a perfect suggestion for you - sweatpants. Its real comfortable wear and it can be styled with many garments.

Most common style of sweatpants is the pants with elastic waistline and soft cotton jersey body. Many stylists advice to wear tracksuit bottoms teamed with sneakers and hood sweatshirts for a real casual appearance, while the others say it’s better to team sweatpants with camel hue boots and heavy tops, like sweaters and cardigans. It’s most common to see men wearing baggy and loose-fitted sweatpants, as they have flexibility and comfort.

Sweatpants Men's Activewear (1)
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Women’s ActiveWear: Sweatpants

Tracksuit bottoms or sweatpants are casual wear soft trousers which are made for relax wear. This kind of wear is meant for relax but also for wearing outdoor. The main problem of nowadays sweatpants is the appropriate fit, which looks a bit loose fitted yet not baggy. You can find lots of beautiful designs in many fashionable online-shops, yet you have always keep attention to the fit and tailoring.

That’s why WardrobeLooks.com will help you to choose the best sweatpants to make you look outstanding and in trend. Anyway, we think it's the right time to start our trip into the list of trendiest activewear.

Women’s  Sweatpants (1)

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