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Hearts On Clothes For Valentine’s Day

How to make your Valentine's Day very special this 2018 year? Today's story is dedicated to my favorite outfits that are complemented with lovely hearts print. This might be the most romantic day of the year, that's why it's important to make it very special. Cherish your love and celebrate it with your man. How to make things look festive? Well, as we all know, hearts are the symbol of love, that's why you can choose a beautiful heart printed outfit to make things look fresh, bright and chic. Anyway, let's have a detailed look, shall we?

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All The Best Bodysuits Outfit Ideas To Copy Now

Let's talk about something cool and feminine- BODYSUITS. In this post, I am going to show you my favorite outfit ideas you can easily create with this functional one-piece garment. It's no wonder why this awesome clothing staple is making a comeback this year, it's functional, easy to wear and extremely versatile. In other words saying, this is a safe choice for women who want to look their best and feel confident. It's like wearing a one-piece swimsuit on the streets, but you better cover it with some jeans, pants, skirt, and top. Anyway, let's have a more detailed look through these street style images.

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What Vests Are Ideal For Wearing In the Streets

In today's post we want to draw your attention to modern vests what are ideal for wearing in the streets this year. Every lady wants to look perfect and special, feeling comfort and warmth while she's is out in the streets. The thing is when it's the transitional season, you might feel heated wearing cozy outerwear, that's why many brands and designers offer its clientèle functional vests. We have tried to find only the best designs that are real essentials for making you look chic and elegant. Here are presented amazing looks from Visage, Alexander Lewis, Coach, and many other brands. Whether you are going for a lunch, heading out for a day on the town, you are sure to find a design that will ideally fit your individual style.

2015 Street Style Urban Vests For Ladies (1)

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Women’s Skinny Jeans To Wear This Season

This season comes with many denim updates, while the one look never changes and that's skinny jeans. In today's post we have gathered all the best women's pants that are going to be in trend. Let us tell you the main trends for skinny jeans this season. Many brands, designers offer us a great variety of styles and we see lots celebrities and bloggers wearing exactly this wardrobe staple in their everyday life. There is no need telling you, that the skinnies are in favor by many actresses and bloggers. This garment is extremely versatile, as you can pair it with everything, starting from semi-formal to casual looks. Most of women and girls try to find the ones which are best for wearing all season long, that's why we want to make it clear and share with you some astonishing and voguish designs that can be worn with sneakers, as well as with booties and glamor heels. Here are presented inspirational images:

Women's Skinny Jeans To Wear This 2014-2015 Season (1)

How about pairing them with a nice, statement leather jacket.

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Men’s and Male Models Street Style

Today we are about to see male models and businessmen street style looks that appear to be dapper, off-duty, grunge, hipster and smart inspired. That's an impressive compilation which features creative outfit combinations that are adoptive and practical. We think every guy will find here something interesting, which will for sure update his everyday wardrobe. All the presented outfit ideas were snapped in New York, Paris, Milan and London streets during fashion weeks. Here are showcased well-dressed dudes who appear in trendy clothing. You are about to see our favorite looks from hard-working guys outside the shows. Let's see exciting fashion trends that are going to be in style for dudes this year.

Men's and Male Models Street Style 2014 (1)

Become suit-addicted!

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It Girl Street Style

Most of you know that It Girl refers to a young woman who possesses the indefinable quality "It" (Wikipedia) and who's original concept is focused on personality. Today we want to bring you outstanding looks which are inspired by street fashion It-girls. You are about to see beautiful models, celebrities who appear in fresh, effortless and incredibly chic wardrobe outfits. Some of the showcased looks are very It French inspired, as we see classic suits, tweeds, tighter tops, girly, full skirts, navy stripes and retro details. Some elements come in bohemian effortless touches of the 1960's. We hope this compilation will be a great style inspiration for all of you.

It-Girl Street Style 2014 (1)

A classic black dress belted at the waist styled with a chanel quilted clutch-bag.

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Casual Men’s Clothing For Spring-Summer

How about wearing clean and simple style during this Spring-Summer? Let's have a look at casual men's wardrobe which includes many must haves for this warm season. Many brands and designers showed impressive looks that feature sporty touches, earth, neutral, grounded colors and versatile details. If it happened so that you are about to hit the streets of your city during your off duty day, then we advice you to wear simple blazers, washed jeans, light knitwear, striped tees and basic jackets, checked shirts, cardigans in playful colors. We love mixing classics with casual. Every piece should characterize you. All in all, keep it easy yet extremely chic.

Casual Men's Clothing For Spring-Summer 2014  (1)

How about pairing navy blue casual blazer with a simple cream white tee and pleated gray trousers with sandals.

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Best Chic Street Style Looks

How to dress chic in the streets of the big city? Today we want to bring you another compilation of street style looks that are going to be popular all year round. Here are presented gorgeous outfits that are perfect for city walks and night clubs in New York, Paris, Milan and London. You are about to see glamor and chic urban clothing styles that feature denim, billowing skirts, must have accessories, eclectic prints and tailored semi-formal essentials. As you have noticed many girls and women wear business and resort casual attire, while others keep things comfortable and appear in simple tanks, tops, tees, skirts and dresses. Well, it's a funny thing, as city walk has never had a certain dress code, while we see style trends which dominate, while each city has a different idea of street style. The most important thing is to have a comfortable pair of shoes, which will make your walking easy and convenient.

Chic Street Style Looks 2014 (1)

A Parisienne chic in cat eye sunglasses, gray cardigan and flared mid skirt.

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Grunge Style Ideas

It feels like grunge is back in fashion, right? This season it reaches high peak and we want to show you all the possible ways of styling it right. The thing is, that this subgenre of alternative rock is updated in a more "glamor" and colorful way, that's why bad girl is back with bright outfits, oversized silhouettes, original and unique details. Thanks god, it's not something dark, horrifying and dirty anymore, contrary, it's elegant and street style appropriate. The best thing which concerns grunge these days, it's the mix and match with other styles. Just imagine yourself wearing it with sporty, rock and roll outfits, military, boho, hippie, retro, indie and even hipster influenced wardrobe looks. Make yourself stand out the crowd thanks to these unique prints, colors and silhouettes.

Grunge Style Ideas For 2014-2015 Season (1)

So, how to look like a real 1990's chic? First of all, find a nice dress and pair it with a cool sweatshirt or crewneck and then style it with an impressive leather biker jacket and moto boots. Another option is to wear a colorful top or gown and ground it with a tartan skirt, pants or jacket. Anyway, here are presented the most trendiest ways how you can look awesome in grunge this year.

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