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Fashion Trends: Skirt Suits

Let's talk about feminine suits. In today's blog post I want to draw your attention to women's skirt suits. This outfit is ideal for ladies who want to underline their professionalism and femininity. It's no secret that skirt is the defining element in women's wardrobe. I am a big fan of simple A-line silhouettes. It's the same as mixing women's fashion with men's style. I am not saying that women's pantsuits should be forgotten, but I do like that special femininity of skirtsuit that looks both modern and easy to wear.

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (1)

Peach-orange set looks relaxed and urban inspired. I am so in love with this double-breasted jacket. Complete this outfit by adding heeled glossy loafers and studded shiny golden clutch.

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Women’s Pantsuits Trends

The power suits are back! In today's post I want to share with you an amazing collection of women's pantsuit trends to follow this year. It's no secret, they are very much having a moment right now. You better keep attention to these eye-catching styles with serious appeal, thanks to various silhouettes, cuts and colors. There are few tricks to know before you buy new suit to wear. The first one is to choose bright colors or prints, this will update your classic appearance and make you look modern. The second thing is about perfect fit, choose only those designs what are tailored perfectly (you can experiment with oversized and slim-fit versions). And the last but not least is to experiment with length, try on cropped styles. Hope these images will inspire you to buy a brand new suit for your formal meetings, business events, work and parties.

Women's Pantsuits Trends 2015-2016 (1)

Barbara Bui is here with a shiny pink red number worn atop purple colored ribbed knit high-neck top.

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Matching Separates Tops and Skirts

What can be more ideal than a perfect match? Today I bring to your attention this gorgeous collection of women's matching separates: tops and skirts combinations. You are going to see dynamic pairings from the various well-known designers lookbooks. Keep on reading to see the best ways to wear matching separates this year.

2015-2016 Matching Separates Tops and Skirts (1)

How about wearing a stunning, striped skirt-suit from Antonio Marras.

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Casual & Street Style Appropriate Pantsuits

Let's talk about casual and street style appropriate pantsuits to wear this season. In this compilation you are going to find modern suits that look simply ideal on street style ladies. Each one of these designs comes with a unique appearance, cuts and fits. In this collection I've included slim cuts, cool colors, cropped pants and slouchy fits (boyfriend styles). Keep the balance, as you may look too much urban in these outfits. Of course, almost every model comes with that special borrowing from the boys touch. I like that perfect balance of keeping warm and looking polished. Here, my favorite examples of beautiful silhouette suits from the various designer brands.

Casual & Street Style Appropriate Pantsuits 2015-2016 (1)

6397 offers a slouchy fit look that consists of a relaxed fit blazer worn atop white tee and paired with cool pants paired with lace-up slip-ons.

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Work & Business Appropriate Pantsuits

Pantsuits are great investments on business and work days. Today I am going to share with you a stunning collection of formal looks to wear this season. If you are a professional woman who works in a big company, office or a bank, then you should make your outfit look expressive and significant, by wearing a beautiful suit. It's no secret that suits give women a powerful first impression, that's why it should be a part of every professional woman’s wardrobe. Some may think that professional business attire all looks the same and boring, however it's a big myth, as there are numerous of variations to try on. I've got a gorgeous compilation of cool styles and cuts to share with you. These designs for sure will catch people's attention in the business world.

2015-2016 Work & Business Appropriate Pantsuits  (1)

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Fashion Trends: Matching Separates For Women

Today I want to speak with you about one of the biggest fashion trends for this season, yes, I am talking about matching separates for women. Pay attention to details, it's better to use less accessories or keep it minimal, instead of using bold and vibrant jewelry on colorful matchy-matchy styles. These separates often come in fabulous prints and fancy fabrics. They are here to stay keeping you fresh and fun. The versatility makes these clothes look unique and individual. I am in love with each one of these must-haves. I have this serious obsession with the following tops and bottoms. Hope you will like this exciting compilation the same as me:

Matching Separates For Women 2015-2016 Fashion Trends (1)
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Printed Pantsuits For Women

Let's talk about printed pantsuits for women that are in trend this season. It looks like brands and designers do not wish to stop bringing us stunning updates, by offering us jacquards, abstract prints, floral brocades, sophisticated symbols, portraits and plaid prints. In this compilation you are going to find amazing pants and matching blazers that for sure will make you look fancy and modern. This awesome head-to-toe look is ideal for a number of occasions, starting from work to parties. Go for simple top and minimal accessories to make this outfit look right. As you can see, the majority of styles look fresh and elegant.

2015-2016 Printed Pantsuits For Women (1)

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Urban & Sport Style Skirt Suits For Spring-Summer

Those who prefer a simpler approach to dressing will totally fall in love with these urban and sport style skirt suits what are great for this spring-summer season wear. No matter what you're style on, here are presented different kind of versions what can be dressed for home parties, creative events, as well as fashion shows, starting from New York to Milan and London. Indeed, if you want to amaze everyone with your individuality, then we highly recommend to try on one of these gorgeous creations. Being original and unique, sometimes makes you to experiment with silhouettes, colors and prints, sticking to the latest trends and obsessive looks. The presented styles are best for bloggers who choose comfort and creativity.

Urban & Sport Style Skirt Suits For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

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What Skirt Suits Are In Style For Spring

In today's article we are going to show you what skirt suits are in style for spring season. There is no doubt that this kind of wear went out of style for a while, because of mannish fashion, which was all about pants and the feeling that the skirtsuits are from the 1990's, remember 1988 film "Working Girl," then you know what I mean, as the idea of wearing bright colors in the work place was considered to be childish and weird. Well, thanks to the modern fashion we have chance to think by ourselves what is considered to be cool, weird and fashionable. The today's brands and designers offer us graceful and professional looks in a wide array of colors and styles, starting from mini lengths, above the knee to knee-length, ankle-length, A-line, etc.

2015 Skirt Suits (1)

To keep yourself looking cool during the day we advice you to pick the one with simple and classic lines, like the one which we see above in timeless black color. You can update it with chic blouse, pin, belt or a scarf. The double-breasted jacket looks quite retro inspired but stylish.

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How To Wear Women’s Shorts With Jacket This Spring

If you ask yourself how to wear women's shorts with jacket this spring season, then let us make it clear and share with you this great compilation of possible combinations of how you can create an eye-catching and statement look. We have observed many resort collections and today we bring you the best looks to be inspired from. You can either pair bright tops with shimmering styles, you can go totally in one color, keep it sporty, elegant, make a perfect suit for work or casual parties. If you go for patterned shorts then you can go either for plain either for the matching top to balance the look. The outerwear features statement blazers, anoraks and casual updates. Since warm season is all about bright colors, then we advice you to go for cheerful hues, but do not forget about the well known classics, like black and white. The entire collection includes bottoms with various lengths, starting from short to long ones. If we speak about shoes then here are presented dressy and smart-casual low heel pumps and timeless flats. Anyway, everything depends on you, which of the showcased looks is a perfect outfit for you?

2015 Women's Shorts With Jacket (1)

Keep it modern and try on yellow jacket styled with leather shorts.

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