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What to Wear to Work: Timeless Suits for Women

Today we are going to speak about women’s suits which have timeless look, so you can wear it whenever you want and you don’t have to worry if it’s still in fashion trend. Basically, keep all things simple. It’s better to choose classic colors and use some elegant (not dare to wear) accessories for a color pop. The important thing in any suit is the comfort and fitted look. If you want a versatile look, which would work for business meetings and for lazy talks with your friends, then we advice you to choose separate piece look, so buy skirts and jackets in separate, so you look both casual and formal, yet pay attention to color shades, as you may find something totally wrong.

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Blouses Wearing With Suits

Today we are going to speak about blouses that can be worn with your perfectly tailored suit. One important thing to know about blouses is that you have to feel comfortable and conservative, that’s why we will speak about the right size of blouses. It’s no secret, that majority of women want to look in the business place like a powerful business woman not some kind of glamor chic. That is why it’s very important not to wear tops that draw men’s attention to your breasts. Never unbutton your blouse too low, and it’s not appropriate to wear sheer tops, that’s why better to wear sweaters that are fitted and comfortable. Oversize blouses look casual and unprofessional.

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