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Trends: Casual & Smart Casual Jackets For Ladies

Speaking of style trends, then we think it's the right time to share with you some of the best casual and smart causal jackets for ladies to wear in everyday life. It has to be creative, comfortable and versatile. Versatility is one of the main characteristics, as it allows you to wear this outerwear with different tops and bottoms. Many of the styles available at the moment are fun and fresh. This layering piece can look boyish, striking elegant, as well as urban classy.

Casual & Smart Casual Jackets For Ladies - Fashion Trends 2015 (1)

Here we see a tailored safari outerwear that is worn atop white t-shirt and pale pink mini skirt. Try on this Coach outfit when you are on your way to university.

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Top 30 Modern Skirt Suits For Spring-Summer

The today's story is about women's modern skirt suits that are in trend next spring-summer season. We have looked through numerous of shows and lookbooks to share with you our top 30 models to try on next year. All the presented styles are perfect for wearing in the streets, some of them are suitable for sporting at work, while other ones are great for home parties and urban city events. The contemporary appeal of these suits makes its wearer look impressive and very individual. You are going to see vibrant looks that are colored in bright hues, prints, as well as darken versions. Speaking of silhouettes, then the 2015 comes with relaxed shapes that are great for any body type women. If you are ready to take on the boardroom in style, then we recommend to check out this incredible selection of women's suits.

Modern Skirt Suits For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

As you can see there are pretty pale pink designs, white colored, iridescent blue and pale turquoise skirt suits.

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Style Guide: Leather Jackets For Women

Keep it edgy, fresh and modern. In today's post we want to share with you something gorgeous and must-have: women's leather jackets style guide for this year. There are so many awesome styles to choose from, as you can try on edgy design, classic fit or modern, cropped version. The selection is limitless. Thanks to contemporary designers we have lots of great options that are both stylish and comfortable. The following collection features lots of interesting models that are available in a variety of colors, details and fits. We tried to pick only those jackets that will surely keep you updated and trendy. There are definitely quite new ways how you can wear this statement outerwear these days. Keep looking fresh and cool thanks to the following designs.

2015 Leather Jackets For Women (1)

The following styles are great for wearing with skirts, shorts, cropped trousers, sweaters, jeans, crop tops, long shirts, booties, flat shoes, sneakers and pumps.

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Wide-Leg & Bootcut Pants For Ladies

The today's post is about awesome ladies wide-leg and bootcut pants to try on next year. You are going to find amazing designs that are perfect for wearing with your smart-casual and relaxed tops. No matter what is the season outside, the wide leg are unique and chic bottoms to wear with anything, starting from casual to formal garments. These trousers are very elegant, as they can emphasize your shape's strong sides, making your legs longer and silhouette thinner. This design is a great alternative to skinnies, as they have a more sophisticated and on-trend look. Thanks God, this year comes with a great tendency to 1970's fashion, so you can wear these bottoms with no fear looking weird. We love this style as it can be worn by petites as well as by plus size women.

2015 Wide-Leg & Bootcut Pants For Ladies (1)

There are great models of low-waisted designs, high-waist, palazzo draped as well as pleated options. Speaking of boot-cut trousers, then these classic trousers are great for making a vintage look that will surely make a timeless outfit. This design normally taper to the knee and then slightly flare out to accommodate a boot. So, if you want to make yourself an unforgettable look, then we highly recommend to see all these pretty designs:

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18 Outfit Ideas With A Midi Skirt To Wear This Summer

The midi skirt is a stylish option this summer, as you can go feminine, preppy, chic, vibrant or even military inspired. In today's post we want to share with you 18 outfit ideas with midi skirt that are ideal for wearing this warm season. The midi or otherwise known as a tea-length skirt is a classic makeover that makes you look very individual and timelessly elegant. Thanks to the latest collections we have chance to show you some of the best styling tips that will surely help you to make a beautiful look. Each of these ladylike midi staples will give you an unbelievable update, as well as an edgy twist. Some of the outfits look polished, whilst the other ones come with a proper elegance and contemporary feel. Anyway, how would you style your tea-length bottom next year, please comment, as we want to know that dear readers!

Midi Skirts Looks For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

As you can see, the following design can come in black leather, geometric print, jacquard and even in leopard print.

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Urban & Casual Trousers For Spring-Summer

If you are looking for urban or casual trousers to try on next spring-summer season, then you have came to the right place darling. In today's post we are going to observe latest collections, which feature amazing designs that are ideal for casual city walks, cool parties, open air festivals and many other creative events. You are going to find awesome pleated versions, pinstripe looks, simple skinny white jeans, silken sweatpants, linen cargo pants, cool leather bottoms and many other gorgeous styles in varying lengths, sizes and fits. Having one of the following designs in your closet will automatically make you noticed. If you are still unsure and wondering what pair of these pants will revamp your look, then we are more than happy to show you this great compilation of women's casual trousers.

Urban & Casual Trousers For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

J. Crew keeps it fun and contemporary. We see model who appears in pinstripe bottoms wearing a pink slim-fit pullover and A-line khaki colored jacket.

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Top 20 Cropped & Capri Pants Styles

No matter what they say, but this year best pants styles so far are cropped and capri versions. In today's post we want to show you our special Top 20 cropped and capri trousers to wear in the streets, at work and special parties. The following trend made the biggest impact in the latest collections during New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion shows. No matter if you are looking for the design that will make you looking fabulous at some special party, or you just want yourself a modern update to wear at the office, believe us, these bottoms will surely make you noticeable. We have tried to find the best bottoms that can be worn by petites, plus size women and other shaped ladies. You are going to see different lengths, starting from ankle to shorter versions with fitted and baggy silhouettes in all kind of colors, patterns and fabrics. Get inspired now:

Top 20 Cropped & Capri Pants Styles 2015 (1)

Here we see a beautiful look from Banana Republic. Model appears in black-white micro plaid cropped slim-fit trousers, white shirt and sporty black jacket. Speaking of what shoes to wear with cropped pants, then you can try on these black, pointed-toe pumps.

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Top 20 Women’s Tailored Blazers

This time we want to give an ultimate top 20 women's tailored blazers to try on this year. You are going to find opulent blazers that are perfect for working hours, chic cocktail parties and special formal events. The best thing is that you can simply throw these chic designs on your shoulders making a real statement. The following staples are great for updating your casual look, as you can try on a simple shirt underneath one of these chic designs and walk out the door. Of course there are plenty of different ways to dress down these garments. We assure that each of these tailored styles will surely transform your entire look. You are going to find here paisley printed, denim looking, rich colored versions, as well as striped and floral updates. Anyway, let's have a look at some stylish opulent designs. Which one of these would you like to have in a new year?

Top 20 Women's Tailored Blazers 2015 (1)

Everything depends on your personal choice and imagination. We see relaxed, slim-fit and boyfriend inspired looks, where each one looks differently and individual.

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Must Have Women’s Long Sleeve Shirts

In today's post we want to draw your attention to women's long sleeve shirts that are must have of the next year. There are still ladies who afraid of these tops, as they think that all these styles are meant only for men. There are so many interesting designs to try on with your existing wardrobe staples. You are going to see beautiful chambray styles, cotton classics, tie collar designs, animal printed ones, heavy fabric creations and many other comfortable variations. The best part of wearing this staple is the mix and matching variations, that allow you to wear it with shorts, skirts, pants, jeans and sometimes even with dresses. Each of these tops add an instant cool and sophisticated vibe to any outfit. Check out some of the cool ways to wear a long sleeve shirt this year.

Women's Long Sleeve Shirts 2015 (1)

Almost every piece adds a special touch to the overall outfit, no matter if it comes in one color or bright prints.

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Trendy A-line Skirts For Spring-Summer

How about joining A-line team this spring-summer season. In today's post we want to share with you some of the best A-line skirts. The A-line bottoms were highly popular during the 50's, 60's and seventies, but they disappeared in the mid of 1980's. Thanks to the modern labels we see the comeback of these cool bottoms. You are going to see various lengths, starting from mini to below-the-knee and knee-length styles. These designs look sharp, ladylike and comfortable. The 2015 comes with perfect colors and prints, starting from shiny, glossy bright, colorful florals to muted and khaki hues. Why do we love these designs? Well it's not only because they work in almost every setting, but they are also cozy, chic and playful.

Trendy A-line Skirts For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

Every single piece looks original and trendy. We see high-waist, mini and midi updates that are colored in different hues and prints. Choose your favorite one and combine it with your favorite wardrobe staples.

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