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Sunglasses Trends Spring-Summer For Women

Here are shown the best women's sunglasses trends that are going to rock this spring-summer season. We think no outfit looks complete without sunnies, that's why it's essential to find real impressive design which will update your look and make you individual. Anyway, let's have a closer view at these pretty designs.
The first design trend is odd-shaped glasses, which are whimsical and make a real accent to your creativity. Those ladies who are thinking to buy themselves the ones like these, should note that these are main accent of your outfit, so you better keep your other accessories minimal.

Sunglasses Trends Spring-Summer 2014 For Women  (1)
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Women’s Bright Eyewear by Prada

Have you ever wanted bright eyewear, if yes, then let's have a closer view at Prada women's sunnies. Each pair has a character. The presented campaign features amazing sunglasses that come in various embellishments and will for sure suit any taste. We love each of these designs, as they look elegant and opulent. The focus is set on a woman's individuality that makes her look stand out the crowd. The presented models combine simplicity, class, clear lines and strong personality. Those who like everything retro inspired will for sure fall in love with these qualitative lenses. Just take a quick view on the oversized black frame flower motif sunnies- sharp and strong.

Women's Bright Eyewear by Prada (1)

Poeme Deluxe model is thick and refined by flower details on the front is shown in black. Love these hand-painted flowers in black and white combinations.

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10 Best Polyvore Combinations “How To Style Transparent Frames”

Today we are going to speak about possible styling variations that can be opted by you for combining clothing sets with transparent frames. For some of us it's quite hard to style clear glasses with our everyday basics, that's why we want to help you with these bright Polyvore combinations that will underline your uniqueness and will make you stand out the crowd. We have gathered different styles so that you can find your perfect match which will inspire you to look for the same clothing sets while you are shopping. You are about to see here sporty, hippie, preppy, casual and many other styles that are so popular these days. We really hope that you will like this beautiful compilation.

How To Style Transparent Frames - 10 Best Polyvore Combinations (1)

Here we see:
Nautical wrap watch
Tory Burch Metallic Rim Sunglasses
TOPSHOP Amy Textured Blouse by Jovonna
Burberry Double Cashmere Trench Coat
ONLY Ultimate Soft Reg. Skinny Pimsl13 Noos
VANS Grindle Authentic Womens Shoes
CHANEL Tote in velvet touch calfskin with interior removable pouch

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Sunglasses Trends: Shapes

Let's talk about this year's sunglasses trends that feature many bloggers, fashionistas, businesswomen and many celebrities. Today we want to share with you this season's specs shapes, including aviator, vintage wayfarer and cat-eyes, as well as some modern styles that make any person look differently, as we see some really creative and trendy shapes here. Women's specs come in vintage shapes, but every style is reworked in a modern way, by implementing some brilliant details that make these accessories look vibrant and bold. Our favorites are D-shape, aviators and oversize Tom Ford's modern Alien-eyes shape eyewear. While the men's line ranges from different round shape glasses and ultra thin circular designs. Anyway, let's start our trip into the world of powerful and trendy looks.

Sunglasses Trends 2014 (1)

That's a gorgeous collage of trendy styles, as here are presented oversize and impressive D-shapes, blue mirrored plastic frames, circular white frames and classic aviators in thin metallic frames.

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New Collection of Statement Sunglasses by Moscot

It's already spring outside and the sun tends to shine in our face. That feeling is so warm, till the time, when it's get warmer and you are already thinking of hiding from the sun. Today we have gathered bright and statement sunglasses made by New York based label Moscot, which designs are both perfect for men and women. You are about to see celebrity beloved collection entitled Sun. This year brand has updated their line, by offering us cool four legendary and vintage Originals frame models, which tend to be Johnny Depp's favorite ones: Grunya, Lemtosh, Nebb and Shayna. As you can see, they are updated with fresh colors and colored lenses. Here are presented rectangular frames named Ellis, as well as playful sunglasses Governer.

Statement Sunglasses by Moscot (1)
All the showcased designs are available on-line at Moscot web-shop.

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Women’s Eyewear For Spring-Summer

Today we want to share with you this amazing compilation of this Spring-Summer season's collection of statement women's eyewear designs. We know that most of you try to find something impressive, bold and trendy, but there are persons who want to keep the things classic. So, it looks like we have plenty of options for conservators and modern women. This is truly a great collection of women's sunglasses, as we see strong colors, beautiful and creative frames and many other details that will make you stand out the crowd during the sunny day. Here are showcased brands from the likes of House of Holland, Erdum, Bulgari, Bottega Veneta, Givenchy, Dior and many other.

We like these ones from House of Holland as they remind us of women lips:

Women's Eyewear For Spring-Summer 2014
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Sunglasses Trends For Women

Let us share with you this year's must have sunglasses that are best for women's wear. This year comes with fashion-forward punches, fierce colors, intricate details and luxe finishes. We love those fabulous shapes that feature every single frame. All the showcased eyewear designs have practical benefit, as they are meant for original purpose- wearing. Just imagine yourself wearing these pretty items during the night outs or early mornings, no matter what- you are looking awesome. This year comes with understated classics and ultra reflective shades that were stolen directly from the runway shows.

2014 Sunglasses Trends For Women (1)

You are about to see mirrored styles that reflect 1980's fashion. Each pair comes with bright colors, including vibrant blue, red, green and neon hues.

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How To Style: Men’s Eyewear

Today we are going to speak about men's eyewear, which can be seen in the streets of many cities, yes, you are right, we will share with you street style looks that feature amazing glasses and sunglasses. We hope this fashion inspiration and compilation will amaze you and we will get some clues of how to look voguish and elegant teaming glasses with our everyday basics. We thought to bring you the images only the men aged from 20 to 30, but after we considered to make this post about men of all ages. As you can see from the images below, many men are wearing glasses, no matter if it's a medical choice or simply a style statement- men do look amazing and beautiful in those frames and lenses. Of course vintage and retro dark frames still look stylish and must-have, as they are a huge comeback of the 1950's and 1960's, but today's fashion comes with many different styles, like the 1990's inspired frames.

Men’s Eyewear (1)
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Celebrity Sunglasses Trends For Women

Sunglasses seasons are all year around as even during winter time we wear sunglasses for sun protection, if it's sunny outside. Even celebrities appear wearing sunglasses, some are hiding their eyes and others love to add some cool accessories in their daily outfit. Today we are going to share with you some really hottest sunglass trends, which are going to be popular for decades. Your mission is to find the right ones for yourself, which will suit you and make you look great. Here below you will see lots of beautiful celebrities wearing chic sunglasses, no matter which kind of shape, design or color, every pair looks unique and rich. Why don't you grab one of your favorite sunglasses trends. Bold red shades are perfect on every skin and it pops up any neutral color outfit. You will find here wayfarers which look great with formal attire. Our favorite trends are multicolored shades and neon shades, these trends are perfect for those who like colors.

Celebrity Sunglasses Trends For Women (1)

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Red Frames

Our next topic is Red frames sunglasses. We have already found out that celebrities like to wear eye-catching wardrobe looks, that's why we want to share with you red frames trend which becomes so popular among superstars and actors. Red color frames is the same as red lipstick, as they look eye-catchy and suit everyone. That's why all those celebrities who want to shine and be spotted wear red sunglasses, no matter from which material they are made of: metallic or acetate, they will grab everyone's attention at once. Red framed glasses seem to be a trend for this year, thanks to bright color they will rule the catwalks, street style and even movies.

Red Frames Celebrity Sunglasses
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