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How To Style Women’s Sweatpants – Polyvore Combinations

In today's post we are going to observe the possible women's sweatpants styling ideas and we are going to show you amazing Polyvore combinations, which are perfect as well as for plus-size women and petite ladies. If you ask us: Are sweatpants perfect for any occasion? Then the answer is no, they are not perfect for formal events, or like an office (banks, call centers, financial sectors and recruiter companies) attire. But they do look fantastic on those ladies who have day-offs, for those who like walking down the streets, for creative events, meeting up with friends, go clubbing, etc. This style looks awesome on bloggers, designers and fashion addicted persons. The perfect pair of sweatpants for women is a pair which are soft, durable and have a comfortable fit. All the showcased looks are perfect for summer and winter wear. As you can see from the images shown below, the fabrics and colors are so different these days, that's why it's up to you which ones are better for you.

How To Style Women's Sweatpants - Polyvore Combinations (1)

How about floral pants, which can be paired with awesome sneakers, bulky pullover and chunky accessories, like a tote, cool sunglasses and bracelets.

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Women’s Sweatpants For Autumn-Winter

We'd like to show you this Fall-Winter season's best women's sweatpants which can be paired not only with athletic style clothes, but also with semi-formal basics. Of course, this kind of wear is not the most elegant garment, but they are extremely comfortable and can be paired with many interesting tops and outerwear designs. We have chosen practical and functional styles which have pockets and elastic waistbands. Each pair is perfect for wearing with your favorite clothes. The following looks can be worn at home, going shopping, on a picnic or country-side trip, workout or simple walk around town with your friends. The sweats make you feel confident, comfortable and sporty. Anyway, let's see all the cool joggers and classic styles which look casual and slouchy.

Women's Sweatpants For Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Keep it cool and dandy-like, by wearing a nice cowboy hat, two-tone color coat (camel and black), cozy pullover, white-greyish sweats and white slip-ons.

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Fall-Winter Sweatshirts For Men

It's officially, men sweatshirts are back on track this Autumn-Winter season. They have become classic and contemporary at the same time. Starting from October it's time for wearing these cozy tops. This time we bring you a great collection of sweats from various runway shows which were presented during fashion weeks. Here are shown beautiful hoodies, loose-fit designs, hooded sweats, creatively printed ones and sport style inspired. Indeed, we see alternating bright and dark colors, colorful prints, simple silhouettes, as well as baggy and loose-fit shapes. That's a wardrobe basic which will suit your lightweight coats, classic work-wear-inspired garments and weekend attire.

Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Sweatshirts For Men (1)

A straight basic design is teamed with slouchy pleated pants and pointed toe boots.

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Men’s Sweatpants For Fall-Winter

For some of you sweatpants may sound ridiculous but not this Autumn-Winter season, as we see many menswear collections which featured this sporty pants. You can wear them not only at the gym and lazy days around the house, but also in the streets and semi-casual occasions. This collection includes slim-tailored fits, jogging styles, comics printed, cargo inspired, cropped and short versions. It's acceptable to wear sweatpants in public these days, that's why we want to share with you amazing designs which can be styled with statement high-tops, sneakers, combat boots, suede shoes and trainers. We will show you how you can rock the sweatpants trend this year, how to style things right and make a statement. Keep in mind about layering as it's the key thing in creating your wardrobe, that's why try on a cool chambray button-down, navy sweater, lounge jackets, leather outerwear or a cool blazer on top. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at the possible looks.

Men's Sweatpants For Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Keep it gray and bright by wearing a cool outfit like a comfy jacket, blazer, sweatshirt, button down and sweats.

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Sweatpants For Women

How about wearing comfortable and statement pants this season? Today we want to share with you fabulous ways of wearing sweatpants in public this fall-winter season. This sport style bottom will take you from country club to casual and street appropriate style, yet keep your overall outfit preppy, modern and chic. It's obvious, sweatpants are not just for the gym, as we see many girls around who wear sweats in their everyday life. We have gathered awesome and comfortable styles which were seen in different lookbooks and runway shows. Before buying any of them, you have to be clear they will suit your other looks. Try to find something which suits your style and taste (choose the ones in which you feel comfort). As you can see from the images shown below, there are different styles, which include boot-cuts, lounge, legging, boyfriend, banded, skinnies, etc. The color palette comes in so many varieties: white, black, gray, khaki, camel, metallic hues, etc. Make it fun and pair them with hoodies, bright tops and comfortable separates. Anyway, here are out favorites:

2014-2015 Sweatpants For Women

Pair them with your sweet down jacket.

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Women’s Sweatpants For Spring-Summer

This Spring-Summer season comes with amazing sweatpants that are appropriate not only for gym, but also for walking down the streets, for wearing at home, as well as for casual weekends. They remain popular casual outfit for both men and women. The presented collection comes with this year's favorite designs. It's up to you which sweatpants style you are going to choose, starting from colors to materials (cotton, knit, nylon or spandex). As you already noticed, the presented designs come in different styles, including banded, lounge, boyfriends, leggings and skinnies. Do not choose those pants which are one or two sizes bigger, as they won't be comfortable, it's better to choose baggier, lounge styles teamed with fitted tops, conversely, choose looser tops teamed with tighter style sweatpants.

Women's Sweatpants For Spring-Summer 2014 (1)
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Women’s Fashion Tips: How to Style Sweatpants

Sometimes it’s kind hard to style sweatpants, as the only look which comes in every’s girl mind is: sweatpants teamed with sweater, windbreaker and cool cap. Well, it’s not a bad style, yet Wardrobe Looks will share with you some other quite interesting and eye-catching styles, which will attract everyone’s attention nearby you.

Before we start our compilation we would like to underline that sweatpants are casual wear pants, so it’s not recommended to wear them at work or evening events. The first look is Jessica Alba wearing baggy sweatpants with loose white vest top, big scarf and sunglasses, quite edgy and urban.


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Men’s Activewear: Sweatpants

If you are one of the guys who want to look both sports inspired and stylish then Wardrobe Looks has perfect suggestion for you- sweatpants. Its real comfortable wear and it can be styled with many garments.

Most common style of sweatpants is the pants with elastic waistline and soft cotton jersey body. Many stylists advice to wear tracksuit bottoms teamed with sneakers and hood sweatshirts for a real casual appearance, while the others say it’s better to team sweatpants with camel hue boots and heavy tops, like sweaters and cardigans. It’s most common to see men wearing baggy and loose-fitted sweatpants, as they have flexibility and comfort.

Sweatpants Men's Activewear (1)
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Women’s ActiveWear: Sweatpants

Tracksuit bottoms or sweatpants are casual wear soft trousers which are made for relax wear. This kind of wear is meant for relax but also for wearing outdoor. The main problem of nowadays sweatpants is the appropriate fit, which looks a bit loose fitted yet not baggy. You can find lots of beautiful designs in many fashionable online-shops, yet you have always keep attention to the fit and tailoring.

That’s why WardrobeLooks.com will help you to choose the best sweatpants to make you look outstanding and in trend. Anyway, we think it's the right time to start our trip into the world of amazing women's sweatpants.

Women’s  Sweatpants (1)

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