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Women’s Pullovers & Sweatshirts

Hey there! It's time to share with you an awesome collection of women's pullovers and sweatshirts. Some of ladies think that classic sweatshirt and pullover is only for urban street wear. Thanks to modern stylists and designers we have chance to wear it not only through weekends, but from work to night out on the town. Of course, this athletic inspired top should be styled correctly. In this compilation we are going to see marvelous from the likes of 3.1 Phillip Lim, A La Russe, Just Cavalli, Julien David, Paul & Joe, Paule Ka, Peter Jensen and many more. Each one of the presented styles looks chic and elegant. You can pair them with absolutely anything you want, starting from skirts to jeans, tailored trousers and even dresses. Speaking of details, then we see beautiful creations in abstract embroideries, geometric patterns, floral prints, cute graphics, logo sticker prints, etc. The fit of your sporty looking sweatshirt can be either oversized, or fitted (looks more flattering and stylish). Here are great designs from my favorite designers to try on this year. Have fun with this trend.

Women's Pullovers & Sweatshirts 2015-2016 (1)

3.1 Phillip Lim offers a gorgeous, slouchy fit style in graphic pinstripe print. Try on this awesome top with your favorite tailored, pleated trousers.

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Women’s Sweatshirt Trend For Spring-Summer

If you want yourself a functional top for this spring-summer season, then let us share with you next year's women sweatshirts that are going to be popular all year round. We have looked through numerous lookbooks and ready to wear fashion shows and now it's the right time to share with you the best styles to try on. Keep your eyes on something comfy and cute, as we have sweet designs that will make you look fab. We see different styles, colors, shapes and prints. You are going to see funky and street style garments that are urban, mannish and extremely versatile. As you can see, there are thousands of eye-catching looks that feature jeans and attention grabbing skirts. Take a look at our picks and choose your favorites.

Women's Sweatshirt Trend For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

As you can see, there are numerous of eye-catching designs that come in different shapes and color. We love each of them, as you can pair them with fantastic bottoms, starting from A-line to pencil skirts.

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18 Cool Ways to Wear Sweatshirt This Winter

Sweatshirts certainly are perfect for sessions at the gym, yet in today's post we are going to share with you some of the best cozy top styles for this winter season which can be combined and incorporated into other outfits. We have studied lots of shows and collections and now we have chosen the 18 cool ways how you can wear this sporty and at the same time elegant wear. If you do everything correctly, by pairing them with your favorite pencil skirts or skinnies, then there will be no doubt in creating a serious style statement. Many fashion weeks street styles feature models, fashionistas and bloggers who appear wearing this bulky and chic top garment. What we love about this piece, then it's the ultimate look during winter days, as the temperature starts dropping, all we want is to feel ourselves wrapped up and cozy, that's why a nice sweat will do its job perfectly. All in all, here below are showcased chic and key pairings of sporty crew-necks with amazing shoes and bottoms balancing textures and colors.

Women's Sweatshirts For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Discover this versatile by teaming it with some high quality garments, like pairing simple, black design with creative slogans with a retro hat and blue pencil skirt.

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How To Wear Sweatshirts In The Spring

We are going to see numerous ways how to wear sweatshirts in the upcoming spring. Thanks to recent resort collections we have chance to see next spring season's trend: sweatshirts. All women love wearing this garment: first of all, it's comfy, second, it's practical & functional and third, it's streets style friendly. That's a must-have piece for those ladies who can not get enough of the sporty chic style. There was a time, when women wore it only at the gym. In today's fashion world you can see young students wearing it at schools, as well as working girls walking down the streets drinking coffees, as well as business ladies and bloggers. So, the sports touches and details style have seized all fashion trends and styles these days, that's why you need to know and see the basic looks and silhouettes how to balance your look, not looking like a professional athlete.

Women's Sweatshirts For Spring 2015 (1)

So, the first thing is to keep it basic and simple: try on an elongated classic color version (with letter logos for instance) paired with a pale pink cotton or leather mini skirt.

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Fall-Winter Sweatshirts For Men

It's officially, men sweatshirts are back on track this Autumn-Winter season. They have become classic and contemporary at the same time. Starting from October it's time for wearing these cozy tops. This time we bring you a great collection of sweats from various runway shows which were presented during fashion weeks. Here are shown beautiful hoodies, loose-fit designs, hooded sweats, creatively printed ones and sport style inspired. Indeed, we see alternating bright and dark colors, colorful prints, simple silhouettes, as well as baggy and loose-fit shapes. That's a wardrobe basic which will suit your lightweight coats, classic work-wear-inspired garments and weekend attire.

Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Sweatshirts For Men (1)

A straight basic design is teamed with slouchy pleated pants and pointed toe boots.

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Sweatpants For Women

How about wearing comfortable and statement pants this season? Today we want to share with you fabulous ways of wearing sweatpants in public this fall-winter season. This sport style bottom will take you from country club to casual and street appropriate style, yet keep your overall outfit preppy, modern and chic. It's obvious, sweatpants are not just for the gym, as we see many girls around who wear sweats in their everyday life. We have gathered awesome and comfortable styles which were seen in different lookbooks and runway shows. Before buying any of them, you have to be clear they will suit your other looks. Try to find something which suits your style and taste (choose the ones in which you feel comfort). As you can see from the images shown below, there are different styles, which include boot-cuts, lounge, legging, boyfriend, banded, skinnies, etc. The color palette comes in so many varieties: white, black, gray, khaki, camel, metallic hues, etc. Make it fun and pair them with hoodies, bright tops and comfortable separates. Anyway, here are out favorites:

2014-2015 Sweatpants For Women

Pair them with your sweet down jacket.

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Women’s Sweatshirts For Autumn-Winter

Let us tell you more about hoodies & sweatshirts which are in style this season. We are going to show you the possible ways of how you can wear them, how you can look trendy, timeless and city chic. First of all let's speak about hoodies. This layer gives you an additional comfort, it's easy to wear garment, while for most people it associates with gym clothes. Fortunately, thanks to many labels and designers we see lots of stylish ways how you can make hoodies work as part of your fashionable everyday wardrobe. All you need to have is just a bit of creativity. First thing is first- make layers all around you: keep it lees athletic and wear it with your sweatshirt, tee, button-down, etc. and then pull on a fabulous jacket (blazer, leather jacket, sporty one). If you want to layer it, then keep in mind about its thickness, if it's too thick, then forget about layering. Second thing is creativity, as you can wear it with your girlish dress. Third option is make it look university inspired, by teaming it with city chic clothes like skinnies, converse high tops, sneakers, denim skirts, tops, chinos and flats, etc.

Women's Sweatshirts For Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

A pullover styled with pleated skirt.

Now it's the right time to speak about sweatshirts. As you all know it's a huge comeback this year and many labels offer us sporty chic looks to try this fall-winter. Try on something not so thick, yet comfy and sophisticated. Show off your individuality and keep it glamor, oversized, cropped, etc. You can wear it layered, by teaming it with knee-length skirts, fitted button downs under crewneck sweatshirt and layer it with polka dot coat. The other option is a total tomboy style and it includes a printed sweat, baggy trousers, boyish flats and dressy outerwear. Or keep it dressy by teaming a floral dress with a colorful sweatshirt.

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Women’s Sweatshirts For Spring-Summer

Let's talk about luxe clothing sets our dear wardrobelooks.com readers. Today, we are going to share with you this Spring-Summer season's collection of women's sweatshirts that will make you look unique and individual, while wearing these items in the streets or during special events. Thanks to these cool and chic designs you will stay warm and look effortlessly chic during chilly summer days. We love these slouchy silhouettes that feature bright hues, splashy patterns and sporty shapes. This is a great season and it's definitely comes with fashionable and comfy sweatshirts that can be easily teamed with sweatpants, casual jeans, as well as with sparkly embellished skirts, whimsical prints and other statement staples.

Women's Sweatshirts For Spring-Summer 2014 (1)
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Fashion Tips: How to Style Sweatshirts and Hoodies

We think every girl questioned herself how to style sweatshirt or hoodie. Today we are going to share with you images of sweats and hoodies street style looks. Sometimes a classic ultimate winter stonewashed zip-up hoodies look perfect with urban skinny jeans and edgy boots. Some like teaming sweatshirts with leggings for a sporty feel. Some girls like to wear cropped sweatshirts with skirts, or long hoodie with shorts and tights for an ultra-urban appearance. We love that street style vibe, looks fabulous. Some ladies choose a round-neck sweatshirts (with polka dots or cool slogans) to team them with boyfriend’s jeans.

How to Style Sweatshirts and Hoodies (13)

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Women’s Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Sometimes it’s very useful to wear urban clothing, as every girl wants to feel comfortable and ease. Today’s topic is women’s sweatshirts and hoodies which ar perfect for every lady. You don’t have to be super fit, like a dancer, so you can pull off this great look in many style variations. Here below you will find great sweatshirts and hoodies designs compilation. If it happened so, that you have no idea what sweatshirt means, then let us tell couple of words about sweatshirts. Sweatshirts are type of sweaters which are made of quite the same fabric, as Tracksuit bottoms. This kind of top is a sport or casual wear item, yet nowadays it is used as everyday casual attire and sometimes it is used as semi-formal wardrobe piece.

Women’s Sweatshirts and Hoodies (18)
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