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Plaid Jackets & Tartan Coats For Women

How about covering yourself in a warmth plaid jacket or tartan coat this season? Today we bring you a great selection of women's outerwear apparel which is worth wearing to work, various events, like cocktail parties and weekends. We have seen many lookbooks and ready to wear shows which feature this classic pattern and today we want you to take a closer view at this plaid outerwear. These statement layers can cover your dresses, everyday separates making them look original and unique. Even casual pieces like smart button-down and light-wash jeans can look awesome with tartan bomber or parka. You can easily rework your office ensembles, blazers, trousers, pantsuits with checked outerwear. Wear plaid covering in any season by pairing it with your favorite wardrobe looks. Anyway, let's explore these awesome styles:

2014-2015 Plaid Jackets & Tartan Coats For Women (1)

How about wearing this flared jacket teamed with printed trousers and gaiters at work.

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Plaid and Tartan Skirts For Autumn-Winter

In today's post we are going to tell you how to wear tartan/plaid skirts this Fall-Winter season. This piece of clothing can be teamed with any other apparel from your closet. It seems like this item never goes out of style. This wardrobe staple can make quite fashion statement, while keep your look in a proper style, so it looks classy, cute and chic. Your skirt length should balance your overall appeal, while there are many short versions, which look quite school-style inspired, while we advice to go for a bit longer versions, such as knee or tea-length for a start. Most of them are ideal for working hours (day look can feature flat shoes), while you can always style them for a night look by wearing heels, evening top and black trench coat. Pair it correctly, wear quite classic styles or go bold for a modern update.

Plaid and Tartan Skirts For Autumn-Winter 2014-2015

A wrapped top belted at the waist styled with a bright pencil skirt.

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Plaid and Tartan Skirt Suits

It seems like plaid and tartan prints will always be in vogue. The thing is, you have to wear them in a stylish manner. Keep few simple tips and we guarantee you to be a real fashionista in the streets. Tartan consists of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors to form a rectangular pattern. Some experts associate this pattern with Scotland (kilts). In recent years this pattern has been incorporated in women's and men's clothing and accessories sets: shoes, bags, rack sacks, scarves, suits, separates. If you are buying clothes for winter, then keep thick tartan fabrics. In today's collection you are about to see various skirt lengths: mini to knee-length (we love slim, A-line and simple wrap skirts); beautiful form-fitting jackets, loose-fit tops and outerwear. If it happened so, that you are wishing to wear this beautiful print skirt suits, then we suggest you to stay in the same color family for your total look, otherwise you will look like a clown.

Plaid and Tartan Skirt Suits 2014-2015 (1)

Those of you who are wishing to wear this pattern at work, then this outfit is a great option. This look features a cute loose-fit bottom.

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Plaid and Tartan Sweaters For Women

Tartan and plaid are in trend right now and there are so many amazing ways and combinations how to wear it this season. Every brand and designer offer us feminine outfits, as well as grungy, preppy and mannish looks which suit formal and informal events. In today's compilation we want to share with you beautiful plaid sweaters which were seen in many fashion shows, as well as lookbooks. Those of you who like individuality will for sure like to finish their looks with one of these pretty, cozy layers. We are sure you have noticed how great these tops look with everyday separates and office appropriate garments. A cozy tartan or plaid sweatshirt is a great way to work the trend into your everyday style. Keep in casual by adding comfy boots, skinnies and statement outerwear. Well, there you have it! These images for sure will inspire you to rock the tartan trend:

Plaid and Tartan Sweaters 2014-2015 For Women (1)

Keep it simple and wear it with your daywear skirts.

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Trendy Plaid and Tartan Clothing For Women

In today's post we would like to show you this season's trendy plaid and tartan women clothing sets and combinations. You are about to see layered effects, relaxed separates, beautiful button downs, plaid jackets in various styles and colors. The main thing about this print is the relaxed look and comfortable update which looks laidback and stunning. As you can see from the images below, each piece highlights wearer's unique personality and individuality. Many brands and designers used this pattern in creating statement outerwear designs, coatdresses and cozy layers. We love that creative modern twist which makes every tartan outfit look unique and bold. This Fall-Winter season we advice you not to be afraid of embellished outfits which are incorporated with bows, ruffles and creative sleeves (1/2 and 3/4 length). Be yourself, unique and individual. We have gathered the most beautiful looks which were snapped during runways. Discover a great variety of plaid ensembles in various colors and styles.

Plaid and Tartan Clothing 2014-2015 (1)

That's a perfect shirtdress for office wear. Style it with classic separates like white top and black pants.

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Plaid and Tartan Shirts For Women

Make your daily wardrobe more practical and try on a go-to classic shirts in plaid and tartan prints. This look will never go out of style, that's why it's very easy to pair it with all casual bottoms, starting from skirts, shorts to pants and jeans. In today's compilation we have gathered practical short-sleeve, long-sleeve, loose-fit and fitted designs which were showcased during ready-to-wear fashion shows. We personally have kind of classic Americana feel about these button-downs in flannel and plaid prints. Here below are presented comfy silhouettes in classic and spontaneous styles with cool details like patch pockets and creative collars. Each top combines comfort and the right dose of relaxation, which create an additional sophistication and laidback look. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at these updates:

Plaid and Tartan Shirts 2014-2015 For Women (8)

That's a classic style which is worth to be worn at the office styled with a cute skirt and patent pointed toes.

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Women’s Plaid & Tartan Pantsuits

Please welcome another evolution of plaid and tartan patterns for the next season. You are about to see head to toe plaid pantsuits which were showcased on a number of runways. This season many brands and designers offer us to go for different size checks, but keep it in similar color palette, as this year is all about harmonious clothing sets. We personally have kind of 1960's inspiration when viewing these creations, yet many labels make them look contemporary by using various fabrics, fits, styles and colors. Jackets are mostly tailored, while we see sporty and semi-casual updates. The pants come in various fits, starting from fitted and regular to wide and loose-fit.

Women's Plaid & Tartan Pantsuits 2014-2015 (1)

This one is quite retro inspired. We love this creative hat.

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Plaid and Tartan Pants For Women

Let's talk about tartan pants. Today's fashion offers plenty of women's statement, powerful and eye-catching looks. If you want to spice-up your look this Fall-Winter season, then let us show you the best plaid trousers which you can try on this season. No matter if you are a preppy or grungy person, you need something effortlessly cool and bold. These trousers can be teamed with knitwear like sweaters and cardigans, as well as mannish shoes, like Oxfords. This year tartan comes in bold and bright colors, that's why you can wear them with simple muted tees and other statement tops. New trends come with slim fitted designs (skinnies), slouchy, mannish loose fit and relaxed trousers. Wear them with leather jackets, white button-downs, graphic-printed shirts, black blazers, long vests, fitted pullovers, in other words, it means you can mix-and-match your favorite wardrobe looks.

Plaid and Tartan Pants 2014-2015 For Women (1)

How about making an urban update by styling a short bomber with a simple printed tee and wide, loose tailored bottoms.

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Plaid and Tartan Dresses

Let's talk about tartan and plaid dresses for this season. It's obvious that this style is in trend right now and there are many ways to wear it. For some of you this trend is not quite feminine and may remind you of men kilts. Thanks to modern fashion and 1990's nowadays women compare it with grunge style. In today's compilation we want to show you amazing designs which feature tartan and plaid patterns as well as peter pan collars and other unique and original details. As we have already noted, this print takes a nod from its Scottish roots. In traditional appearance tartan features crisscrossing bands in various colors, while in today's fashion many designers and brands offer a contemporary twist on this classic pattern. Here are presented skater ensembles, long versions, mohair and wool designs, office appropriate and casual looks.

Plaid and Tartan Dresses For 2014-2015 Season (1)

This is school-inspired ensemble.

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Tartan And Plaid Coats For Women

Let's talk about outerwear. In today's compilation we are about to view awesome tartan and plaid coats for women which are going to be in trend all season long. The tartan and plaid coats are versatile and can be dressed up with absolutely anything, starting from grunge to glamor and classic style clothes. If you are one of those women who wants to be in center of everyone's attention, then we definitely advice you to try on bright, large plaid prints. This outerwear staple can be teamed with numerous accessories, from black or white gloves, scarves, chunky jewelry, mannish hats or beanies. Make it bold, pop and fun by teaming your layers with colorful tops and bottoms. Dark plaid is always in style, that's why choose the one which will suit casual and formal attire. This season is all about masculinity and statement look, that's why go for loose-fit and spacious outings. If we speak about the style, then there are pea-coats, cape-coats, trenches and many more.

2014-2015 Tartan And Plaid Coats For Women (1)

That's already a classic piece, which features a leather collar, red color and reminds us of modern grunge look. We love the spacious handbag and those high-heels.

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