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Functional Knitwear Trends

It wouldn't be fall without knitwear, that's why I want to share with you knitwear trends to follow this season. Many designer brands revealed so many interesting takes on knits, starting from pretty and cozy accessories to matching separates, long dresses and trousers. In other words saying, I see a fresh spin that makes every piece look individual.

Knitwear Trends For pre-Fall 2015 (1)

Antonio Marras keeps it slouchy and relaxed. In love with abstract pattern.

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Women’s Denim Trends

Is there anything cooler than women's denim? Today I am here to share with you this amazing collection of women's denim trend to wear this year. There is so much to choose from in terms of styles, washes, shapes, rises and colors, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Indeed, this year many designer brands offer us amazing designs that are practical and easy to wear. It looks like somebody has invented a time machine, as we travel from 1970's, 90's to modern days. You are gonna love these disco, grunge, country and urban vibes. You can find here various embellishments, bell-bottom flares, vintage hues, denim mixes, pleats and elongated silhouettes. I personally find here kind of The Beatles influence, Woodstock festival touches, as well as Bohemian carefree feel. All in all, get ready for a blast from the past.

Women's Denim Trends 2015-2016 (1)

6397 keeps it casual and functional. We see model wearing a workwear denim jumpsuit styled with cool slip-ons.

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Coat Trends For Women

These coats are made for snuggling up! Today I want to share with you this stunning collection of women's trendy coats to wear this year. Thanks to the contemporary designer brands we have chance to see best styles from the latest lookbooks. The following compilation consists of seriously cozy outerwear, as well as lightweight, belted and printed designs.

2015-2016 Coat Trends For Women (1)

Samuji keeps it simple and minimalistic offering its clientèle a dark blue shapeless look.

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Trend Report: Women’s Cuffed Jeans For Spring-Summer

Let's speak about cuffed jeans trend. Today we want to share with you our best women's cuffed denim pants from spring-summer collections. This trend was first spotted in the streets worn by pop culture celebs. We must admit, this look is ideal on a daily basis. It looks relaxed, boho-chic and casual. Many models appear in the streets wearing such off-duty look. We tried to look for the best options from various lookbooks, so you can think over your tomorrow's look. As you can see, the cuffs rolled up at the ankles looks like a cropped effect, which is quite flattering. It can balance the loose-fit nature of your casual bottoms. All in all, let's take a look at these ways to wear cuffed denim trousers.

Women's Cuffed Jeans For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)
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Review Of Women’s Tailored Coats For Spring-Summer

Let us share with you some of the best next spring-summer season's tailored coats for ladies and women. The following collection includes qualitative designs that can be worn with business separates, as well as with evening dresses and suits. If you want to invest a little bit extra into buying the right design, then we recommend you to go for tailored essentials. We see delicious designs in various lengths and shapes. We see gray, white, dark emerald, urban black, dark red, rich blue and extremely printed options. Speaking of length and shapes, then most of looks are elongated, big and even oversized. Cover up this season with one of the following outerwear designs. All in all, we hope one of the following designs will intrigue your attention.

Women's Tailored Coats For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)
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Best Ways to Wear Denim on Denim This Spring-Summer

We think there is no need describing the denim on denim trend (or double denim). The Spring-Summer season comes with mazing updates what are great for trying on this year. We have searched for the best inspirational images for you to choose from. As you can see, many designers and brands came with loose-fit and slim-fit silhouettes, awesome new washes, flower embroideries and various hues (starting from light to indigo and dark blue shades). Many designers tried to incorporate jean fabric into their collections, offering us quite interesting ideas. We have decided to round up our favorites and bring you only the best looks what are going to kick off the jam next year. All in all, keep your eyes wide open and choose your favorites:

Denim on Denim For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

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A Collection of Belted Coats Perfect for Spring-Summer

Keep your heads up as we are going to share with you an amazing collection of belted coats what are perfect for wearing this spring-summer season. As the spring season comes we try to search for something lighter that will not only warm us up but also give an elegant look. Many brands and designers have updated their collections with awesome waist cinched bulky coats. The belt defines lady's waist and gives a perfect transitional look making you more feminine. This look can be achieved in a couple ways: you can either cinch your coat with a favorite belt (can be wide, skinny or regular) or simply buy yourself a perfect pre-belted coat. Next great thing is that you can work this look with all body types, giving you a figure-flattering shape. Anyway, let's have a closer look at the following collection and choose our favorites:

Women's Belted Coats For Spring-Summer 2015

German designer brand Angel Schlesser offers a minimalistic white wrap version what look great with simple flat sandals.

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Two Tone Pony Tail Hairstyles

Hello our lovely readers, today we are about to share with you this amazing hairstyle which has creative and individual look, as it has dual color. Yes, we are about to view those amazing two tone pony tails that look awesome and creative. Many of you watched Alexander Wang runway collection (it is fall 2013), where Wang showed us a modern lady, who appears in henna-treated dark brown wood strands that are implemented with a custom dyed ponytail extension. That's what we call a pop of color! Anyway, if you do not want to use a hair extension, then you can always ask your hairstylist to make an amazing dual color that will complement and underline your unique look.

Two Tone Pony Tail Hairstyles (1)

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Trends: Trench Coats For Women

The fashion world of trench coats is so huge and comes with various styles and trends, that you never know which of the styles is in trend now. As the Fall-Winter season comes in our towns we try to find the one and only trench for ourselves: crumpled, loose, fitted, in black or beige, well nowadays all depends on your personality and personal tastes, yet there are things which really have to know for sure: comfort and warmth. The trench coat is a versatile look which is perfect for transitional seasons. The timeless designs will never go out of fashion, that's why if you still thinking of the trench-coat, then choose classic belted knee-length design in beige/black/white.

Trench Coats 2013-2014 For Women (1)

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