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Vests For Women

It’s chic, it’s warm, and it’s voguish. Yes, I am talking about women's vests to wear this year. Today, we are going to observe heavy wool, fur, leather, military inspired, oversized, tailored, nomad, shortened, biker inspired and many other stunning designs to wear atop your eye-catching tops and cover-ups. How can you incorporate a vest into your wardrobe without looking silly? Well, I've got an inspiration collection for you to look through. It looks like vests are becoming very popular, as I see lots of designer collections that feature these awesome sleeveless jackets. It’s a great layering piece that will keep you cozy and for sure will catch the attention of others. This addition will for sure add a sophisticated touch of extravagance and luxury look to any outfit. If you are still having doubts about wearing vest, then I highly recommend you to get inspired by these looks from various designer brand collections:

2015-2016 Vests For Women (1)

3.1 Phillip Lim offers a kind of sleeveless peacoat colored in dark blue color. Love the cozy look of this cover-up.

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Tailored Vests For Women

Today we want to talk about women tailored vests to try on this year. Stylish vests are an easy way to work a layered look and making you look fabulous and more formal. We have looked through various fashion designer brands lookbooks and runways that's why we want to share with you our personal favorites of stylish vests, what will update your new season look. You are going to see lightweight tailored essentials, elongated designs, fringed ones, double-breasted versions and pretty waistcoats. The time has already passed when it was obligate to wear waistcoats only with your suits. Today, we see women who have truly made the vest their own, wearing it with everything from dresses to casual tees and blouses. The following collection consists of versatile designs that are sophisticated and ideal for wearing with casual and dressy looks. We are sure, all these garments will for sure make you look individual.

2015 Tailored Vests For Women (1)
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What Vests Are Ideal For Wearing In the Streets

In today's post we want to draw your attention to modern vests what are ideal for wearing in the streets this year. Every lady wants to look perfect and special, feeling comfort and warmth while she's is out in the streets. The thing is when it's the transitional season, you might feel heated wearing cozy outerwear, that's why many brands and designers offer its clientèle functional vests. We have tried to find only the best designs that are real essentials for making you look chic and elegant. Here are presented amazing looks from Visage, Alexander Lewis, Coach, and many other brands. Whether you are going for a lunch, heading out for a day on the town, you are sure to find a design that will ideally fit your individual style.

2015 Street Style Urban Vests For Ladies (1)

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11 Ways to Wear a Vest This Spring

We want to draw your attention to this spring season awesome ways to wear a vest with your everyday clothing. We have gathered 11 wardrobe looks which feature various length, cuts and silhouette vests. As you know, it's a perfect transitional piece, which makes your look complete and saves you from windy days. Just imagine yourself wearing a favorite sweater, top or a dress embellished with a statement vest. Nowadays, there are known many cool styles which add easiness and relaxed feel. Indeed, that's a key layering piece which add a structured and polished appeal to your overall look. We have a great compilation of awesome vests in short and extra long lengths, which were drawn from different resort collections.

11 Ways to Wear a Vest This Spring 2015 (1)

Here we see a sleeveless cardigan style which is worn over a simple tee and pleated below-the-knee skirt. We love the white sneakers.

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Fur Vests For Women

Today we want to share with you a must-have layer of the season- fur vests. This ready to wear piece seems never goes out of style. It can be used during windy and chilly summer days, as well as winter season. Make a fashion statement this year and try on comfortable, easy to wear designs. We have gathered the best ones for you, that's why keep attention on these marvelous outerwear staples. As the vest is sleeveless, then it can be easily styles with light tanks, heavy sweaters and even leather jackets. In today's fashion many designers offer us wide variety of lengths, from long to cropped versions. Those of you who like wild and strong looks will definitely like printed designs. We think it's the right time to discover all the playful and beautiful styles directly from the runway shows.

Women's Fur Vests 2014-2015

Here we see a long belted version styled with pleated short pants and cuffed pumps.

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Modern Women’s Spring-Summer Vests

We have already spoken with you about winter vests and it looks like we have to move further and see some of the brightest spring-summer gilets that will underline your femininity and make you stand out the crowd. As we have already mentioned the styles, then you should know: everything depends on you and it's up to you which style you will choose. Many brands and designers offer us different layers that might make you look like a rock star, grunge girl, Bohemian, hippie, glamor lady or urban denim lover. Anyway, let's see some bright looks that were snapped on the catwalk, streets of big cities and photo shoots.

Women's Vests (1)
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Modern Women’s Autumn-Winter Vests

Today's topic are women's vests. We would like to discuss with you some of the brightest models that are in fashion now, as it's winter outside, that's why it's essential to know all the basics and characteristics of today's fashion vests. Everything depends on you, as no one else can say, which style suits you the best, as it can be a laid-back Bohemian vibe, that makes you look more feminine and a bit casual, or it can be modern style outfit, where the gilet underlines your contemporary spirit, or you can go grunge, sporty, retro etc. We hope you already understood, what are we trying to tell you, right? Anyway, it's our mission for today to give you some tips, advices what sleeveless jackets are in fashion these days and which ones you can already wear.

Modern Women's Autumn-Winter Vests (1)
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How to Style and Wear Women’s Vests

Hello Dear WardrobeLooks.com readers, today we are going to observe the possible ways and styles of how you can wear women's vests this year. We are going to see bright and stylish outfits that look amazing with this beautiful outerwear. We will see some guidelines that will make you look timeless. Anyway, it's time to see the right styles and choose the favorite one. Let's get inspired now. It's no secret for anyone, that the first step is to choose the right style, indeed, it's one of the most important aspects of looking fresh and fashionable. That's why you have to know your body proportions and choose those layers and tops that do not make you look too heavy. It's very important to know, that wearing an oversized vest you should have "fitted bottom," we mean if your body has curves, then you should hide the curvy area and show off your best sides, if you have curvy arms, then they should be hidden, We hope you got it right.

Women's Vests (1)
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What To Wear With Down Puffer Vests & Jackets

Today we are going to show you some of the best examples of possible ways wearing down puffer vests and jackets this season. Of course there are lots of different other options how you can dress during cold and chilly days, as you can try on coats, parkas and trench coats, but we would like to show you some other options, that can safe warmth of your body and make you look stylish. Yes, puffer jackets and vests are made for a mid cold, when it's not absolutely freezing. All the more, the puff vest is a great alternative for those who have cars, as the vest makes your moves easy and give you additional manipulation. That's why lots of women appear in the streets wearing great graphic sweaters and puffers and it seems strange for men, as they think of them like "Here comes the blond," but wait, she goes to her car!

Down Puffer Vests & Jackets For Women (5)
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Down Vests For Women

Today we are going to discuss this season's women's down vests, that are back in fashion. This cold season features many interesting designs, that might be of interest for you. As we are going to discuss this great outerwear, we want you to know how worldwide popular is this design, as it has a good insulation ability, durability and light weight, that makes it practical and comfortable at the same time. Of course we speak about qualitative ones, that is why you should invest much more in order to be 100% sure that your warmth will be saved during your walk-through the center, or a quick workout on a fresh air. The down vest is a warm sleeveless warm jacket that is filled with soft feathers of duck or goose, where the outer layer is made from nylon or polyester (most of time). So, the more fluffy the down is inside the vest, the more warmth is saved.

Down Vests For Women (1)
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