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How To Dress If You Are 35 Year Old Woman

Today we are going to show you how to dress if you are 35 year old woman. You are going to see awesome and unique looks which are ideal for business, casual and workdays wear. These outfits are perfect for those ladies who want to wear individual style clothes. All the presented styles can't be copied, as every look is an extension of your personality. As we arrive at our thirty fives, it's time to check classic outfits, where the key looks are those in which you look good. For example, if you are curvy woman, then it's better not to wear skinny pieces, or if you have stretch marks on your stomach from your kids, then do not wear string bikinis, but if you have a pretty body, which you want to show off, then we see no problem why you can't wear those skinnies. For instance the same sheath dress looks differently on 20 year olds as well as on 70's and 35's old women. All depends on the way how will you accessorize your look. The thing is that every woman wants to look fresh and modern. Our advice is to invest in a higher quality pieces that are ideal for various occasions.

How To Dress If You Are 35 Year Old Woman (1)

Women can rock in menswear style clothes. As you can see, lady appears in a pinstripe white 3-piece suit, which is styled with the same color fedora, pointed toe monochrome flat shoes and golden watches.

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20 Years Old Woman Style – Polyvore Combinations

What should know a 20 years old girl about her look? Today we bring you amazing polyvore combinations which will teach you to wear the right clothes in your daily lives. Keep in mind one thing- to always be your true self. If you like what you see, then grab it and combine it with your essentials. When shopping for clothes try to enter shops which you wouldn't normally shop in, you never know what's inside of them. The twenty something girls can try on plenty of looks, starting from the sleeveless ruffle styles with minis, you can try on various embellishments, even shapeless style look refreshing and modern. In this compilation, you are going to see some must-have fashion items, which are stylish, basic, festive and cozy. All in all, let's see all those pieces which every 20 year old should have in her closet:

20 Years Old Woman Style (1)

The simple white shirt is ideal for everyday wear. Try them on with cool blue jeans and patent black heels or style them with leather black trousers and white shoes for a monochrome look.

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Polyvore Clothing Combinations For 25 Year Old Woman

When you are turning 25, then you really should think about your look. Today we bring you best polyvore clothing combinations for 25 year old women. When you reach that age, then, darling, you really need to ask yourself, if this mini skirt fits your office look or not. You just have to weigh up and rethink your wardrobe and find there elegant and sophisticated pieces. Keep your eyes on colors, they still are your best friends, but keep the length more classic, try to avoid minis and cropped tops. When you are in your 25, you have to start considering whether or not an outfit is age appropriate. If you ask us, what type of clothes are considered to be your age appropriate, then the answer is: as soon as you don't feel natural wearing something, then you should avoid this.

Clothing Combinations For 25 Year Old Woman (1)

The checked shirts should be always in your closet, no matter what's your age. This piece has that special masculine touch, which gives you more sophisticated look. There is kind of western touch in this piece.

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Best Spring Apparel Essentials for Women

After months of cold and wintry days, it's finally warm outside. Today we bring you best Spring apparel essentials for women which are versatile, bright and can easily light up your closet, making you look fun, carefree and refreshed. It looks like summer is almost here, but it still a bit chilly outside, that's why we need some transitional clothing to feel comfort by sporting it outside. You are about to see floral prints, exotic details, bright and happy colors, feminine and mannish silhouettes. Keep in mind one thing: you should choose the silhouette and the fit to be comfy and functional. These are the top essentials to wear for work, holiday or everyday use. Here's our guide to the best spring basics you can wear next warm transitional season.

Best Basics to Wear This Spring 2015 (1)

If you love wearing comfortable looks, then try on this T-shirt striped dress, which can be teamed with your favorite white slim-fit trousers.

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Party and Cocktail Outfit Ideas For Women

This time let's have a look at spring season women's party and cocktail outfit ideas. No matter what is your attire- keep it dressy and elegant. If you are attending some special event, then you have to carefully think over your wardrobe. These days, you can pull off anything, starting from knee-length dresses to mannish suits, the only thing which should bother you it is comfortability and your own feelings about the outfit which you are wearing. So, it can be a skirt, tailored pants, tops with special details, yet, try to avoid casual fabrics, like denim, jersey, chino or jersey. You can play with vivid colors, layers, lightweight fabrics and accessories. We have observed lots of resort collections and today we bring you a great compilation of spring colorful and beautiful dresses, separates and suits. We hope this collection will serve as a great fashion inspiration for you. Each one of these looks will for sure emphasize female silhouette.

Spring 2015 Outfit Ideas For Women (1)

How about sleeveless yellow shirt in a floral print which is tucked in high-waisted flared skirt.

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Trendy Women’s Clothing For Spring

Let's view the latest trendy women's clothing for spring season, which is full of fresh, youthful and pop style designs. Here are presented various outfits from resort collections. It looks like many brands and designers are offering us feminine, as well as urban, relaxed, athletic, masculine and vibrantly printed garments. As you can see, there are beautiful pale colors, as well as bright and dark ones. If we speak about prints, then it looks like we are back in retro glamour, where is wallpaper pattern, bright splashes and graphic touches, kind of reworked traditional styles with noisy motifs and soft shades. We love that special return of an old classic with more feminine colors and masculine touches. While the biggest update is seen in matching separates and two piece dresses. We want to overview each look, so you can see all the details by yourself:

Trendy Women's Clothing For Spring 2015 (1)

How about wearing matching colored clothes in pale orange wrap-shirt and pale pink tee and trousers.

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Women’s Hipster Clothing – New Ideas and Combinations

How to Be a Hipster or make it in hipster way! This subculture consists of people who enjoy clothing, music, food, activities no matter if it's mainstream or side-stream. Today we want to bring you women's clothing new ideas ad combinations which will underline your uniqueness and individuality. You are about to see vintage and independent fashion clothes combinations, including skinnies, leggings, high-waisted, boyfriends, plastic frame glasses, oversized shades, beautiful boho dresses, grunge inspired pieces, cool loafers, flats, booties and sneakers. The great thing of this year is a mismatching, in other words wear whatever you want with anything you'd like.

2014 Women's Hipster Clothing - New Ideas and Combinations (1)

How about wearing simple tee, vintage jeans, pearl wrap bracelet, Aztec print messenger, chukka boots and mustache ring.

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Modern Hippie Style For Women

We saw lots of hippie inspired clothing during the runway shows and today we want to share with you this upgraded comeback style for this season wear. If you are a fan of music festivals, fringed details, tribal prints and boho touch, then these clothing combinations are meant for you. We want to show you amazing and daring combos which for sure will inspire you. This time hipsters go aside, as it's more hippies inspired season. Flowing fabrics, feminine details, comfortable and alluring must haves. As you have noticed, this style can be unique and beautiful, so you don't have to be a Greenpeace member to pull it off. There is kind of 1970's vibe which makes these looks more vintage inspired. Anyway, let's have a closer look at these awesome wardrobe staples.

Modern Hippie Style 2014 For Women (1)

The amazing red blue silk tunic with beads and embroidery is styled with Aztec print denim cut offs, canvas tote, platform sandal heels, mirrored aviators and embroidered headband.

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How To Wear: Women’s Shorts For Summer

Stay in shape this summer, as we are about to share with you women's shorts which are in trend this year. You are about to view possible trend ideas and combinations how to wear and style them. This year comes with lightweight and breathable fabrics which are ideal for workouts, gym and jogging. Our favorites are active Bermudas, sporty cargo shorts with utility pockets. This style can be teamed with cotton shirts, simple tanks, athletic shoes, etc. Each of the presented pair makes your look comfortable and easy to wear. There are known lots of lengths, ranging from short to knee-length, straight leg, slim fit, cuffed and layered. As you all know, this wardrobe staple is considered to be day wear, while there are lots of styles for night-time. Get inspired now!

Women's Shorts For Summer 2014 (1)

These ones are styled with bomber, printed black tee and cuffed sandals.

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1970’s Inspired Clothing To Wear This Season

Modern Past Influence. Today we are going back for 1970's fashion inspired looks, which are easy and ready to wear this season. We want to share with you stylish combinations of beautiful bell-bottoms, hippies styles, platform shoes, wide-legged and flared jeans, trousers, as well as disco look suits and wrap dresses. The designs are slightly relaxed and feature elongated silhouettes. If we speak about colors, then earth tones come back in fashion, as well as vibrant and eye-catching colors, including yellow, green, pink, orange, red, blue, etc. We felt in love with furs, biker jackets, party ensembles, casual and night out outfits. It really feels like we are back in 1970's. You are about to see plaid patterns, stripes, fringes, hippie inspired accessories and jewelry. Our personal favorites are tight fitting pants, high cut boots, low cut pants, cowl necks, leisure suits.

1970's Inspired Clothing (1)

A relaxed daywear wrapped ensemble in boho print

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