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Wide-Leg Pants Styles For Women

This season is all about letting loose your awesome bottoms. Yes, I am talking about wide-leg pants styles for women. It looks like these trousers will never go out of style. I’ve got the best pairs to take you through this year in style. They are perfect for women of all ages. We see vintage wool models, slouchy, floor-length styles, floor-sweeping designs, jacquard and crispy white. The flared pants are leg lengthening when they fit well at the tops (style them with high-heels). If you are a curvy woman at the top, then the flared bottoms will give you a nice silhouette. The palazzo style (ultra-voluminous) are on their high-peak right now, as I see lots of style images where ladies appear in the streets wearing these voluminous trousers. Thanks to these wide-leg trousers you will definitely create a completely effortless outfit. Hope these images will inspire you to buy yourself new wide-leg trousers:

2015-2016 Wide-Leg Pants Styles For Women (2)

Chloe keeps it vintage inspired offering us wool bottoms. In love with metal buttons.

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Wide-Leg & Bootcut Pants For Ladies

The today's post is about awesome ladies wide-leg and bootcut pants to try on next year. You are going to find amazing designs that are perfect for wearing with your smart-casual and relaxed tops. No matter what is the season outside, the wide leg are unique and chic bottoms to wear with anything, starting from casual to formal garments. These trousers are very elegant, as they can emphasize your shape's strong sides, making your legs longer and silhouette thinner. This design is a great alternative to skinnies, as they have a more sophisticated and on-trend look. Thanks God, this year comes with a great tendency to 1970's fashion, so you can wear these bottoms with no fear looking weird. We love this style as it can be worn by petites as well as by plus size women.

2015 Wide-Leg & Bootcut Pants For Ladies (1)

There are great models of low-waisted designs, high-waist, palazzo draped as well as pleated options. Speaking of boot-cut trousers, then these classic trousers are great for making a vintage look that will surely make a timeless outfit. This design normally taper to the knee and then slightly flare out to accommodate a boot. So, if you want to make yourself an unforgettable look, then we highly recommend to see all these pretty designs:

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Wide Leg Pants In Style For Fall-Winter

Let's take inspiration from the designer runways and lookbooks, featuring wide leg pants which are in style this Autumn-Winter season. The first thing you have to think about is the length and wide leg silhouette, which is very important. This style is great to work a 1970's inspired silhouette. It seems like every style looks classic, elegant and refined. There are lots of interesting and bright designs to try out, that's why we want you to have a look at the best designs which are easy-to-wear and for sure make you noticed. We have looked through many shows and collections to make this top fourteen compilation of the most fabulous looks which are perfect for any occasion.

Wide Leg Pants For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

How about simple and classic silhouette which is definitely an eye-catching object of everyone's attention. We see these trousers in white color. They can go from day to night. We love the presented combination of casual sweatshirt for top and elegant bottom.

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How to Style Wide-Leg Pants

We have seen lots of resort collections and we must admit, that wide-leg pants are still in fashion this year. Usually stylists offer us to wear a tight tops with these trousers, though many designers and brands offer us more mannish looks with loose-fit shirts and blouses. There are pretty styles which feature shaped jackets with hourglass shapes, which add unique fit-and-flare silhouette. You can always pair them with a form-fitting sweater (V-neck, turtleneck, etc.) for chilly mornings. We love layered shapes, that's why we advice you to go for knitted shrugs, or slouchy and relaxed cardigan. Those of you who want to keep feminine touches, then we advice to go for extra waist accentuation, by making it more visible. Anyway, here are presented some eye-catching looks, which for sure will inspire you.

Maiyet Resort 2015 Collection

If the weather is quite cold, then we advice you to try on a dark camel trench, statement scarf and wide-leg trousers.

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Palazzo Pants – Fashion Trend

Please welcome back the reinvented style of this year- the palazzo pants. These loose, large and flowy pants of the 1960's and 1970's are back in trend, but it's very important to know, that they do not suit petite, short women, while if you are tall, then you can style it with many combinations, while the best one is looking hobo-chic. You may try to team them with oversized tops, funky and chic easy flowy tanks in solid colors, throw on a blazer to make your look a bit streamlined, or you can simply cinch you waist with a belt and pair your pants with a cool tank top and a long light cardigan. Some women wear palazzos at work, by teaming them with classy 1970′s inspired looks.

Palazzo Pants - 2014 Wide Leg Pants For Women (2)
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Women’s Wide Leg Trousers For Spring-Summer

Let us share with you one of the Oh My God trend that comes back this Spring-Summer season and it's wide-leg trousers for women. That's an easy to wear and ultra-chic garment, because of its billowing appearance and statement look. Many of you think that this style is meant only for very tall super models, well, we want to underline, that these trousers can be worn by any woman, as well as by petite. Here are presented lots of different ideas, starting from the high waisted (which elongate your frame) to the ones with leaner on the flare. Lots of brands offer us patterned, solid, pleated, floor-sweeping, gaucho pants and easy to wear versions for wonderfully casual wear.

Women's Wide-Leg Trousers For Spring-Summer 2014 (1)
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Style tips: how to wear wide leg trousers

We would like to share with you our lovely readers the latest street style trends and this time we speak about wide leg trousers, which are huge on the high street at the moment. We want to give you some real tricky looks which can work great on you no matter what age you are. As we have already mentioned how popular this type of trousers are, then let’s see style tips of these gorgeous designs. As you all know, there are lots of different styles of wide leg pants, that’s why we have some guidelines for you to make you look perfect. Hem to the correct length, we mean try to wear no shorter than half an inch off the ground, to make your silhouette longer. Sometimes it’s better to wear heels with wide leg trousers as you will get super tall appearance at once. This year many designers offer us to wear belts with wide leg pants, We absolutely felt in love with statement belts, which give that special boho chic appearance and hippie touch.

wide leg trousers for women (5)
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Wide Leg Trousers Looks For Women

Today we are going to speak about wide leg trousers looks for women. It's very hobo like look, which is very original and unique. Believe us, if you really want to update your total look and wardrobe, then try on this sophisticated style, which nowadays is considered a bit haute couture and very chic. Yet if you really want to opt this look, then you need to know several style tips to get everything right. This type of trousers automatically elongate legs and make your waist tiny (that's true and it really works), so they correct your body proportions. Now let's see the models, fabrics and how wide these trousers can be. The favorite type of wide leg trousers for us is flowy style made of chiffon in bold color-block (the best ones are all white or black). The perfect style for those pants would be a cropped top and statement clutch, or if it's cold outside, then you can always wear cool leather jacket on.

Wide Leg Trousers Looks For Women (1)

We think everyone understands and remembers that this is 1970's style trousers, imagine ABBA, do you feel that inspiration?

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