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Women’s Leopard Print Accessories

How loud you can go with leopard print? Today we want to show you season's predator print accessories which will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. This post includes various eye-catching pieces, starting from handbags, shoes, to hats, scarves and belts. This pattern did not go out of fashion, that's why many designers highlighted many different styles and pattern trends of women's wild side during their runway shows. You are about to view gorgeous colors (yellow, black, orange, red, pink, etc.), vibrant and bold designs, modern silhouettes and amazing fabric choices. Each of the presented accessories will make you look playful, statement, youthful and self-confident.

Women's Leopard Print Accessories 2014-2015 (1)

That's a wow effect shawl which will for sure make you look glamor, statement and elegant. You can wear it at work, office or even at cocktail parties.

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Striped Accessories to Wear Now

In our previous post we have discussed striped garments and how to wear them, so today's mission is to share with all of you these gorgeous accessories that are striped. Here you will find a compilation of beautiful items, which will for sure underline your persona and make your outfit stand out the other ones. So, what are we waiting for, let's get inspired by these pretty accessories. One bold accessory which can make you stand out the crowd are the striped heels, that will look gorgeous teamed with muted clothes. We love striped pumps that come in multi-tonal hues (starting from classic white and black to gold and brown). It's time to choose something luxe and statement, so why don't you try on these striped shoes, which are so must have this year.

striped heels (6)
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Long Gloves For Women

Today we are going to speak about the possible ways of wearing long gloves for women this cold season. If you really felt in love with this style, then We offer you a great compilation that features even some eye-catching elbow length gloves, that will make you not only glamor, but elegant and more feminine. Wearing this accessory doesn't mean that you should be royalty or being in formal attire, all you need is just a bit of imagination and think of demure glamor that will add a bright touch to your overall style. So, how to Wear them during the Autumn-Winter seasons you will find out below. If you are not attending an opera, then you can use them in the everyday life, as you can choose cashmere, leather, suede, shearling fabric ones, which can be paired starting from little black dress to casual outfit.

Long Gloves For Women (2)
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How to Wear Red Accessories This Year?

Today we would like to speak about red clothing and accessories which are going to rock this year, so let's begin our little trip into the world of red fashion. It's no secret, that red is the color of passion and sophistication and believe us, it's isn't just for Christmas and New Year's eve celebration, it's perfect for bold and self-confident women, who want to underline their uniqueness and originality.

First of all, if you want to accentuate your persona, then the best way is to choose some cool and fashionable red stilettos, which will underline your individuality, that's why we have gathered some great looks which feature these lovely shoes.

Red Accessories
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