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Coat Trends For Women

These coats are made for snuggling up! Today I want to share with you this stunning collection of women's trendy coats to wear this year. Thanks to the contemporary designer brands we have chance to see best styles from the latest lookbooks. The following compilation consists of seriously cozy outerwear, as well as lightweight, belted and printed designs.

2015-2016 Coat Trends For Women (1)

Samuji keeps it simple and minimalistic offering its clientèle a dark blue shapeless look.

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Animal Print Coats For Ladies

Keep it wild and sophisticated by wearing an animal print coat this season. Yes, I am talking about wild animal print that is still in trend and very popular among ladies. No matter if your coat is made of faux fur, real fur, or it's made of wool, there are numerous of elegant styles that are great from work to special occasions wear. The following compilation consists of great designs, starting from hips to knee and below-the-knee lengths. Thanks to the dramatic look you will be surprised by the various ways of styling this gorgeous cover-up. You may think this cover-up is a big statement, but it is a versatile staple that can be styled with anything you want. You can dress up casual attire, or you can try on formal looks for your special evening events. I love this season's detailing and timeless silhouettes that have a modern feel. Speaking of prints, then you can go from cheetah, tiger to leopard and zebra. Discover your one and only piece in this collection:

2015-2016 Animal Print Coats For Ladies (1)

Michael Kors keeps it simple and very classic. I love the way this cover-up is styled with black top and pleated white trousers.

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10 Best Women’s A-line Coats

So it's finally getting colder now, right? You should think about your health, darling. In today's post I am sharing with you 10 best women's A-line coats to wear this season. The A-line coat is an outerwear that is slightly flared from the waist. The A-shaped panels with the widest portion at the hemline makes this cover-up look incredibly chic and modern. Most of A-line coats look slightly oversized due to the A-line silhouette. The length is midi, yet there are shorter styles which are still looking elegant and modern. As you can see, there are numerous of ways how you can wear these cover-ups, by styling them with anything you want. Mix it, match it and style it to your mood. Let's have a look at some of the best designs to try in this 2015-2016 season.

10 Best Women's A-line Coats 2015-2016 (1)

Antonio Marras offers a striped version that reminds me of sweet 1960's times.

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Spring-Summer Trends: Wrap and Blanket Style Coats For Women

Keep yourself wrapped. In today's post we want to share with you an amazing spring-summer collection of women's trendy wrap and blanket style coats. We want to show you our favorite designs of wrap outerwear that are not only classic, but also statement, comfortable and easy to style. There are lots of beautiful updates that feature belts (wide, skinny, patent, glossy or matching color ones). We would like to share with you fabulous feminine looks what can be worn with any outfit, starting from everyday business attire to evening appropriate separates and dresses. You might ask: "Why do I need coat in the summer?" Well folks, you have to admit, sometimes it's quite windy outside, that's why you need some kind of warm cover-up that will save you from blowing winds. Here are presented lightweight styles that are perfect layering for cold summer days. All in all, wrap coat is definitely the must have outerwear piece you’ll need this season. Check out these 15 trendy wrap coats to rock through spring-summer days.

2015 Wrap Style Coats For Women
Each of these beautiful coats will surely make you noticed. You are going to see asymmetrical hemlines, serape shapes, as well as soft and rich textures.

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Review Of Women’s Tailored Coats For Spring-Summer

Let us share with you some of the best next spring-summer season's tailored coats for ladies and women. The following collection includes qualitative designs that can be worn with business separates, as well as with evening dresses and suits. If you want to invest a little bit extra into buying the right design, then we recommend you to go for tailored essentials. We see delicious designs in various lengths and shapes. We see gray, white, dark emerald, urban black, dark red, rich blue and extremely printed options. Speaking of length and shapes, then most of looks are elongated, big and even oversized. Cover up this season with one of the following outerwear designs. All in all, we hope one of the following designs will intrigue your attention.

Women's Tailored Coats For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)
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Top 15 Wrap Coats To Wear This Spring-Summer

The following top 15 consists of wrap coats that are ideal for wearing this spring-summer season. These outerwear staples are the ones that you will love to wear with different casual and formal essentials. The wrap style, a priori means relaxed, as you can carelessly fasten it. Most ladies fasten these buttonless coats with belts, otherwise you have to always hold it with your hand. Give yourself a mental break and try to brighten your look by wearing these gorgeous spring cover-ups. We are going to see awesome colored styles, starting from light gray, black, navy, salmon red to rainbow pixelated and polka dotted. All in all, the following designs are some of the best coats of the upcoming spring season.

Women's Wrap Coats To Wear This Spring-Summer 2015 (1)
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Top 10 Chic Fur Coats For Spring

We all feel the changes of the climate, as the winter comes a bit later, while the whole spring is cold. Today we want to draw your attention to top 10 chic fur coats for spring season. This statement outerwear is definitely considered to be the biggest fashion statement among the must-haves. We tried to focus on the best styles that for sure will update your sophisticated persona. Each of the showcased pieces is made for keeping you warm and looking fabulous and trendy. We see elegant vibes in pastel hues, classic colors and retro updates. As you can see there are also modern essentials with animal prints, fitted and shapeless silhouettes. Check out these luxe and ultra-glam must-haves that will definitely make you look differently in a good way:

Top 10 Chic Fur Coats For Spring 2015 (1)

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Swingy 1960’s Mod Coats To Wear This Spring-Summer

Lots of attention was paid to women coats in the latest spring collections. Today we want to draw your attention to swingy 1960's mod coats to wear this spring-summer. Designers presented classic fit styles with fabulous detailing, colors, prints and silhouettes. The retro continues to inspire designers worldwide. It's no surprise that it's still one of the major trends for the next spring months. We see timelessly chic creations in slim fits, oversized and A-line silhouettes with short and mid lengths. The color palette ranges from classic hues to pale and pastel shades (pale blue, creamy, blush pink). Almost every brand offers ladylike designs what are ideal for wearing with formal and workwear apparel. Please welcome 19 awesome styles with pretty hints to the 60's and 70's fashion.

Swingy 1960's Mod Coats To Wear This Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

Zarina brand offers a pretty pale blue design that look great worn atop floral top what is tucked in pleated, shortened pants with a glossy look.

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Modern Urban Streetwear Coats For Women

The urban streetwear is a fashion what is great for everyday use. It is a complete look that is a simple mix of casual and official styles. Today we want to draw your attention to the modern urban streetwear coats what are ideal for any age ladies. For the best choice of urban cover-up, you should consider aspects such as individuality, fitting, color and trendiness. Each of the following designs is a true investment for cooler months of spring or fall season. These designs will surely guarantee you an instant look. Whether it is a cool biker cover-up or super trendy oversized parka, these styles are worthy of a spot in your statement outerwear collection. Turn up the heat for spring and fall months with 12 must-have designs for this season. Here are the latest additions to the urban lady wardrobe you should definitely consider:

2015 Modern Urban Coats For Women (1)

Label Novis offers a perfect hooded parka colored in pale white color with rich blue details. Try it on atop your favorite colorful shirt and mini yellow shorts. If you want to finish this eye-catching look, then try on chunky flat sandals colored in orange, red and silvery shimmering colors.

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Which Coat Trend Should You Try This Spring-Summer

What every woman needs for the streets? The statement cover-up! Today we are going to observe which coat trends you should try this spring-summer season to look statement, fabulous and voguish. For some of you spring season might sound ridiculous for wearing a coat, but we live on different continents where climate is either cold, moderately warm or sultry. The following compilation is appropriate for those countries where temperature is about 68 to 77 degrees during the daytime. Of course, cosiness plays one of the major factors, but we tried to collect those pieces that express your style personality. As you can see, the upcoming warm season is flooded with a wide range of trendy outerwear pieces, starting from long to shortened lengths, shawl necks, shimmering and patent styles to denim offerings. We are really excited by all those creative experimentations, bold colors and fits to choose from. Get inspired now:

2015 Long and Maxi Coats For Women (1)

Here we see Galetsky label's creation in black color. The length is almost reaches the knees. Model appears on the runway looking like an urban chic of the 1990's. We love those white sneakers and cool baseball cap.

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