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Women’s Jackets Styles

Here’s our list of women's awesome jackets styles to wear this year. In this post you are going to see essential designs that come in a variety of styles. Each one of these pretty must-haves is great for adding to your wardrobe. You will find everything from wool tailored designs, retro and vintage-inspired essentials to zip-front modern updates with fashion-forward edges. You will discover a wide range of outerwear basics to go with the rest of your outfits. The options for coordinating the perfect outfit are limitless. No matter if you are getting ready for work or a casual day, here are presented beautiful offerings to match with your overall look.

Women's Jackets Styles 2015-2016 (1)

Wool collarless design from Lemaire.

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Trends: Casual & Smart Casual Jackets For Ladies

Speaking of style trends, then we think it's the right time to share with you some of the best casual and smart causal jackets for ladies to wear in everyday life. It has to be creative, comfortable and versatile. Versatility is one of the main characteristics, as it allows you to wear this outerwear with different tops and bottoms. Many of the styles available at the moment are fun and fresh. This layering piece can look boyish, striking elegant, as well as urban classy.

Casual & Smart Casual Jackets For Ladies - Fashion Trends 2015 (1)

Here we see a tailored safari outerwear that is worn atop white t-shirt and pale pink mini skirt. Try on this Coach outfit when you are on your way to university.

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Style Guide: Leather Jackets For Women

Keep it edgy, fresh and modern. In today's post we want to share with you something gorgeous and must-have: women's leather jackets style guide for this year. There are so many awesome styles to choose from, as you can try on edgy design, classic fit or modern, cropped version. The selection is limitless. Thanks to contemporary designers we have lots of great options that are both stylish and comfortable. The following collection features lots of interesting models that are available in a variety of colors, details and fits. We tried to pick only those jackets that will surely keep you updated and trendy. There are definitely quite new ways how you can wear this statement outerwear these days. Keep looking fresh and cool thanks to the following designs.

2015 Leather Jackets For Women (1)

The following styles are great for wearing with skirts, shorts, cropped trousers, sweaters, jeans, crop tops, long shirts, booties, flat shoes, sneakers and pumps.

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Stylish Women’s Collarless Jackets

Suit up for the next year, as we are going to show you some of the best women's collarless jackets to wear with your everyday separates and elegant formal and semi-formal essentials. Trust us, you are going to love these awesome cover-ups for their beauty, fantastic designs, modern colors and shapes. The collarless trend has become incredibly popular these years. There are so many awesome designs that are easy to wear and combine. We see embellished, shiny and retro tailored staples made of various fabrics, starting from leather, denim to cotton and neoprene. The jacket without collar updates your chic look and adds a polished touch to your separates. This essential piece takes you effortlessly from day to night during the warm or chilly days. Check out some of the cool pieces to wear during transitional months. Here is our list of the most chic cover-ups you’ll love to wear.

Stylish Women's Collarless Jackets 2015 (1)

Let's have a look at this awesome compilation of collarless outerwear designs that will hit the stores next year. We love each of these fabulous and trendy outer garments.

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Review Of Top 5 Women’s Double Breasted Jackets

Speaking of tailored fashion, we want to draw your attention to the following top 5 women's double breasted jackets to wear this year. We officially declare: double-breasted blazers are back on top of the the trends list. Of course, it's a mannish piece that looks preppy enough for wearing with high-powered business essentials. Keep in mind, it's a masculine looking piece that has to be paired with more feminine clothes to avoid looking it too much manlike. Speaking of possible places to appear in such design, we advice you to try them at parties, night-outs and business meetings. The today's blazers come in a more tailored designs and cleaner looks, where shoulders are more natural and softer. Keep it fresh and sophisticated by choosing one of the following contemporary styles. Here’s our top 5 models to try on this season:

Women's Double Breasted Jackets 2015 (1)
To avoid looking too much masculine we advice you to try these double-breasted suit jackets to wear with skirts.

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Glossy, Shimmering & Sequined Jackets For Women

Those of you who want to try something creative and original will definitely fall in love with these glossy, shimmering and sequined jackets for women to wear this year. We have examined various fashion shows and lookboks to find the best embellished jackets for you to try next year. Each of the presented styles adds a finishing touch to your outfit. You can pair these creative designs with your favorite party ensembles, as well as special occasion separates. Each piece is ideal for wearing from day to night, as well as during holidays. What we love about all of these creative outerwear pieces, then it's the futuristic touch that makes its wearer look individual and effortlessly cool. Speaking of possible embellishments, then we see shiny fabrics, iridescent designs, silvery colors, metallic hues and sequins. So, let the statement outerwear speak for itself.

2015 Glossy, Shimmering & Sequined Jackets For Women (1)
If you want a statement look, then we advice to go for a chic and glossy jacket. Here we see gorgeous designs that are ideal to wear with your work and holiday appropriate garments.

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Work Appropriate Jackets For Women

This time we want to speak about workwear appropriate jackets for women to wear next year. We are here to show you easy separates that ideally fit your 9 to 5 hour days. Keeping things interesting at the office might sound impossible to you, though thanks to the following looks you might find the one and only style that will update your everyday working life. Looking ahead, we selected 16 wardrobe looks that are ideal for meetings and formal pastime. Of course, everything depends on your countries culture, region, industry and company's dress-code, though we tried to select most universal designs for business professional look. You can be creative with your accessories, by mixing and matching various pieces to make your outfit looking more fresher.

2015 Work Appropriate Jackets For Women (1)
Have a look at these beautiful and workwear appropriate jackets. We see various prints, fits and colors, though each apparel can ideally look on those women who want their selves a sophisticated business professional outfit.

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Top 10 Cocktail & Evening Appropriate Jackets

The today's post is about next year's best cocktail and evening appropriate jackets for women. We have chosen top 10 favorite dressy women blazers which can be worn at special occasions, formal parties and red carpet events. The dressy jacket is a great alternative to the traditional cocktail dresses and evening gowns. We see formal and gown-dressy designs starting from mannish nautical striped options, cropped, embellished long versions, Chanel-inspired, collarless models, to flared and floral monochrome styles. All the presented models are suitable for semi-formal and formal events. We think all the presented designs are fun and ideal for creating an easy and interesting look for your very special evening.

Cocktail & Evening Appropriate Jackets 2015 (1)
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What Women’s Bomber Jackets Are In Style

Today we bring you a compilation of women's bomber jackets, which are in style this season. The first thing which comes in our minds when we hear bomber jacket is the sports, active life and urban wear. Thanks to many celebrities, fashion models, bloggers and fashionistas, we have summed up the best designs which might be in fashion next year. You are about to see awesome pieces in black with floral sleeves, brightly shimmering and printed ones, light pink with white sleeves, khaki military, quilted, varsity-like and greenish updates. We have summarized every street style image and now we know the best ways how you can wear this amazing outerwear. This piece is perfect for pulling off the off-duty looks, as well as adding sportswear inspired trends. There is no secret, that sports and athletics apparel and details are dominating the catwalks, streets and shops right now, that's why it's our duty to let you know how to wear this trend.

What Women’s Bomber Jackets Are In Style For 2015 (1)

This street style ensemble is the perfect spring look, as you can wear it during chilly transitional days. Keep it black with floral sleeves and style it with leather black sweatpants, awesome backpack (where are all your day essentials, starting from work folders and textbooks to university books and notebooks), sling back mules and awesome necklace.

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What Women’s Leather Jackets Are In Style

Leather is here to stay, as we are about to see what women's leather jacket are going to be in style next season. We have looked through numerous resort collections and now we want to share with you the best ones. That's truly transitional outerwear, which is ideal not only for spring season, but also for autumn rainy and windy weather days. For the next year many brands and designers offer us comfortable outer garments in various lengths, shapes and colors. Experts advice us to try on any length starting from bombers and varsity jackets to coats and trenches. The colder seasons require longer lengths so that your hips are covered, though for spring time we advice you to try on some trendy short versions and cropped designs. If we speak about the shape, then everything depend on your overall style, as you can try a boxy shapes and layer them your fitted separates, or you can go for a fitted versions to underline your femininity. All you have to do is to use a bit of your creativity and find a perfect fit with original colors.

Women’s Leather Jackets 2015 (1)

There’s nothing like the perfect and edgy layer which is embellished with studs and patches. This piece brings a real sharp punk touch to your overall appearance.

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