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Business Attire Comeback: Women’s Pant Suits

Please welcome a great comeback of women's business attire for this season - pant suits. From brocade to evening designs, pantsuits are having a serious moment. In today's post we tried to include our favorite designs that were noticed in various designer brands lookbooks and runway shows. Of course, there is kind of 1970's touch that makes these looks to be somewhat vintage inspired. We see great styles with high-waisted and wide-legged pants with broad shoulders blazers, as well as sportif updates that can be worn with sneakers and slip-ons. It looks like classic design was never really passe, that's why if you want to make an investment in your professional look, then we highly recommend to forget about today's trends and get yourself an expensive, tailored design, as it still is the go to for business meetings, offices and professional classes. So what pantsuits are in for this year and what designs are great for balancing professionalism and modern trends. Let's see the best styles to try on this season:

Women's Pant Suits 2015 (1)
That's a classy work style 3-piece look. We see a wide-legged bottoms, waistcoat and tailored blazer.

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Women’s Pant Suits Styles For Winter

This time we want to show you the best women's pant suits styles for the next winter season. We have gathered lots of stunning looks which are appropriate from everyday office work wear to the cocktail party or dating. Thanks to the presented designs your style and personality will be taken to the next level. We advice you to forget about all those old and bulky shapes and think of something contemporary, revolutionary and classic. Keep your look professional and cool, by wearing one of these new, sophisticated and feminine styles. Here are presented awesome styles which feature modern cuts, polished tailoring details, as well as interesting colors and prints. Every piece has some kind of trendy touch, so that you can find something fresh and bold in any look, it can be either color, shape or cut. All in all, let's take a closer view at the presented clothes:

Women's Pant Suits Styles For Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Try to find original colors, which can be fun and youthful, like we see this outfit in pale yellow colors, which features capri fitted pants and pale turquoise shoes.

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What Women’s Pant Suits Are In Style For Spring

In today's post we are going to see what women's pantsuits are in style for the next spring season. We have made a great compilation from the latest resort collections to share with you all the possible trends for next warm season. Many brands and fashion designers offer us mannish silhouettes with slightly 1970's and hippie touches, as well as modern focus, sporty echoes, exaggerated and relaxed shapes. We love those designs in matching colors and prints. Yes, there are lots of interesting themes, but if you really want a trendy update, then we advice you to take a closer look at the details, like wrap effects, urban and athletic inspiration, which is seen in relaxed pants and varsity jackets. Next year is all about practicality and comfort, that's why there are endless options for looking professional, smart-casual and semi-formal.

Women's Pant Suits 2015 (1)

Sand color fitted suit with pleated pants is embroidered with colorful florals on the jacket.

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Women’s Wide Leg Pant Suits For Spring

We have seen numerous resort collections and today we bring you the best women's wide leg pant suits for the next spring season. It's no secret, many brands and designers inspired us to look for awesome suits for the next season. As you can see, every outfit looks comfortable and cute. There is kind of 1970's affair which feels and looks fresh and flowing. Brands offer us checked, colorblocked, micro geometric, classic color and other statement print tailored silhouettes. There are lots of trousers styles which feature higher rise, while blazers feature one-button, double-breasted and belted options. Most of flared leg pants come with fitting jackets for an additional balancing of your professional appearance. What we love the most about it, then it's versatility, as you can wear it for a business casual meetings, as it has a more relaxed fit. If you’re thinking of updating your wardrobe for spring, a wide legged pantsuit is a great item to start with. All in all, enjoy updated elegance for the office and professional way to work.

Women's Wide Leg Pant Suits For Spring 2015 (1)

How about the right dose of minimalism, by wearing a totally white outfit.

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Cocktail Dresses and Evening Looks For Summer

Summer is in the air! Today we bring you an outstanding collection of women's cocktail dresses and evening looks that are perfect for warm weather wearing. You are about to view chic cocktail dresses in bright colors, that are perfect for evening events like opera and theaters, as well as formal occasions. Every piece looks bright, fresh and individual. We love the ones which come in bright colors, feminine prints, neutral versus pastel hues. Let this summer make you look special and elegant. Each of the showcased pieces will for sure underline your individuality and beauty. Some presented pieces are extravagant, others remind us of 1950's styles. Those ladies who want a versatile outfit, which can be both formal, playful and casual will find here pretty separates, like feminine blouses and trousers. Every woman will be inspired by these gorgeous styles that will suit any wardrobe.

Cocktail Dresses and Evening Looks For Summer 2014 (1)

A sleeveless tailored yellow pencil dress with a slimming peplum waist and metallic inset.

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Women’s Work Pantsuits for Autumn-Winter

It feels a bit of chill in the air, right? You start to think of wearing something cozy and warm, but it's not the right time for a coat, so why don't you choose a nice pantsuit. We would like to show you amazing versions that fit every style for wearing this Fall-Winter season. Thanks to the modern trends, it looks like there been an explosion of this formal wear lately. The presented women's work pantsuits will instantly make over your week wardrobe. The great thing about this outfit, is that you don't have to spend a fortune to have a great look, because there are dozens of options which will ideally suit you. We want to share with you new ideas how you can maximize your elegant appearance during working hours. The main thing about this trend is that you can choose either more formal and classic version, either more versatile and semi-formal. Here below we have chosen the best ones which are ready to wear this year.

Women's Work Pantsuits for Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

This one looks mannish to us.

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Pant Suits For Petite Women

We’d like to speak about petite women’s formal clothing, which looks stylish and fitted by figure. Yes, we are going to share with you a great compilation of petite women pantsuits. Nowadays, there are lots shops that offer amazing and qualitative clothes that look stylish and aren’t just so big for you. Each of showcased designs reflects unique personality and high status. We do not recommend you to wear turnaround cuff hems on pants if you are petite girl or woman, as you know, that cuffs visually cut off vertical line of the legs and might make you to look shorter than you are. If you are pear-shaped petite have curvy shape through the hips or thighs, it’s quite nervous when the waistband of your pants too large that’s why back rise should be long enough to ensure the waistband looks not too low on your body when you sit.

Pant Suits For Petite Women (16)
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Pant Suits for Plus Size Women

It’s time to look stylish and sleek thanks to modern Technologies and fashion which offer outstanding pantsuits for curvy ladies. Today I am going to share with you a great compilation of plus size women’s suits including jackets and pants which fit great and look stylish at the same time. Okay, let me tell you couple of tips and strategies how you can find perfect plus size pant suits. So, as you all know pant suits are made for formal events wear, a business meeting, that is why you need something elegant and stylish, that will never go out from fashion. Yet it’s quite difficult to find (or locate) the plus size pantsuits that fit you well and match your personal style.

Pant Suits for Plus Size Women (1)

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Simple Business Pant Suits For Women

If you want simple and comfy pantsuit, then we have some advices for you. So, it doesn’t matter if you are accountant, CEO, lawyer, manager or clerk- you need nice business suit, which will make you look elegant and attractive. Beautiful and simple business pant suit never goes out of style, so if you decided to buy one for yourself, then try to choose some classic hues and colors like black, gray, navy, so that it suits any occasion: from formal meeting to cocktail party.

If you don’t like those dark colors, then I suggest you to style the pantsuit with your pop color accessories, like handbags and shoes.

Simple Business Pant Suits For Women (1)

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What to Wear to Work: Timeless Suits for Women

Today we are going to speak about women’s suits which have timeless look, so you can wear it whenever you want and you don’t have to worry if it’s still in fashion trend. Basically, keep all things simple. It’s better to choose classic colors and use some elegant (not dare to wear) accessories for a color pop. The important thing in any suit is the comfort and fitted look. If you want a versatile look, which would work for business meetings and for lazy talks with your friends, then we advice you to choose separate piece look, so buy skirts and jackets in separate, so you look both casual and formal, yet pay attention to color shades, as you may find something totally wrong.

Timeless Suits for Women (1)
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