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Women’s Pants Trends

If you want to change up your look, then you better start with your pants. Today I am going to share with you this absolutely gorgeous collection of women's pants trends to wear this season. Thanks to these stunning designs you will easily achieve a more sophisticated look. Here are depicted variety of styles, starting from short capris, pocket cargo sweatpants, sleek dressy pants, skinnies, culottes, high-waist and funky 1970's inspired wide-leg designs. Before buying yourself new bottoms you have to be sure that you have chosen the right fit and size, otherwise you will look strange.

Women's Pants Trends 2015-2016 (1)

Emporio Armani plays with styles: the top is pinstripe and tailored, while the pants are wide, printed and cropped. Love the wide-brim hat.

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Ladies Work Appropriate Pants For Spring-Summer

What are the ways to wear ladies work appropriate pants for this spring-summer season? In today's post we want to draw your attention to feminine and sophisticated ways of wearing business style trousers in your day and after hours looks. First of all, let's get clear about this bottom wear, why do women wear them? It's quite easy to answer, as they are extremely comfortable and practical than wearing skirts. But they seem to be a little dull and masculine, that's why many ladies try them on with more feminine tops. According to modern fashion shows, you can take your everyday office look to the next level by teaming your pants with modern uniforms. The following collection includes polished, modern and pleated versions what can be styled with boyish and creative tops. Keep your look professional and sophisticated by trying on different variations:

Ladies Work Appropriate Pants For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)
E. Tautz offers pencil style white bottoms what can be styled with smart-casual shirt and navy blazer in white stripes. This outfit is ideal for those women and ladies who are working in big companies and banks.

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Wide Leg Pants In Style For Fall-Winter

Let's take inspiration from the designer runways and lookbooks, featuring wide leg pants which are in style this Autumn-Winter season. The first thing you have to think about is the length and wide leg silhouette, which is very important. This style is great to work a 1970's inspired silhouette. It seems like every style looks classic, elegant and refined. There are lots of interesting and bright designs to try out, that's why we want you to have a look at the best designs which are easy-to-wear and for sure make you noticed. We have looked through many shows and collections to make this top fourteen compilation of the most fabulous looks which are perfect for any occasion.

Wide Leg Pants For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

How about simple and classic silhouette which is definitely an eye-catching object of everyone's attention. We see these trousers in white color. They can go from day to night. We love the presented combination of casual sweatshirt for top and elegant bottom.

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What Women’s Leather Pants Are In Style For Winter

Before we start to observe what women's leather pants are in style for winter season we'd like to share with you one rule, which will help you wearing this piece and it's to be confident, no matter what. Apply a smile and you are ready to rock this sophisticated look. We want to share the most popular trousers styles to invest for this season. Here are presented numerous fitted designs, leggings, mixed materials, baggy ones, boyfriends-like, etc. It's pretty common these days to wear leather clothing, that's why we have chosen the best looks, which for sure will make you noticed. You can style these pants with basic outfits, starting from oversized sweaters and cardigans to chic tuxedo jackets and festive blouses. Let's take a closer view and see the best styles for the upcoming cold season.

Women's Leather Pants Are In Style 2015 (1)

Try on baggy grey sweater with sweatpants inspired cropped trousers, which are styled with grey socks and flat sandals.

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Women’s Wide Leg Trousers For Spring Inspiration Ideas

Let's talk about next spring season's inspiration ideas which can help you to complete your look, which features wide leg trousers. What we love about them, well, they are relaxed, easy to wear, cool and make that special first impression. This impression is very important, but you have to balance your look and keep your silhouette sophisticated, yet prêt-à-porter. We have studied numerous resort lookbooks and today we want to define ideal wardrobe staples which looks stylish and ready to wear. Here are shown office worth styles, extra wide, somewhere even baggy, but one thing unites them all and it's comfort, you will have to agree on that. Give them a chance this time and choose the ones which are slouchy, sophisticated, loose-fit, etc. Make them flatter your silhouette. We really hope this compilation will help you to choose the right clothes for your next year.

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (1)

How about a loose-fit striped top with wide sleeves which is paired with statement loose wide-legs.

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Women’s Pant Styles For Spring

In today's post we want to draw your attention to women's trousers styles which are still in trend next spring season. You are about to see latest trends for the next year, as we have looked though many resort collections to find the best ones for you. So, the showcased compilation includes capris, fitted, mannish cropped versions, tailored and pleated, high waisted, athletic, culottes, baggy and other statement designs. If we speak about color palette, then the spring time comes with neautrals, black, whites, as well as grey, pastel shades, pale hues, occasional pops of red, blue and of course vibrant prints and feminine patterns. In this article we are not going to talk about the “must-haves” of the next season, yet we will observe the most beautiful pieces, which were seen in resort collections.

Women's Pant Styles For Spring 2015 (1)

Those of you who want something classic and elegant for work and formal meetings, then we want you to check this outfit, which features classic fit jacket paired with white, wide-leg cropped trousers worn with cuffed, heeled sandals.

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Baggy and Loose Fit Leather Pants For Women

There are a number of stylish ways to wear baggy and loose fit leather pants this year. This style has been gaining popularity for some time and this fall it is going to hit the streets. The trend is usually associates with more urban, relaxed and day-wear appropriate outfits. They look great for working sporty and smart casual outfits. That's an attractive look which is not only urban cool but also stylish and fits major events. We see lots women combining these trousers with tee shirts making kind of classic look. Today we bring you a great compilation of ready to wear runway images which feature numerous styles, colors and layers. Let's start our trip into the world of how to wear and style leather pants this Autumn and Winter time.

2014-2015 Baggy and Loose Fit Leather Pants For Women (1)

How about a total burgundy suit which is embellished with a classic hat, fingerless gloves and an evening clutch bag.

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Women’s Striped Trousers & Pantsuits For Summer

How about wearing statement pants for this season? Today we bring you an amazing collection of women's striped trousers and pantsuits which are eye-catching, bold and trendy. Here are presented monochrome options, bright and colorful, pastel, casual and semi-formal. You can euther go for a casual rocker chic, pairing your bottoms with rock band tee and denim jacket, you can try sporty vibes, by choosing loose-fit shirt and lace-up boots (which reminds us 1990's inspired flair), while other ladies add white blazers, floral blouses and make their looks fresh and girlish. You can pair trousers with mannish sweater and comfy Oxfords. For a more laid back style try simple tops, as your bottom is a real attention grabbing piece. If you want to embellish your outfit, then we advice you to go for chains, necklaces, pretty hats, feminine handbags, statement sunglasses and awesome shoes.

Women's Striped Pantsuits and Trousers For Summer 2014 (1)

Looks timeless and Victorian inspired.

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Summer Pink Clothing For Ladies

Let's make pink come back this summer! Today we bring you a great selection of women's beautiful and feminine color clothing sets which feature pale red and rose hues. It's traditionally ladies color, which underlines and identifies woman's true and pure beauty. This season it ranges from berry to salmon pinks. It's considered girlish, retro-chic and bubblegum. In today's fashion many brands and designers offer various shades of this romantic color, which can be combined absolutely with any style. It can be either fully pink, either mixed with black, navy, white, chambray and other hues of pale red. We want to share with you the most bright and eye-catching style ideas which will definitely help you to look great, sweet and feminine.

Summer 2014 Pink Clothing For Ladies (1)

Belted draped capri leg jumpsuit worn with cuffed sandals.

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Metallic Pants for Women

Disco & Rock Style comes back in town this season. We want to bring you one of the brightest trends of this year and it's metallic pants for women. This piece makes you look divine, sparkly and totally relevant. This wardrobe update can be worn with glamor, chic, disco, rock and grunge styles. It will easily transform your outfit from day to night. Thanks to many designers and labels, this trend has been livened up with new shades and cuts, as we see blue, neon green, gold, silver, bronze, etc. While the designs are harem-like, leggings, capris, wide-leg, fitted and cropped. If we speak about possible styling and combinations of these trousers, then you should keep in mind one thing: this item is the focus of your outfit, they are your biggest accessory. Pair them with knits, dark hues, matching shoes and bags, while you can always keep everything simple and sleek.

2014-2015 Metallic Pants for Women (1)

How about silver pants worn with office top.

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