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Thigh High Boots In Style For Fall-Winter

Almost every brand and designer presented the thigh high boots for the Autumn-Winter season. Today we want to share with you these pretty over-the-knee designs, which are popular and for sure will stay in style and the foreground. We have seen them in various fabrics like leather and suede, as well as embellished with strings and fringes. It's no secret, these boots are in every girl’s or woman's wish-list. We want to present you new updates for the upcoming season and how you can wear them. Many designers offer us amazing and wonderful combinations which really look lovely with different skirts, dresses and even jeans. This footwear is suitable for cold autumn and winter days. As you can see, there are many different models of thigh high boots: the elegant ones with heels, low heels, no heels. You can wear them at work, day walk, casual night parties, as well as high-schools and formal occasions. Here are some new ideas how you can wear them this year.

Thigh High Boots In Style For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Wear the gray ones with double breasted coat-dress and layer it with another coat.

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How to Wear Pointed-Toe Shoes For Women With Big Feet

Hi there, our dear readers! We would like to share with you some street style images that feature this year's shoe trend, called: pointed-toe shoes. No matter if they feature a high or low heel, as well as flats, you can rock with them at any event or party. This trend will go with pretty much everything, starting from power pantsuits to baggy boyfriends and cool tees, that's why these are good news for all of you. While, we are going to share with you information that is really helpful for those ladies who have big feet. Some say, that having giant feet is useless to wear pointed-toes, well, not anymore, as we have got for you these cool and stylish ideas that will make you stand out the crowd in a good meaning. Wear the shoes with wide-legged pants (from tailored and formal to casual and jeans), maxi-skirts and maxi dresses, flared pants for an ultra stylish look. Here are some street-style ideas that will for sure be helpful for all of you!

Pointed-Toe Shoes For Women With Big Feet - Street Style Looks (1)

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How To Wear Moccasins – Women’s Street Style and Combinations

The women's moccasins can match any outfit, that's why we have decided to share with you these pretty options that will suit your fantastic skinnies, cool khaki relaxed pants, as well as skirts and suit pants. There are known so many variations of cool designs, starting from the color choice, that are so vivid and creative, including bold orange, yellow and red. If you want a fresh casual style then we advice to go for the ones that will complete plaid skirts and comfy trousers, while those ladies who want to stay glamor then we advice to choose the ones in brown, tan, black or gray and wear them with skinny jeans and leggings. If you want something daring, then why don't you try on eye-catching patterns that will for sure suit adorable flats and your overall appearance.

How To Wear Moccasins - Women's Street Style and Combinations (1)
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Red Pumps and High Heel Shoes – Amazing Polyvore Combinations

Hey there ladies and girls, today we are about to view this gorgeous Polyvore combination which features red pumps and high heel shoes styled with different and amazing outfits. You are about to see here urban styles that will make you look like a rock chic, glamor Tomboy, bad school girl, etc. For some of you wearing these bright heels means hard hours of thinking through your wardrobe, as it's quite hard to find appropriate pieces that will combine each other. We want to share with you these pretty styling looks that will for sure underline your personality and make you standout the crowd immediately. Here are presented attention grabbing clothing sets that are still in trend and will for sure draw a lot of attention. Let's see the possible styling tips:

Red Pumps and High Heel Shoes -  Amazing Polyvore Combinations (2)

Red pointed toe pumps can be worn with classic slim white jeans, black lace top, creative hat with ears, black circle sunglasses with metal lace details around the frames, evening black blazer and gold clutch.

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This Summer Best Mules Combinations Which Can Inspire You

As far as every woman wants to look dressy, the brands will offer us numerous clothing and accessories pieces that will make us stand out the crowd. We have noticed, that during couple of years, many brands have offered so many styles, designs and variations of outfits that we can not event count. Today's topic is women's mules. Once these shoes were regarded as clunky footwear worn in the garden, but in recent years designers have offered us backless shoes that were redesigned in a youthful way.

Many brands added spiky stiletto heels, architectural shapes and countless embellishments. That's number one summer must-haves.

Mule Sandals 2014 For Women (1)

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Women’s Footwear: Block Heel Sandals Which Can Inspire You

We are really grateful to designers who offer us chunky block heel sandals, that make us stable and statement. These shoes are great because of their appeal, comfort and functionality. No doubt, block heels are your best shoes for this season. They are really easy to walk in, they are comfortable and chic. We personally think, that these designs have a bit of Parisian flair, which makes any girl or lady to pair them with everything from skinnies to mini skirts. We want you to check out the gallery below and pick your favorite one. It's no secret for today, that fashion and function can be teamed together, thanks to these beautiful sandals.

Block Heel Sandals  (1)

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Fashion Trends: Wedge Sneakers Which Can Inspire You

It's official: wedge sneakers are still in trend for this Spring-Summer season. It's obvious that sneakers are comfortable wardrobe staple and wedge design adds a little more height. There are loads of affordable options that you can choose from. Some models look like regular sneakers, some designs come in colorful patterns, colors. Of course, the main thing about these shoes is they really elongate wearer's legs, that's why if you are a petite girl, then it's pretty sure, if you will get the regular sneakers, you will still look short. There are so many affordable options now on sale in different shops, that you can buy on-line. Lots of girls wearing this design because of the comfort. Of course some of them are not in trend, but they are still stylish.

Wedge Sneakers 2014 (1)
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Stylish Slippers For Women

How about sporting comfy, flat shoes for your everyday wear? Today we are going to speak about women's slippers that are extremely practical and will look great as your daily footwear. If you are searching for the styles that will look great with your casual wardrobe, then let us share with you these pretty designs that will update your look in one second.

First of all let's speak about the possible fabrics use that make these shoes so must have. You are about to see models that are made of satin, leather, faux shearling, neoprene, suede, cashmere, fleece and many other comfy materials use, in other words the possible fabrics use is simply countless.

Slippers For Women (1)

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Women’s Footwear: Wedge Pumps

The wedge pumps will always be in fashion, as it's one of those footwear designs that are both stylish and comfortable. We want to draw your attention on this fantastic collection of wedge pumps that are not only impressive and timeless, but also classy, cool and versatile. We really hope that you will find the one and only design that will compliment your daily and special occasion look, as well as complete your web searches and you will finally take a freely breathe. So, here are presented various styles, shapes and designs that fit different style of clothes, you are about to experience strappy sandals, wedge espadrilles, as well as wedge mules shoes. Anyway, let's take a closer look at this season's must haves.

Wedge Pumps (1)

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Women’s Shoes: Mid Heel Mules

Today we want to share with all of you this great compilation of women's mid heel mules that will make you look trendy and statement. It's no secret, that mules are this season's must-have shoes, that's why we decided to share with you some bright designs that will stay in fashion for a very long time. Before we give you a look at these amazing designs, we want to make it clear and share with you a definition, which says, what are the mules, so they are shoes with no back, where the frond of the shoe is usually close-toed, while the heel may be in any height: from high-heel to flat. We personally love pointed-toe or razor-sharp toe designs. They are usually styled with various outfits, starting from tailoring outfits to jeans and skirts.

Mid Heel Mules (1)

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