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Pleated Pants Styles For Ladies

We are here to say that pleated pants are back in game ladies. Today we bring you the most stunning pleated trousers to try on this year. This style since olden times was favored by lawyers, golfers and business women. Recently, we have noticed them in many designer brands lookbooks and fashion shows. The following compilation consists of ready to wear essentials in various shapes and styles, starting from pencil, relaxed, wide-legged, shortened to capri and boot-cut legged. The best part of this design is the flattering on most body types, but keep in mind to choose the high-waisted versions that can show-off your trim mid-section by balancing your shape. We personally consider those trousers to be practical and somewhat retro inspired. Anyway, let's have a closer look at the following models and choose our favorites:

2015 Pleated Pants Styles For Ladies (1)
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Top 10 Women’s Evening Appropriate Pants

If you are looking for awesome evening appropriate pants, then we are here to share with you our best 10 designs which were spotted in different designer brands lookbooks and shows. The following models will ideally fit those ladies and women who want their selves from the office to after-hours looks. You are going to see embellished styles, contemporary evening updates, shortened versions, as well as slightly wedged models and many other trendy styles. The following styles will surely help you to know what trends are in for this year. By viewing these guidelines of chic bottoms, we are sure you will find the appropriate ones for yourself to wear this year. Let us know what you think of these evening essentials.

Women's Evening Appropriate Pants 2015 (1)
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10 Ways to Wear White Pants – Women’s Clothing Combinations

This time we are going to show you ten ways to wear white pants. This apparel can make almost any outfit look light and classy, that's why it's very important to show you the best clothing combinations, which are ideal for various occasions. It's a well known fact, that this color looks more dressier, that's why it makes your everyday outfit look sophisticated and more formal. Another best thing about this color is that you can be any shape or size to rock it. Wearing this color bottom automatically makes you look modern, fresher and easy to pull off. There are several styles, which can be easily combined. The first one is classic, office or business look, which is appropriate for lunch, dinners and working hours.

10 Ways to Wear White Pants (1)

How about the ripped version which has a skinny fit. Try them on with a slouchy, loose-fit cable-knit sweater, awesome biker jacket, statement heels, floral necklace and red clutch.

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17 Trendy Pants Styles To Wear This Winter

Today we want to show you 17 trendy trousers styles to wear this Winter season. It looks like brands and designers agreed to offer wide range of pants styles, starting from skinnies to wide and loose-fit designs. We have studied many looks from various shows and lookbooks and now we want to share with you our favorite looks, which come in modern, vintage and timeless silhouettes and colors. We want to underline the black straight ones which are extremely versatile (just like LBD) and classic, so that you can style them with anything you want with, starting from warm pastel and pale colored sweaters to printed blazers and shirts. Speaking of creativity, then we have here tracksuit inspired sweatshirts, drop crotch leather styles, shortened, wide-leg wool pair and high-waisted quilted design. Every piece has that special touch which can be featured either in details, colors, prints or design (shape).

Women's Pant Styles For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Speaking bout gym and athletics, then we advice you to choose the ones which feature quilt details. Pair them with a cool printed top and high sandals.

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How To Wear Women’s Sweaters With Pants This Spring

So, we have already seen resort season collections and today we want to share with you awesome sweater styles which can be teamed with your pants next spring. No matter what stylists say, but spring season is a transitional period of year, which is warm, yet windy, that's why you need something cozy for a cool weather. We have checked amazing lookbooks, where models appear in various knits worn with skinnies, wide-leg and straight-leg pants. As you can see, everything depends on your personal choice: you can go classic preppy, modern grungy, or casual. We have great combinations for you, which for sure will highlight your best sides. Here are presented very comfortable designs, which are ideal for daily walks, as well as for going out nights. Today, we are going to show you interesting options, which can be styled in various ways.

Women’s Sweaters With Pants 2015 (1)

If it's cold outside, then try on a wool striped sweater which has a slim-fit. Wear it with black or dark navy pleated trousers and high sole sandals.

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What Pants Are In Style For Spring

Today we want to share with you what pants are going to be in style next year. We are going to show you images from resort season's lookbooks. As you can see, some of the styles are borrowed from the male wardrobe in shortened versions, while there are wide-leg, boot-cut models, etc. In other words, in the big city life anything goes perfect in terms of fashion, as we see ladies walking down the streets sporting impressive new silhouettes in delicate fabrics and shapes. Designers and fashion brands prepared for us truly classic and timeless slim-fit and cropped solutions, cuffed and baggy ones. Everything depends on your overall style, if it's more professional, then we advice you to choose classics, instead of maxi-lengths, but let's take a closer view at the most favorite ones:

What Pants Are In Style For Spring 2015 (1)

If you are creative person, then try on striped and patched version which looks a bit baggy, yet cuffed. This design can be styled with a knitted top and pretty heeled sandals.

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How to Style Wide-Leg Pants

We have seen lots of resort collections and we must admit, that wide-leg pants are still in fashion this year. Usually stylists offer us to wear a tight tops with these trousers, though many designers and brands offer us more mannish looks with loose-fit shirts and blouses. There are pretty styles which feature shaped jackets with hourglass shapes, which add unique fit-and-flare silhouette. You can always pair them with a form-fitting sweater (V-neck, turtleneck, etc.) for chilly mornings. We love layered shapes, that's why we advice you to go for knitted shrugs, or slouchy and relaxed cardigan. Those of you who want to keep feminine touches, then we advice to go for extra waist accentuation, by making it more visible. Anyway, here are presented some eye-catching looks, which for sure will inspire you.

Maiyet Resort 2015 Collection

If the weather is quite cold, then we advice you to try on a dark camel trench, statement scarf and wide-leg trousers.

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White Pants In Style

Yes, white pants haven't gone anywhere, that's why we can assure you, that white pants are in style for this season. Today we want to share with you latest resort season lookbooks which are full of wide-leg, skinnies, slim-fit, wedge and cigarette styles. They can easily update your classy outfit looking more business like or casual, everything depends on your personal choice, that's why we want to show you some tricks how you can pair your clothing essentials. First rule is that you have to mix and match your separates, by sporting different textures and colors, by looking more sophisticated or fresher. The same colors of your separates will make you look like a doctor, that's why keep the contrasts a bit, or you can always add different color belt, or other accessories which will break that monochromatic image. This year is the year of white shades, that's why keep on experimenting with different color tones. So, if you are wondering what outfit ideas would be best for you next year, then let us show you the most versatile and simple looks.

Maiyet Resort 2015 Collection

Totally white look is styled with black blazer.

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Women’s Plaid & Tartan Pantsuits

Please welcome another evolution of plaid and tartan patterns for the next season. You are about to see head to toe plaid pantsuits which were showcased on a number of runways. This season many brands and designers offer us to go for different size checks, but keep it in similar color palette, as this year is all about harmonious clothing sets. We personally have kind of 1960's inspiration when viewing these creations, yet many labels make them look contemporary by using various fabrics, fits, styles and colors. Jackets are mostly tailored, while we see sporty and semi-casual updates. The pants come in various fits, starting from fitted and regular to wide and loose-fit.

Women's Plaid & Tartan Pantsuits 2014-2015 (1)

This one is quite retro inspired. We love this creative hat.

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Plaid and Tartan Pants For Women

Let's talk about tartan pants. Today's fashion offers plenty of women's statement, powerful and eye-catching looks. If you want to spice-up your look this Fall-Winter season, then let us show you the best plaid trousers which you can try on this season. No matter if you are a preppy or grungy person, you need something effortlessly cool and bold. These trousers can be teamed with knitwear like sweaters and cardigans, as well as mannish shoes, like Oxfords. This year tartan comes in bold and bright colors, that's why you can wear them with simple muted tees and other statement tops. New trends come with slim fitted designs (skinnies), slouchy, mannish loose fit and relaxed trousers. Wear them with leather jackets, white button-downs, graphic-printed shirts, black blazers, long vests, fitted pullovers, in other words, it means you can mix-and-match your favorite wardrobe looks.

Plaid and Tartan Pants 2014-2015 For Women (1)

How about making an urban update by styling a short bomber with a simple printed tee and wide, loose tailored bottoms.

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