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“Wall Street” Men’s Style: Gordon Gekko

If it happened so, that you are a stockbroker working in a huge or a small company, who's in charge of arranging transactions between buyers and sellers, then you better look and dress professionally. Well, we think every firm has a dress-code, which is usually quite a formal look, but we recommend you to wear only those outfits, which really make you feel comfortable, as it's very important to concentrate on work while you are trading online. Anyway, we want to show you the best looks inspired by “Wall Street” movie and Gordon Gekko - ruthless and greedy corporate raider. Gekko's style is very masculine, elegant and classy. We really love his outfits, which make him look rich and powerful. Indeed, wearing these awesome clothing sets he made a young and impatient stockbroker to respect and fear him. Here are shown Polyvore combinations which for sure will inspire you:

Wall Street Men's Style - Gordon Gekko (1)

Here we see wool, black pleated trousers styled with classic brogues and blue, contrast white collar shirt worn with elasticated suspenders. Love the following zig-zag print tie.

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Office Clothing Combinations For Women

We want to share with you office clothing combinations for women, which for sure will inspire you. So, it's your first day at new work? Well, we can imagine what it feels like to you! As, thinking about what to dress to work can feel like a job itself. We have looked through the best sites and made up these Polyvore sets to help you find the right style combinations which are ideal from lawyer to office secretaries. Sometimes it is so hard to find the right clothes for your busy working week, as your schedule has no free moments, so you have to think about your outfit at the las minute. Keep in mind one thing, your look has to be polished and professional. We do understand, when you have an important meeting ahead, the last thing you want to worry about it what to wear. The best thing is to learn for quick and easy combinations that will never fail. Just have two-three go-to outfits in your closet, which can be styled with various tops, shirts and blouses. Anyway, let's check out our favorite easy office looks below:

Office Clothing Combinations For Women (1)

How about keeping it simple and trying on pinstripe shirt tucked in a black pencil skirt and styled with white peep toe sandals, white spacious bag, feminine leather strap watches and stunning necklace.

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Perfect Hairstyles for Business Ladies

Today we bring you this awesome collection of women's hair styles which you can wear to work this season. Nowadays, many ladies and young women focus a great attention on their overall appearance, no matter if they are students, businesswomen, office workers or secretaries. It's no secret, you may spend hours getting your hair look awesome and stylish. In today's compilation we want to show you several options which will upgrade your overall style and make you stand out from the crowd. We are going to show you general and work appropriate looks which are great for long working days. First of all, keep your hair away from the face, as it's very important to never make your hair falling over your face, yet, it doesn't means that you should not wear fringes, but keep it more formal. Wear buns, ponytails, wavy strands, as they are always in trend, while keep an eye on bobs and other shoulder-length haircuts which are considered to be professional looks. As you can see, there are so many different styles you can try, that's why take a closer look at the possible examples by viewing these awesome images.

2014-2015 Perfect Hairstyles for Business Ladies (1)

Naturally falling locks.

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Job Interview Attire for Women

Before you go to a job interview you have to think over what you are going to wear. Today we bring you a stunning and perfect compilation of possible job interview attire. You are about to see professional staples such as business pant suits, skirt suits and other Polyvore combinations. Sit back and think about your look: will it be professional? Formal? Semi-formal? Or maybe you want a sleek and powerful style. Anyway, we want to divide it into two categories, where the first one is more office appropriate and the other one is business professional. Some employers like to see potential employee in casual office wear, like summer dresses, colored blouses and skirts, while others want from you self-confident formal look, which is sophisticated and powerful. So, we want to share with you some tips and possible workplace appropriate looks which will make you look stunning and feel comfort. Prepare for a hard days work.

Job Interview Attire for Women (1)

Keep it simple and try on formal jacket, pleated trousers, elegant bag and mid heels.

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Trendy Knee Length Dresses

Let's talk about knee length dresses, which are very popular among those girls and women who prefer timeless and classic looks. It's no secret, that the length of the dress does matter as it gives you additional opulence. These designs are meant for those, who do not want to and afraid of overdo things. In this article you are going to see different kind of knee length ensembles that come in different styles that are appropriate for parties, office work, casual wear, special moments and formal occasions, and some of these designs can be worn as prom gowns as well. Everything depends on you and your tastes, but remember one thing, if you are dating with someone and it's first, second or third date, then it's obliged to wear knee length clothing, as short one will look vulgar, that's why balance the things and show less skin, making your persona quite sophisticated. You are going to find here plenty of amazing designs, that are voguish and practical at the same time.

Knee Length Dresses (1)
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Office Appropriate Dresses To Wear Now

Today we are going to speak about the office appropriate dresses which can be worn now. Indeed, the holidays are over and it's time to think about work, that's why we'd like to share with you some pretty and office friendly ensembles, which will underline your femininity and elegance. Here you will find some really bright options which will make you stand out the crowd and we guarantee you the positive effect. The first one which you can try is called sheath dress. Many shops offer their clients wide variety of these styles and colors. Of course, not all are office appropriate, that's why we advice you to look for basic color, which has pretty pattern and simple design. We advice to search for a sheath which features round neckline and pleated skirt.

sheath dresses (1)
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