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Trendy Work Dresses

This time we want to share trendy work dresses which are going to be in trend this season. When we speak about office style ensembles, then you have to keep in mind, that the ideal way is to choose design which comes with solid colors, modern prints, color blocking or classic patterns. Try to play with contrasts. Bring on abstract, creative baroque, jacquard, geometric (polka dots, squared, zigzag and striped) and fun prints. When your favorite print is chosen, then it's the right time to find an optimal cut. The knee length is ideal for working hours. We love the ones which feature beautiful necklines, stand up, high necked, scoop and high collars. The length of sleeves can be either, sleeveless (worn with sweaters), short (accompanied with cardigan or blazer), 3/4 or long. This year collections feature amazing sheath dresses, shirtdresses, belted designs, A-line, flared and wrap ensembles. Anyway, let's get inspired.

2014-2015 Trendy Work Dresses (1)

A violet velvet two piece dress with pencil skirt.

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Formal Skirt Suits For Work – Fall-Winter Catwalk Looks

If you are a real power woman who wants to dress seriously, look and act like a business woman, then you should have functional work appropriate attire. Skirtsuits may be the ultimate clothing set for working women. We think everyone loves this trend but not sure how to pull it. The classic choice so far is the monochromatic color designs that underline your professionality and willingness to work. Today, we officially declare, that this office style look is back in a big way. We'd like to show you how designers turned this attire on the fall-winter runways. This season many brands pushed tailoring out front and showcased lots of variations on this look. Anyway, there are several must-try options that will hit the streets this Autumn.

Formal Skirt Suits For Work - Fall-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

Banana Republic and L'Wren Scott jacquard business attire.

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Women’s Work Pantsuits for Autumn-Winter

It feels a bit of chill in the air, right? You start to think of wearing something cozy and warm, but it's not the right time for a coat, so why don't you choose a nice pantsuit. We would like to show you amazing versions that fit every style for wearing this Fall-Winter season. Thanks to the modern trends, it looks like there been an explosion of this formal wear lately. The presented women's work pantsuits will instantly make over your week wardrobe. The great thing about this outfit, is that you don't have to spend a fortune to have a great look, because there are dozens of options which will ideally suit you. We want to share with you new ideas how you can maximize your elegant appearance during working hours. The main thing about this trend is that you can choose either more formal and classic version, either more versatile and semi-formal. Here below we have chosen the best ones which are ready to wear this year.

Women's Work Pantsuits for Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 (1)

This one looks mannish to us.

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Business Attire: Women’s Sweaters & Cardigans For Work

Here are presented the most appropriate cozy sweaters and cardigans that can be worn at work. As you all know, your job is not your home, so you can not wear a bathrobe with slippers, or pajamas during the working day, that's why you need something semi-formal which will make you look professional. Your job is the place where you get dressed for five days a week, that's why it's essential to look amazing in any time. We want to share with all of you these sweet and warm layers and chunky sweaters which can easily styled with skinny pencils, tailored pants and even dresses. We want to dedicate this post for business casual addicted women, who want to feel comfort, yet at the same time look stylish.

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Women’s Blazers & Jackets For Work

Today we are going to speak about women's work clothing which is worth to buy. You are about to discover best feminine apparel, which includes blazers and jackets. The presented collection features office attire that underline your style and makes you look smarter, by underlining your professionalism. Of course, this compilation includes tailoring pieces that for sure update any job wardrobe, but our mission for today is to show you the most essential and best styles that are meant strictly for business only. All the presented looks will suit tailored pants, skirts and shorts. Of course the showcased fashion sets appear to be basic, but we want to assure you, that all these layered items are versatile and can be styled with any formal piece. Some may say, that the 1990's are back in town, while some of the presented looks remind us of uniforms of private schools.

Women's Blazers & Jackets For Work (1)
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Business Attire: Women’s Eyewear

Today we are going to speak about women's work eyewear, so keep attention, as we will share with you all the best frames that will compliment your daily look. That's a very important topic, as the eyeglasses should fit your eyes, face shape and make you look professionally. People usually look at your face before they look at your outfit and how you behave, that's why glasses make a powerful impact to your business and the first impression will depend on them. That's why before spending money of professional wardrobe, it's essential to choose the right face accessory. By the way, those women who have no problem with their eyes can also wear glasses, as nowadays it's very popular to look polished and professional (specs make you stand out the crowd). Eyewear is the same thing as footwear or clothing- you have to feel comfort by wearing them. You should know, that finding the right ones may take much time from you, but it's worth it, so keep calm and patient.


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Women’s Work Shoes & Office Footwear

Hello there wardrobelooks.com readers, today's topic is women's office work shoes and we want to share with you the most popular, timeless and classic ones. No matter how great is variety of fashionable footwear, one thing is known for sure: you have to wear comfortable and polish designs, that will compliment your look. Many stylists offer us gorgeous boots, flats, Mary Janes and sandals that make our overall outfit look professional. Before buying ones for yourself you should put comfort and style at the first place. What really matters is your daily work wardrobe, as you need to style the shoes according to your overall outfit. Thankfully, there is a great option of working footwear which makes you look and feel awesome and freely.

Mary Janes Shoes For Work (Office Footwear) (1)
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Best Skirts For Work

Today we want to share with you this timeless compilation of women's work skirts, that will underline your beauty and professional vibe. Keep in mind one important aspect, that before buying the one for yourself, you should pay attention to its length, as you understand, mini is not the appropriate one for working hours, while the full length is too formal for the office. We have gathered the best ones for you, starting from knee-length to pleated, tiered and mid-length. As you can see, everything can be balanced: heavy sweaters, jackets, blazers look just perfect with these options. Pleated skirt are on trend nowadays, as they remind a bit of schoolgirl uniform, that's why it looks youthful. You can team them with blouses, sweaters etc. While, if you are curvy lady, then the slim pleats will make you look feminine. Style these designs with ballet flats or heels, but never wear boots.

Pleated skirt - Business Attire For Women (1)
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Women’s Business Attire: Work Dresses

We think nowadays work dress doesn't mean something way too formal and plain, as most of companies do not have so strict dress codes, yet everything depends on the cut and fit of your attire. We have explored many interesting options, that's why we want to share with you the best ones which we might be of interest for you. All the presented styles are office appropriate and on trend. We want to share with you some lovely white collar dresses that suit all tastes and budgets, as well as knee length, long sleeved and midis. If we started to speak about collars, then we want to mention the most popular ones for an office wear: V-necks, wrap-over necklines, shawl collars, A-line necks and high necked ensembles. If we speak about the length, then it should be at the length at which you can sit comfortably.

Work Dresses - Women's Business Attire (1)
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Women’s Work Scarves & Wraps

If there is one accessory which gives you elegance, charm and versatile look, then it's a scarf, which makes you look sophisticated, glamor and chic at the same time. Today we are going to speak about this gorgeous accessory, which gives a really impressive update to your overall appearance. So, make a statement at work and cocktail parties, by wearing silk scarf. We want to share with you some of the brightest ideas of how you can tie this item on your neck. As you all know, this pretty piece comes in various sizes and fabrics, as many labels offer us silk, cotton, wool designs, where some scarves are square while others are rectangular in short or long lengths.

Women's Work Scarves & Wraps (1)
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