The Best Women’s Baggy And Oversized Coats

Today's post is about best women's baggy and oversized coats for wearing this year. When it comes to investing in a new outfit topper we try to see inspiration in every corner, we mean, watching the movies, scrolling the pages of various fashion blogs, etc. But sometimes it's easier to get inspiration from you boyfriend's closet. The oversized fit will definitively suit you. We promise, this baggy look will look better on you. The following images show us spring collections with streamlined silhouettes and cleaner lines. As you can see, the length varies from mid-thigh to below the knee. Next thing that will definitely make you happy is the fit, that suits thin, mid and curvy ladies. No matter what is your shape or size, this type of outerwear looks good on everyone. We are here to help you balancing the right proportions making you look fabtastic.

Women's Baggy Coats 2015 (1)

The brand WORLD advices us to play with proportions. You can pair your stylish pale pink cover-up with shorts or mini dress.A shorter hemline under a longer coat looks chic and fabulous. Add a wide-brim sunhat to finish the look.

The same coat looks great with glossy, black leather booties:

Women's Baggy Coats 2015 (2)

Women's Baggy Coats 2015 (3)

Here we see a glossy white style by RITSUKO SHIRAHAMA with statement embroidered buttons. There is kind of retro touch in this coat. We love the retro hat and the cut-out white booties.

Women's Baggy Coats 2015 (4)

The following khaki green style was showcased at The British Higher School of Art and Design Moscow Final Course runway show during Mercedes Benz Moscow Fashion Week. The fit is sporty urban. We love the relaxed long knitted skirt and lime green sneakers.

Women's Baggy Coats 2015 (5)

The same Final Course show featured the statement collarless version in white color. As you can see it was worn atop the silken printed shift and teamed with cool running sneakers.

Women's Baggy Coats 2015 (6)

Here we see model wearing a pale pink stand-up crewneck collar style made by Designskolen Kolding. There is kind of urban touch in this look.

Women's Baggy Coats 2015 (7)

Duckie Brown offers a glossy pale beige piece in a streamlined silhouette. As you can see, this tailored design can be worn with pajama style separates. Though you can try it with pencil dresses.

Women's Baggy Coats 2015 (8)

Here we see another great piece made by Latvian designer Keta Gutmane. We love the rain drop print of this greyish look. Try it on with relaxed ensemble and simple black slip-ons.

Women's Baggy Coats 2015 (9)

Maison Kitsune offers a retro inspired look. We love the statement buttons and the pale beige color of this cover-up. Try it on with a printed tee tucked in rich blue shorts.

Women's Baggy Coats 2015 (10)

Mulberry offers classic style design. Try on this hooded white piece worn atop the same color collarless dress.

Women's Baggy Coats 2015 (11)

Sea brings a shortened version in rich blue color. Try on this baggy peacoat with vintage inspired separates.

Women's Baggy Coats 2015 (12)

Slava Zaitsev offers fit-and-flared outerwear what is colored in flower jacquard.

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