The Wolf of Wall Street Men’s Style

My name is Jordan Belfort...Today we want to share with you fashion tips of how to achieve the look of Jordan Ross Belfort, who is an American motivational speaker and former stockbroker. We have been inspired by the biographical movie The Wold of Wall Street, which was based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stock-broker, that's why you are going to see lots of screen shots where Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays Belfort, appears in classic outfits, including business pantsuits, relaxed everyday separates, tuxedos for special events, and everyday suit outfits. If you are looking for stock market appropriate outfits for your working days at big companies, then here are collected the most functional and easy-to-wear looks. That's why we advice you to take a closer look at these awesome Polyvore combinations:

The Wolf of Wall Street Men's Style (1)

Here we see some essential basics for your ideal workday, which include wool black pantsuit, slim fit white button-down, striped tie, black pointed lace up shoes and elegant gold watch.

Remember the scene on the yacht? We advice you to try on a white polo, the classic Ralph Lauren piece, which can be styled with slim-fit stone stretch cotton chinos and belted with a brown or burgundy belt... oh, don't forget about white loafers and Wayfarers:

The Wolf of Wall Street Men's Style (2)

Another great option is to try on grey-blue suit with pinstripe twill dress shirt and formal black shoes:

The Wolf of Wall Street Men's Style (3)

Speaking of parties, then here we see a perfect tuxedo look, which includes black suit, white button-down and formal footwear:

The Wolf of Wall Street Men's Style (4)

If you love your work so much, then try on this outfit for your everyday wear (we love this awesome polka dot tie):

The Wolf of Wall Street Men's Style (5)

Some businessmen love wearing relaxed outfits, like the one is shown below (the white polo and grey-blue tailored pants, and don't forget about suede driving shoes):

The Wolf of Wall Street Men's Style (6)

The plaid suit in grey definitely looks perfect with light pink button-down:

The Wolf of Wall Street Men's Style (7)

Or you can try on plaid pantsuit in black styled with a pinstripe blue button-down and striped tie:

The Wolf of Wall Street Men's Style (8)

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