This Year’s Trend: Golden Attire For Women

It's no secret that many of you noticed golden hues, colors and shades which start to appear in many brands collections. We personally have spotted numerous looks that are made of this metallic-like fabrics, which add a special chicness to the wearer. We want to share with you this timeless collection of women's golden hue attire. You are about to see here amazing pants, opulent dresses in outstanding skin, opulent and rich pantsuits and statement heels. It seems like golden takes over the fashion world, as we noticed many brands offering their clients shiny golden metallic accessories, that look awesome with many wardrobe staples. Here below, you will find the best designs that are offered by many designers and brands.


Gold Pant Suits For Women (1)

Gold Pant Suits For Women (2)

Gold Pant Suits For Women (3)

If we speak about gold suits, then you should know, that there are several options how you can style them. You can wear either glistening pleated pants styled with classic color suit jacket, either to go for the shimmering hue jacket and wear it with the classic color pants, or go bold and wear totally metallic tone look.


If you want to make a daring effect, then try on a rich metallic gown, which will make you look like a queen. There are lots of interesting option that come from many brands and designers, but we advice you to choose some classic fit ensembles.

Gold Dresses (1)

Gold Dresses (2)

Gold Dresses (3)

Golden Attire For Women (2)

Different color combinations.

As we have already spoken about the pantsuit colors choice, then it's the right time to speak about various looks combinations that can be worn for special occasions. You may either style a shimmering pleated jacket with black wide pants, either got for modern and pair the jacket with white pencil skirt, while some women love pairing shimmering, rich jackets with long sheer black skirts for a sophisticated and drastic look. You can always try on wide leg, capri or skinny pants to style with white, black, and even pink ensembles.

Golden Attire For Women (1)

Gold color combinations (1)

Gold color combinations (2)

Golden Color Shoes

There are so many variations of these shoes, you just can not imagine, as there are metallic strap heels, embellished sandals, high-tops, sneakers, as well as metallic patent-leather high-heel sandals. Indeed, there are countless variations which you can wear during your special event or in an everyday life.

Women's Gold Shoes (1)

Women's Gold Shoes (2)

Women's Gold Shoes (3)

Women's Gold Shoes (4)

Women's Gold Shoes (5)

Women's Gold Shoes (6)

Women's Gold Shoes (7)

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